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Living The Country Life Spring - Summer 2018

Whether you live on a small acreage or just dream of it, this magazine collects and celebrates everything you love about the lifestyle. Outdoor entertaining ideas, farm-to-table recipes, inspiring real gardens, and home decor ideas that showcase modern farmhouse style—Living the Country Life delivers inspiration for every aspect of your home and property.

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a team effort

In this issue, I’m so excited to introduce you to a collection of passionate, enthusiastic, hardworking people who are living the country life. Many of them just happen to be women. To put together this special themed issue, I worked with the wonderful Marji Guyler-Alaniz, founder of FarmHer. A gifted storyteller, Marji shines a light on women working in agriculture through photos, videos, blogging, events, and much more. There’s no one better to explain why we’re using this issue to celebrate our sisters (and moms, cousins, friends) whose passions change the face of country life. Just a few short years ago, a beautiful commercial inspired me to start a photography project focusing on women in agriculture. With my camera, I wanted to update the image we have of a farmer—to make sure…

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dig into spring

Radio Highlights Tune in to the Living the Country Life radio show to hear about these topics (and more): Fixing Garden Drainage Bumblebee Pollination Growing Pumpkin-on-a-Stick Scouting for Pests in Cover Crops Solar Electric Tractors New Farmers and Equipment Safety Caring for Pregnant Ewes ATV Riding Tips Weeding Robots To find a station that broadcasts the show, visit LivingtheCountryLife.com/RadioShow Enjoy These Stories at LivingtheCountryLife.com Be sure to check out our website if you haven’t already. You’ll find lots of ideas and inspiration for your acreage. Women Farmers Mentoring Program Are you a woman working in agriculture? If so, visit LivingtheCountryLife.com/WomenMentors to find out how to connect with other female farmers through the Women in Ag Mentoring Network. Fun Chicken Facts Waiting for your new chicks to arrive or just thinking about starting a flock? Visit LivingtheCountryLife.com/ChickenFacts to find chicken-related stats and photos. Perfect Plants for Spring We’ve got ideas…

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country finds

SUNDAY BRUNCH A hearty breakfast sandwich lets family and guests start the day right. Let an enticing biscuit sandwich be the centerpiece of an easy breakfast. Just load it with gravy, chicken, bacon, and an egg for the ultimate in comfort food. To assemble, place the bottom of a split biscuit on a plate. Ladle ¼ cup gravy onto the biscuit. Top with a piece of fried chicken and another ¼ cup gravy. Add a fried egg and two slices of bacon; top with the other biscuit half. Serve immediately. Vintage Tins Spice up baked goods with the pretty patterns on the bottoms of antique baking tins. Scour internet sites, such as Etsy or eBay, to find vintage bakeware. Depending on where you live, you may also have luck at garage sales, estate auctions, or antiques…

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swedish spin

A flock of gray Gotland sheep grazes contentedly on the hillside at Tamarack Farm. Christina and Jeff Ahlseen work this idyllic farmstead, tucked into the rolling hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Gotland sheep, originally from the Swedish island of Gotland located south of Stockholm in the Baltic Sea, are not common in this neck of the woods. Their silver-gray fleeces, smooth dark heads, and curious dispositions are an anomaly in this county where Amish horse-drawn carriages share the roadways with cars. A blue-and-yellow Swedish f lag snaps in the wind at Tamarack Farm. Christina’s parents immigrated to the United States in the 1950s. Jeff is Swedish, too, and Swedish was spoken in both of their households. And because the Ahlseens still have extended family in Sweden, they travel back there often. On…

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canine farmhands

Tracy Kobberdahl often rises before sunrise to do chores on her South Dakota farm. As she marches from her warm house to her cold barn, her dog, Tom, is often right at her side. Among Tom’s many jobs is helping to move sheep from the barnyard into stalls. When the sheep balk about going forward, Tom steps up, moving the animals gently without spooking them. Following a long tradition of farmers before them, Kobberdahl and Tom work the sheep together in a centuries-old partnership between shepherd and dog. Kobberdahl, a professional dog trainer and breeder for more than 30 years, spent time preparing Tom for his herding job. That’s a requirement for all farm dogs expected to do specific tasks on a farm. Even dogs meant to be companions on the farm…

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tiller time

Whether you’re reviving last year’s garden or starting a new plot, spading soil is hard work. Save your back (and some time) by enlisting a garden tiller that can muscle nutrients and compost into the ground while it churns through the heaviest packed soils. This guide will help you find the ideal machine for your garden. WHAT TYPE OF GARDEN DO YOU HAVE? Before purchasing that shiny new tiller, consider your soil type. Is the ground heavy, hard-packed, clay-based, or rocky? Will you be working a large spot? Are you starting a new garden in a grassy area? If any of these apply, consider purchasing a rear-tine tiller, which cuts deeper than a front-tine tiller. These wheel-leading tillers pack plenty of power to churn up overgrown weeds and stony soil, and their large-treaded…