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Little Angel September 2017

Each month, Little Angel brings the coolest comps, the most awesome posters, the cutest cooking and DIY pages and the most giggle-worthy blush moments.

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this month at little angel hq

Hi Angels! We’re taking a trip to the zoo this month and you’re all invited! Inside this issue you will find the coolest zoos and animal sanctuaries around the world, amazing colourful creatures, fascinating facts, fun puzzles and plenty of awesome posters. We also preview the magnificent movies hitting the big screen in September and the great new TV shows and books coming your way. Plus, don’t forget that it is Father’s Day on September 3. If you are stuck for ideas, head over to our Creative Angel section from p.67 where you will find a great project, a yummy recipe and more present ideas! Ange and the LA Team xxx…

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la scrap book

Dear Little Angel, My name is Adrian and I am 5. I was a lucky winner of the Monster Jam competition last year. My mum buys LA from the shops and my sister Sofia and I are always excited to get it. My sister says it’s a very “girly” magazine and she laughs at me when I ask my mum to read it for me. I love LA, especially the posters, puzzles and animal section! I love animals, especially dogs. My mum and dad promise to get me a puppy when I turn 10 so I can look after it all by myself. Love, Adrian Hi Adrian, We think that it is SO cool that you love LA and that both you and your sister read the magazine. Congratulations on being one of our…

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what’s happening?

WORLD GRATITUDE DAY SEPTEMBER 21 This day started in Hawaii back in 1965 and is now recognised around the world. On this day, individuals take the time to express their gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful things in the world. It s nice to take a moment to think about these things! HURLEY BL’S BLAST OFF SEPTEMBER 26-29 Organised by Aussie surf legend Barton Lynch, this massive junior surf festival sells out every year and sees 350 groms aged 14 and under show off their surfing skills at Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Former surfing champions will be on hand for coaching and there are also fun games, activities and competitions. You can find out more details at www.blblastoff.com.au !…

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the art gallery

Hey, it’s a chameleon reading Little Angel in Isabella's artwork – so cool! We agree that pink is a happy colour too. Angry Bird Stella looks pretty sweet in this artwork by Veronica (11) but we know that she can become a fierce fighter if you mess with her! Buster Moon looks like he is ready to put on a grand show in this great artwork from Ashli (10)! Some people think that sharks are scary but we think this one looks quite friendly hanging out with its ocean friends in this beautiful drawing by Talia (8)! This pretty parrot artwork by Lottie (9) has us squawking for joy – look how colourful it is! Fun fact: the rare Kakapo parrot from NZ is the only parrot that can’t fly! Neigh! We love horses and…

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what an angel

Tilly (10) I donate all my money to Guide Dogs and try to be green by turning off the light when I leave a room. Paige (10) My dad broke his back, and one day my mother had to go to work, so I kept the house tidy whenever somebody was coming over and did extra chores. My mother was so thankful. Celeb Angels Our favourite stars love to give back! Queen B could run the world with girl power and kind-heartedness alone! She launched her own charity campaign BeyGOOD, which works to provide for the homeless, sick and undereducated and now Beyoncé has teamed up with UNICEF to bring clean drinking water to Burundi, Africa. Helper Hint If you see someone struggling to carry their bags or books, offer to help them and lighten the load! Tell us…

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surf’s up

Hi Chanelle! What do you enjoy most about Nippers? I really like being in big surf. I am not the fastest but I’m one of the bravest and I enjoy the challenge. The training has given me a lot of confidence. Also training with the older kids helps us gain surf swimming and paddling skills quicker . What is the most challenging thing about Nippers? Doing the Iron Person race is always a challenge. It’s a true test of your fitness and surf skills against the best kids my age from other clubs in the district and even state. What would you like to be when you grow up? A professional sportsperson. Maybe an Ironwoman or even a netballer. What are some important skills that you have learnt? Learning to understand beach and surf conditions is important.…