Man Magnum .303

Man Magnum 303

The .303 British cartridge and the various rifles chambered for it are legendary; not only in South Africa but literally everywhere the British Empire once raised the Union Jack. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that articles on this broad subject often featured in Magnum. This book is a reproduction of most articles and snippet published about this faithful old warhorse and workhorse calibre, scanned from the originals, and includes the original advertisements. These many and varied articles cover most facets of the .303 cartridge and the rifles chambered for it, the first having appeared in the December 1978 edition of SA MAN. In total, it spans 37 years of knowledge shared by known experts and authors like Brian Marsh, Gregor Woods and Malcolm Cobb. This book will serve as a valuable reference work for enthusiasts and collectors, a guide for hunters and shooters using this calibre and absorbing entertainment for armchair historians and gun nuts, young and old.

11,64 $(TVA Incluse)