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Little Looms 2016

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Easy Weaving with Little Looms is a perennial favorite. By popular demand, it will now be available by subscription. Each issue will have the mix of 18–22 projects, techniques, and features you love, expanding the focus on fundamental weaving skills, creative inspiration, and innovative applications. Each issue is designed to have something for beginning and more experienced weavers. In addition to the core subjects of rigid-heddle and pin-loom weaving, Little Looms regularly includes projects and articles about tapestry, tablet weaving, and inkle weaving.

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the soothing rhythm of over and under

When the stress of the day is too much for me, I reach for yarn and loom. The passing of the weft and slow advancement of the warp are a form of meditation, a calming action that releases the pent-up tension of life. More and more studies show that practicing a craft is good for your brain. Besides healing the mind, weaving has other benefits for well-being: 1 It connects you with the past. Weaving is one of humanity’s oldest activities, the way we clothed ourselves and protected ourselves from the elements. You’ve heard of paleo diets? This is paleo craft. 2 It connects you with the present. Weavers around the world are joined by a common thread. Especially with little looms such as pin looms, frame looms, and rigidheddle looms, you can get…

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welcome to weaving

RIGID-HEDDLE LOOM TAPESTRY LOOM PIN LOOM WARP: The yarns attached to the loom under tension, running perpendicular to the weaver’s back. WEFT: The yarn that passes back and forth, over and under the warp threads, running parallel to the weaver’s back. SHED: The space that the weft passes through, created by the raised and lowered warp threads. SETT: How closely the warp threads are spaced, expressed in ends per inch (epi). On a rigid-heddle loom, this is determined by the spacing of the holes in the heddle. On a pin loom or frame loom, it is determined by how closely the pins or notches are placed. SELVEDGE: The outer edges of the weaving where the weft turns to pass back through the warp threads. PICK: One pass of the weft. How densely the weft is packed is measured…

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rigid-heddle must-haves

SHUTTLE A shuttle holds the weft yarn as it passes through the warp; it’s part yarn storage and part delivery system. Two common shuttles are a stick shuttle, a simple piece of wood with a notch on each end, and a boat shuttle, which holds a bobbin or quill that feeds out yarn through a slot. HEDDLE A rigid heddle has slots and holes for the warp to pass through. When the heddle is raised or lowered, some yarns go up and down with it and others stay in place. On a complex loom, the heddles (which move the threads) are separate from the reed (which spaces them out). Dent describes how close the warp threads are to each other when they pass through the reed (expressed in spaces per inch or other…

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manufacturer contacts

Ashford Handicrafts, 415 West Street, Ashburton, Mid Canterbury 7700, New Zealand. +64 3-308 9087, www.ashford.co.nz United States Distributor: Foxglove Fiberarts Supply, 8040 NE Day Road W, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110. (206) 780-2747, www.foxglovefiber.com Canadian Distributor: Harmonique Fibre Arts Supply, (250) 294-4411, www.harmonique.ca Glimakra USA, 1471 Railroad Boulevard Unit 5, Eugene, OR 97402. (541) 246-8679, www.glimakrausa.com Kromski North America,1103 North Main Street, Box 247, Pavo, GA 31778. (229) 859-2001, mail@kromskina.com; www.kromskina.com Nancy’s Knit Knacks, 104 Hobblebrook Court, Cary, NC 27518. (800) 731-5648, info@nancysknitknacks.com; www.nancysknitknacks.com Schacht Spindle Company,6101 Ben Place, Boulder, CO 80301. www.schachtspindle.com The Woolery, 315 Saint Clair Street, Frankfort, KY 40601. (800) 441-9665, info@woolery.com; www.woolery.com…

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selecting •yarns for • rigid-heddle looms

Our love affair with little looms is fueled by their ability to give us instant gratification. You can set up the loom and have a finished product in as little as an hour. You can weave with almost any material your imagination leads you to, but you must match your desired outcome to the yarn’s construction. Two of the best things about weaving with little looms: they don’t create a lot of loom waste, and they work well with yarns used for knitting and crochet, handspun, and classic coned weaving yarns. WARP Many yarns in your stash can be used as weft.Try unspun fiber, cloth, twigs, ribbon, raffia, tulle—whatever tickles your fancy. The yarns that you use to set up the loom, the warp, are subject to more stress and take more…

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manufacturer contacts

Blue Butterfly Originals, 1519 North Walnut Street, Muncie, IN 47303. (765) 282-0124, aphokens@comcast.net; www.bluebutterflyoriginals.com Carol Leigh’s Hillcreek Fiber Studio, 7001 South Hill Creek Road, Columbia, MO 65203. (800) 874-9328, Service_Support@HillcreekFiberStudio.com; www.hillcreekfiberstudio.com Dewberry Ridge, 3222 Massey Ford Road, Union, MO 63084. (636) 583-8112, donna@dewberryridge.com; www.dewberryridge.com Hazel Rose Looms, Route 2 Box 4792, Trinity Center, CA 96091. dorleska@tds.net; www.hazelroselooms.com Schacht Spindle Company,6101 Ben Place, Boulder, CO 80301. www.schachtspindle.com…