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Little Looms Holiday 2020

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Easy Weaving with Little Looms is a perennial favorite. By popular demand, it will now be available by subscription. Each issue will have the mix of 18–22 projects, techniques, and features you love, expanding the focus on fundamental weaving skills, creative inspiration, and innovative applications. Each issue is designed to have something for beginning and more experienced weavers. In addition to the core subjects of rigid-heddle and pin-loom weaving, Little Looms regularly includes projects and articles about tapestry, tablet weaving, and inkle weaving.

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Long Thread Media LLC
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Currently, my son’s favorite toy is a pin-loom-woven stuffed shark named, oddly enough, Scott. Originally the toy was christened “Baby Shark” after his favorite song, but now at three my son has apparently matured beyond such frivolity. Fortunately, what he hasn’t matured beyond is his love of his silly little shark. Scott is taken on all trips and must always be tucked in bed at night. Scott is frayed and a little grubby, but he is loved with a passion my son normally reserves for family members and ice cream sandwiches. As a weaver, I can’t help but wonder if my son intrinsically recognizes the care and love the weaver put into his shark. Such is the power of handwoven cloth, after all. As weavers, we get joy from carefully decorating…

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RIGID-HEDDLE LOOM TAPESTRY LOOM PIN LOOM WARP: The set of yarns held under tension on the loom. Each warp thread is called an end. WEFT: The yarn that passes back and forth, over and under the warp ends. SHED: The space that the weft passes through, created by the raised and lowered warp ends. SETT: How closely the warp ends are spaced, expressed in ends per inch (epi). On a rigid-heddle loom, this is determined by the spacing of the slots and holes in the heddle. On a pin loom or frame loom, it is determined by how closely the pins or notches are placed. On inkle looms and in tablet weaving, the yarns sett themselves without loom intervention. SELVEDGE: The outer edge of the weaving where the weft turns to pass back through the warp ends. PICK:…

3 min.
swoon-worthy shuttles

The shuttle is, in addition to the loom, a weaver’s most important tool. While technically you don’t need a shuttle to weave—you can always make yarn butterflies—having the right shuttle opens up whole new worlds in weaving. The word shuttle refers to the process of physically carrying the weft from one side of a warp to the other, and the name is also appropriate because it’s the one we give to spacecrafts that explore space but return to Earth; a good shuttle lets you explore new worlds of weaving. Most weaving can be done using a basic stick shuttle, and in some cases, it is the best choice for the project. More often than not, however, upgrading to a different shuttle can make your weaving more efficient and, frankly, more…

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manufacturer contacts

Ashford Handicrafts, 415 West Street, Ashburton, Mid Canterbury, 7700, New Zealand. (64-3) 308 9087, www.ashford.co.nz Bluster Bay Woodworks, PO Box 1891, Sandpoint, ID 83864. (208) 263-4600, www.blusterbaywoodworks.com Glimåkra USA, 1471 Railroad Boulevard, Unit 5, Eugene, OR 97402. (541) 246-8679 www.glimakrausa.com Halcyon Yarn, 12 School Street, Bath, ME 04530. (207) 442-7909, www.halcyonyarn.com Handywoman, www.etsy.com/shop/Handywoman Vävstuga Weaving School, 16 Water Street, Shelburne Falls, MA 01370. (413) 625-8241, www.vavstuga.com The Wiener Dog Ranch, www.thewienerdogranch.etsy.com…

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make a new weaver kit

Wow, that looks cool. Can you teach me? It’s music to a weaver’s ears! The joy of weaving is even greater when someone wants to share it with you. Whether you’re celebrating the holidays in person or from a distance, you can give the gift that keeps on giving: a lifelong love of weaving. Gather some carefully chosen tools and materials, present them in a thoughtful bag or case, and get ready to make a new weaver. The classic pot-holder loom—the one most of us encountered as our first weaving experience—is still going strong. And although it’s still a great choice, there are many other options to choose from. Give some thought to what you know about your initiate: Does the recipient prefer to learn through books, videos, or one-on-one lessons? Do…

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manufacturer contacts

Ashford Handicrafts, 415 West Street, Ashburton, Mid Canterbury, 7700, New Zealand. (64-3) 308-9087, www.ashford.co.nz Black Sheep Goods, blacksheepgoods615@gmail.com, www.blacksheepgoods.com Bluebonnet Crafters, turtle@turtleloom.com, www.turtleloom.com Casa Marengo Studio, www.casamarengostudio.com Handywoman, www.etsy.com/shop/Handywoman Loome, (917) 576-1168, hello@theloome.com, www.theloome.com Purl & Loop, 2315 Commerce, Suite A, Houston, TX 77002. (713) 545-2450, www.purlandloop.com Schacht Spindle Company, 6101 Ben Place, Boulder, CO 80301. (303) 442-3212, www.schachtspindle.com…