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martha’s winter

TIP After this year’s amaryllises fade, don’t discard them. Here’s how to help them bloom again next year: Cut the stems to two inches. Keep the pots in a bright spot, water sparingly, and fertilize every two to four weeks. Next fall, induce dormancy by putting the pots in the dark for eight weeks. Then cut off wilted foliage, add soil, water well, and place in a sunny spot. Start to water and feed regularly when a new stalk emerges. WIN A TRIP TO NEW YORK CITY! Enter for a chance to win a $2,000 Gilt shopping spree and a trip for two to New York City, where you’ll tour the Martha Stewart offices and spend a day exploring some of Martha’s favorite spots in the city. Plus, you’ll go home with a…

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out & about

AMERICAN MADE MARKET Let the holiday baking begin with this handmade snowflake cookiecutter set from CopperGifts.com. For more kitchen gifts, visit our American Made eBay Market. ebay.com/americanmade LIVING BOOK CLUB We enjoy keeping up with the latest best sellers, but we love to revisit the classics as well. This month we are rereading Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Writings (Penguin Classics, 2010). Just as Tiny Tim has a special place in our hearts, so does this beautiful keepsake clothbound edition. marthastewart.com/book-club COLLECTING As you’re getting ready to say, “Cheers!” to the new year, what better way to celebrate than with bubbly poured into an array of Champagne coupes? While flutes are more common now, coupes were the vessel of choice in France from the early 18th century until the 1970s. Today, vintage gold-rimmed ones,…

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our silver anniversary

It seems like yesterday that we published our very first issue of Martha Stewart Living. Each and every one of our 260 issues has been true to my original vision that a true lifestyle publication must instruct, inspire, and enhance the reader’s life in as many ways as possible. This anniversary issue continues to do just that, with some extraordinary bonuses, such as the cover and the “Visions of Sugar” story (page 105), developed and orchestrated by artist Will Cotton and our talented editor in chief Eric Pike, style editor Kate Berry, and pastry chef Jason Schreiber. In his sweet heaven of a studio in downtown Manhattan, Will Cotton works not just with paint and paper and brushes, but with sugar, flour, and egg whites. He also, as artists are wont…

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editor’s letter

BIRTHDAYS ARE FUNNY OCCASIONS. The more years you have to celebrate, the less you may actually feel like celebrating. Trust me, I’m writing this on my actual birthday—I know. But that’s not the case when it comes to commemorating Martha Stewart Living. (I won’t say here what age I’m turning, but I will happily share that I’ve worked at the magazine for 23 of the 25 years it’s been in print.) When Martha launched the magazine, she set out to create a new kind of publication, one that focused on the joy to be had in all aspects of the home. The brand may have evolved with the times, but the mission has remained steadfast. We are still Living—and that is truly something to celebrate. As we brainstormed themes for this…

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the 2015 american made awards

MARTHA STEWART AMERICAN MADE 1. FruitScapes and Pine Island Tropicals Stephen Cucura, Jesse Avalos, and Donna and Gary Schneider Bokeelia, Florida These two companies, which specialize in growing tropical plants and fruits, are building a successful market for unusual mangoes and other rarities. 2. Smith Family Farm Margaret and Lucian Smith Bar Harbor, Maine At Mount Desert Island’s only remaining dairy farm, the Smiths raise Jersey cows and heritage pigs, grow produce, and sell artisanal dairy products, meats, fruits, and vegetables to locals. 3. Portola Paints & Glazes Jamie Davis and Casey Davis Los Angeles The Davis brothers are admittedly obsessed with color. The two have turned their father’s small paint shop into a thriving, environmentally conscious business. 4. Little River Sock Mill Gina Locklear Fort Payne, Alabama Having grown up in the former “world’s sock capital,” Locklear witnessed much of the…

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reaching new heights

SPOONFULS OF SUNSHINE Celebrate citrus season with individual dessert soufflés made with tangerine juice and zest. Dust them with confectioners’ sugar, and offer crème fraîche alongside. It’s a given: If your soufflé is made with the correct proportions of ingredients, and your egg whites are beaten well, and they are folded into the creamy base carefully, your soufflé will rise. And it’s also a given that a few minutes after you take it out of the oven, your soufflé will fall. That’s science, the same science that frightens many of us and discourages us from attempting to make these delicious, lofty, tasty concoctions, savory or sweet. What’s little known is that their reputation is exaggerated, and anyone with a calibrated oven, a straight-sided soufflé dish, and the wherewithal to beat numerous egg whites…