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LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way

LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way Volume 6 - March 2015

With lockdown in full swing, it can feel difficult to make healthy decisions. Everyone has taken up baking, and that banana bread is calling your name! But now that we’re spending less time going out for dinner and more time preparing our own meals, it might also be the perfect time to review, recommit, and get your life on track. This issue has you covered with fresh ideas, motivation, and meal inspiration. This month’s power ingredient is an ancient seed the Mayans named ‘strength’: chia seeds, and we find out exactly why. Get to know our top lockdown pick, Buyfresh – the organic online grocery store that delivers straight to your doorstep. You’ll also meet an inspiring power couple who lost 110kg in total on the LCHF diet! We discuss insulin resistance, if peanuts should stay or go, and how fasting can rid your body of toxins. With 47 new recipes, you’ll be able to whip up indulgent guilt-free pleasures as well as succulent comfort foods. We perfect an easy-peasy pie recipe – crusty and flaky, just the way you like it! Take a walk on the greener side with some plant-based low-carb meals, keep things fresh with some tasty Greek food or opt for a spicy low-carb curry. And for dessert, we’ve snuck in a few decadent chocolate dishes, just for you. Top it all off with the perfect roast and you’ve got this season sorted! LCHF is about more than just weight loss; it’s about your health and your happiness!

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news, views & reviews

Our expert panel NUTRITIONAL THERAPIST SALLY-ANN CREED – the foremost and most experienced LCHF practitioner in South Africa DR GERHARD SCHOONBEE – GP has over 40 years of experience, and personal experience of living LCHF, as well as a deep scientific and medical curiosity about the subject NICKY PERKS – BLOG AUTHOR OF WWW.PRIMALPERKS.COM AND CO-FOUNDER OF BANTING BUDDIES which offers personalised coaching to those wanting to lose weight and get healthy Please share your success stories, recipes, banting restaurant reviews, tips, questions and concerns with us on info@loseit.co.za, @loseitmag (Twitter and Instagram) and facebook.com/Loseitmag. We look forward to sharing our insights and experiences! The LOSE IT! team were out in full force at the LCHF Health Summit 2015in February, and we managed to spend one-on-one time with some of the biggest LCHF authorities in the world. It…

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10 rules of lchf

1 REMEMBER this is not a high protein diet. It’s a high fat, medium protein, low carb way of eating. 2 CHOOSE real foods that look like what they are, and cook them from scratch. 3 NO SUGAR – it’s best to go cold turkey. But if you need to make a transition, substitute with stevia, xylitol or erythritol – NOT artificial sweeteners. 4 NO GRAINS of any kind. 5 FAT is not the enemy. Enjoy it! 6 STOP snacking. You won’t need to – it’s just a habit. 7 EAT only when you are hungry; eat until you are satisfied – then stop. 8 EAT EGGS – they’re healthy, satisfying and very good for you. 9 NO (or very, very little) FRUIT Think of it as a sweet rather than a healthy snack. 10 DON’ eat when you’re…

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lchf news

THE SIXTH TASTE Sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami – we’re all familiar with the five tastes we experience. Now scientists at Deakin University, Melbourne, say there’s compelling evidence that fat should be added to that list. In a journal article, Professor Russell Keast writes that the tongue has taste buds that detect the presence of fatty acids. About the drive to reduce fat in foods, he says: ‘When we think about those foods that were put out in the 1990s – low-fat foods that were often failures – maybe it’s as simple as not understanding the role of fat. You just can’t remove the fat from a food, replace the textural components and the flavour release and expect it to be successful – because you haven’t matched the taste component,…

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THIS MONTH’S MIRACLE INGREDIENT Cauliflower is often overshadowed by its green cousin broccoli, but this underrated vegetable contains an impressive array of nutrients. Here are just some of its health benefits: 1 IT HELPS FIGHT CANCER For the past 30 years, cruciferous vegetables have been lauded for their cancer-fighting properties. The slightly bitter taste of cauliflower comes from sulforaphane, a molecule that has been shown to kill cancer stem cells and slow down tumour growth. Cauliflower also contains antioxidants that help prevent cellular mutations and reduce oxidative stress from free radicals. One of these is a plant sterol called indole-3-carbinol, which has been shown to reduce the risk of prostate, breast, cervical, colon and ovarian cancers. 2 IT BOOSTS HEART HEALTH Sulforaphane serves another function too – it significantly improves blood pressure and kidney function.…

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great reads

AGAINST ALL GRAIN: DELECTABLE PALEO RECIPES TO EAT WELL & FEEL GREAT BY DANIELLE WALKER (Victory Belt Publishing) Danielle was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease ulcerative colitis (similar to Crohn’s Disease) at the age of 22. After multiple hospital stays and various prescription drugs that seemed to worsen her symptoms, she decided to heal herself with food. Her solution was a grain-free diet. Since she began, she has documented recipes and experiences on her blog (www.againstallgrain.com). Now the recipes, plus many others that aren’t featured on the blog, are available in this gorgeous cookbook. You’ll just need to leave out the maple syrup and honey, or replace them with an LCHF-acceptable equivalent like xylitol, erythritol or stevia. THE PALEO SLOW COOKER BY ARSY VARTANIAN (Race Point Publishing) Why a slow cooker? Well, writer and blogger (rubiesandradishes.com) Arsy…

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eat this, not that!

PRAWN & NOODLE-STUFFED NORI ROLLS SERVES 4 4 nori sheets, halved FOR THE FILLING • 6 spring onions, finely sliced • 1 small cucumber, seeds removed, cut into batons • 1–2 red peppers, cut into thin strips • 320g superlite noodles, cooked according to packet instructions • 300g prawns, peeled and cooked • 10g coriander leaves • 5g sesame seeds, toasted • 50g almonds, toasted and chopped, to serve (optional) FOR THE DIPPING SAUCE • 1 x 5cm knob ginger, crushed • 1 small garlic clove, crushed • 1 green chilli, deseeded and finely chopped • 1 tbsp rice wine vinegar/lime juice • 1 tbsp xylitol • splash of fish sauce • 1 tbsp finely sliced spring onion • 10g fresh coriander, finely chopped 1. Place the nori sheets on a surface. At one end of each sheet, place some spring onion, cucumber, red pepper strips, noodles, 3 prawns, a couple…