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martha’s month

MARTHA SAYS “At the start of spring, I love finding fresh morel mushrooms at my local farmers’ market—I have even found them growing on my own property. I always look for ones with an earthy, woodsy aroma. They tend to have the most robust and nutty flavor. Since dirt and debris can get caught in the crevices, I soak them in cold water, swish them around, and dry them thoroughly on towels right before cooking.” TOP TIP Just Add Compost Spreading a layer on flower beds helps add nutrients to the soil, while also protecting emerging growth from any unexpected late frosts. Before fall-planted bulbs and perennials emerge from the ground in early spring, apply an even layer of compost that’s about an inch or two deep over the garden beds.…

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out & about

@florastarkey INSTAGRAM FAVORITE One look at Flora Starkey’s stream of spectacular arrangements and blooms, like this rose, above, and you’ll be transported to a romantic English garden. As a designer in London, she offers a glimpse into her latest projects with her posts. You’ll find arresting centerpieces, gorgeous garlands, and breathtaking installations. Don’t be surprised if she inspires you to become an artful arranger, too. @marthastewart ON THE ROAD: ORLANDO We love Rifle Paper Co.’s stationery for its whimsical hand-painted designs. Next time you’re in Florida, visit the company’s flagship store, just north of Orlando, to stock up on cards and gifts, and peek into the design studio where things are made. Then try the spots co-owner Anna Bond loves most about her neighborhood, below. Rifle Paper Co., Winter Park, Florida riflepaperco.com Lunch like a local…

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hello, my name is . . .

A FUNNY THING HAPPENED on my way to becoming a loyal reader of this magazine for 25 years: I became its editor. When the first issue debuted, I didn’t even have a home of my own. I was moving into a college dorm, where I was surrounded by lackluster cinderblock walls. But that minor detail never stopped me from dreaming, because the pages of Martha Stewart Living were always filled with fresh ideas—both big and small—to make life unequivocally better, more beautiful, and undoubtedly more inspired. The first Good Thing I adopted was decanting our family dish soap into a prettier bottle on a visit home during spring break. (You’re welcome, Mom!) That was just the beginning of Martha as a part of my life, both personally and professionally (most…

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the mane event

Styles may come and go, but one thing remains the same: Beautiful hair is healthy hair. Here’s my personal routine (and a few products I love) for getting soft, touchable locks. SO MUCH HAS EVOLVED SINCE I started paying attention to my hair. When I started modeling at age 16, there were very few hair salons in my town, and most products were found in drugstores and targeted to the problem du jour (dandruff apparently being a big one). Ladies gave themselves “perms” at home, including my mother, whom I recall rolling up those tiny rollers and applying smelly chemicals every few months to curl her beautiful brunette hair. Hair coloring was also primitive: We experimented with lemon juice in the sun, peroxide in our bathrooms, and various colorants to add frosty…

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flights of fancy

Welcome spring with a wreath aflutter with handmade butterflies and leaves. Paper-thin metalworking sheets make it easy to spread your crafting wings—simply snip out shapes using our templates, then bend and paint them to create a kaleidoscope of color. (For the how-to, see page 106.) HOME CHIC HOME Make an Entrance Transform small and inexpensive area rugs (these are only $4) into a full-length runner. All you need is a needle and thread. Using a whipstitch, hand-sew four 22-by-33-inch carpets together along their horizontal sides, then knot the thread securely at the end of each seam (for the how-to, see page 106). The result? One sleek piece—more than seven feet long—that’s truly greater than the sum of its parts. Signe rugs, in assorted colors, $4 each, ikea.com. IN SEASON Beyond Basil For a new spin on classic pesto, consider…

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a pantry primer

1 TAKE INVENTORY Identify what you’ll never use and what’s past its prime. “Best by” dates are helpful but not stamped on all items (and are often lost when you decant the contents into airtight vessels). One solution: Write the date you bought the food on a small label, and stick it on the container’s bottom. Another? “Trust your senses,” says Dana Gunders, a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council. Here’s how. WIN $25,000! Make over your pantry (and much, much more) by visiting marthastewart.com/25k to enter for a chance to win. (See page 113 for more details.) EVALUATING OILS Best for Three months. How to assess If it smells rancid or tastes bitter, toss it. + Strategy Nut and seed oils spoil quickly; stow them in the fridge to extend their life. EYEING HERBS…