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LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way

LOSE IT! The Low Carb & Paleo Way Volume 8 - July 2015

With lockdown in full swing, it can feel difficult to make healthy decisions. Everyone has taken up baking, and that banana bread is calling your name! But now that we’re spending less time going out for dinner and more time preparing our own meals, it might also be the perfect time to review, recommit, and get your life on track. This issue has you covered with fresh ideas, motivation, and meal inspiration. This month’s power ingredient is an ancient seed the Mayans named ‘strength’: chia seeds, and we find out exactly why. Get to know our top lockdown pick, Buyfresh – the organic online grocery store that delivers straight to your doorstep. You’ll also meet an inspiring power couple who lost 110kg in total on the LCHF diet! We discuss insulin resistance, if peanuts should stay or go, and how fasting can rid your body of toxins. With 47 new recipes, you’ll be able to whip up indulgent guilt-free pleasures as well as succulent comfort foods. We perfect an easy-peasy pie recipe – crusty and flaky, just the way you like it! Take a walk on the greener side with some plant-based low-carb meals, keep things fresh with some tasty Greek food or opt for a spicy low-carb curry. And for dessert, we’ve snuck in a few decadent chocolate dishes, just for you. Top it all off with the perfect roast and you’ve got this season sorted! LCHF is about more than just weight loss; it’s about your health and your happiness!

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news, views & reviews

NUTRITIONAL THERAPIST SALLY-ANN CREED – the foremost and most experienced LCHF practitioner in South Africa DR GERHARD SCHOONBEE, GP, has over 40 years of experience, and personal experience of living LCHF, as well as a deep scientific and medical curiosity about the subject NICKY PERKS – BLOG AUTHOR OF WWW.PRIMALPERKS.COM AND CO-FOUNDER OF BANTING BUDDIES, which offers personalised coaching to those wanting to lose weight and get healthy CARYN ZINN – senior lecturer and researcher at the Auckland University of Technology School of Sport & Recreation in New Zealand – was awarded a PhD in 2012 for her work on sustained weight loss Please share your success stories, recipes, banting restaurant reviews, tips, questions and concerns with us on info@loseit.co.za, @loseitmag (Twitter and Instagram) and facebook.com/Loseitmag. We look forward to sharing our insights and…

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lose it!

the past few months in the banting world have been very interesting. First off, Jen Elliot, an Australian dietician, was expelled from the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) for recommending LCHF diets to people with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. The charge was later changed to ‘confusing a patient’. As Caryn Zinn, a South African-born dietician living in New Zealand (interviewed on page 16 in this issue) commented on her Facebook page, ‘This is the reality of what happens if you go against mainstream nutrition guidelines, despite strong evidence that low-carb eating is most beneficial for the insulin-resistant population… There are many registered dieticians around the globe practising low-carb, healthy fat nutrition and achieving overwhelming success. You [the DAA] want to control dieticians so that they will follow your…

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i lost 45kg in 8 months

‘My doctor told me that if I didn’t lose 70kg, I would die. ‘ ‘I remember the day I decided I’d finally had it. I was either going to kill myself, or I was going to find answers. I chose the latter. I didn’t have a scale big enough to measure myself, so my doctor sent me to be weighed at the hospital. The scale read 164.2kg without my shoes. I turned to my doctor and said, “What do I have to do?” He told me that if I didn’t lose 70kg, I would die. That was a turning point for me; I had to deal with it once and for all. I did a bit of research and decided low carb was the way to go. I told my family, and…

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lchf news

READ MORE: Serve to Win: The 14-Day Gluten-Free Plan for Physical and Mental Excellence Advantage DJOKOVIC Did you know that Novak Djokovic doesn’t eat gluten? Dr William Davis (yes, the Wheat Belly guy) contrasts Djokovic’s defeat in the 2010 Australian Open quarterfinal with his excellent performance in the final of the same tournament two years later. What happened? ‘Djokovic removed the barriers to peak mental and physical performance by doing precisely the opposite of what conventional nutritional advice repeatedly tells us,’ says Davis. ‘He removed “healthy whole grains” from his diet.’ Here’s what Djokovic says about the results of his new diet: ‘I was lighter, quicker, clearer in mind and spirit...I could tell the moment I woke up each morning that I was different than I had been, maybe since childhood. I sprang out…

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this month’s miracle ingredient mct oil

BULLETPROOF COFFEE SERVES 2 (INSPIRED BY DAVE ASPREY) • 2 cups freshly brewed organic coffee • 2 tbsp grass-fed unsalted butter • 1 tbsp MCT oil 1. Pour the hot coffee into a Nutribullet cup, add the butter and MCT oil and blitz until smooth and frothy. 2. Serve hot. WHAT ARE MCTs? Okay, we’re going to have to get technical here, but bear with us. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are also known as medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). These are unique fatty acids that are ‘medium’ in length, as opposed to short-chain triglycerides (SCTs) or long-chain triglycerides (LCTs). The length refers to the number of carbons they contain, which affects how they are processed by the body. The shorter the carbon chain, the better. MCTs contain between six and 12 carbons and include caproic acid (C6), caprylic acid (C8), capric…

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and 5 other reader questions for sally-ann creed

Q:What is the banting policy on tinned fish? Sardines are one of the best banting foods but they usually come in vegetable oil in a tin – the same goes for tuna and salmon. Tinned fish is also convenient and delicious. Is it okay to eat fish kept in vegetable oil if you drain the oil off first? What is the alternative? Fresh/frozen fish is expensive and I haven’t found fresh sardines. A: The policy is to avoid all seed oils and buy in either olive oil or brine – or not at all. Never in vegetable oil. Draining doesn’t help because there is still residual oil. Buy fish in brine, drain off the water and add extra-virgin olive oil to get the valuable nutrients from the fish and the added…