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martha’s summer

STORAGE TIP Enjoy the flavor of garden-fresh tomatoes long after summer’s over by freezing them. Start by coring a just-picked batch with a paring knife, then blanch and peel. Store in the freezer, in tightly sealed jars (leaving ¾ inch of room) or airtight bags. MARTHA’S GARDEN Must-Have Garden Tool Weeding can be taxing on hot summer days. Give yourself a break by switching out a typical hand cultivator for a longhandled version. Gentler on your back and knees, it digs deep into the soil to rip out weeds and helps prevent their seedlings from taking root. Forged cultivator, by Ames, $16, homedepot.com. PHOTOGRAPH BY BRYAN GARDNER; ILLUSTRATION BY BROWN BIRD DESIGN…

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out & about

INSTAGRAM FAVORITE Thanks to all who showed us their patriotic colors! Here’s a special salute to @drawkevindraw’s splendid shot of the waving American flag. Follow us on Instagram for the chance to see your photo here. @marthastewart COLLECTING Set the mood for a good old-fashioned picnic with a vintage basket. We especially love the example from Burlington Basket Company, bottom, which holds multiple courses— and plates, too. eBay search term: vintage picnic basket LIVING BOOK CLUB No matter where your summer takes you, we have just the read to tote along. Rebecca Makkai’s Music for Wartime (Viking) offers up an eclectic collection of short stories— each perfect for a quick literary break. If you’re stuck at home, get away with the three women in The Ladies of Managua (St. Martin’s), by Martha Stewart Weddings’ Eleni N. Gage,…

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editor’s letter

THE URGE TO BEELINE for a lake or the ocean once the mercury rises is undeniable, and it’s not just because we’re seeking relief from the heat. Water has the power to calm and restore—and isn’t that what we all want come summer, to kick back and let go? So it’s no coincidence that three of the stories in this issue are about island retreats. “Relaxed, by Design” (page 76) features one stylish couple’s kid-friendly weekend home on Shelter Island, New York. While having a beautifully designed house was important to them, feeling at ease living in it was even more so. In “Island Idyll” (page 94), food editor Shira Bocar gives us a tour of her favorite destination, low-key Decatur Island off Washington State, where she and her family get…

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super sundaes

I am always rethinking dessert. I’ve never been a big consumer of plain ice cream on its own—but I am a longtime fan of sundaes, banana splits, and ice cream sodas. I started serving “embellished” ice cream at informal dinner parties and discovered that everyone loves digging into a delicious combination of ice cream and flavorful toppings and other components. Personally, I love strawberry shortcake. I adore Key lime pie. And a Mounds bar right out of the freezer is a great way to cool down on a hot summer day. Take the basic ingredients of these three delectable favorites, add a scoop or two of ice cream, and you have a delightful dessert for a summer dinner party or an afternoon barbecue, or simply a lazy-day treat. Each sundae here begins…

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flame-free fireworks

HOW-TO Fourth of July Pom-Pom Supplies Red, white, and various shades of blue tissue paper, 30 by 20 inches Fringe cutter Mylar paper Wooden dowel Double-sided tape Card stock Fringe cutter, by Martha Stewart Crafts, $25, michaels.com. Dowel, ¼ ", $1, homedepot.com. 1. Fold a sheet of tissue paper into thirds vertically. Cut one edge so you have 3 stacked strips, then fringe them using cutter. Repeat with 2 more sheets of tissue paper. 2. Cut a strip of Mylar paper to match tissue-paper segments; fringe. 3. Layer fringed segments together. Roll up on end of dowel, as shown (A), applying tape repeatedly along un-fringed edge of tissue paper as you roll. 4. Cut a cone of card stock, as shown (B). Wrap around base of pom-pom; tape to secure. FOOD Just Peachy A simple swap is all it takes to…

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glow getters

DIFFERENT STROKES What kind of science transforms pasty limbs to the perfect shade of sun-kissed? It depends on the formula. Instant tanners These contain quickdrying dyes that immediately impart a bronzed look. While they won’t rub off on clothes, they will rinse away with soap and water. Sunless tanners Most self-tanners fall into this category. The formulas are made with dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a sugar molecule that reacts to amino acids on the skin’s surface to darken it—usually within three hours of application. The effect remains until the skin cells naturally slough off, taking the faux bronze color away with them. The drawback? Mistakes are obvious and can stick around for days (though you can speed the process by exfoliating). For application tips, see “Liquid Sunshine,” below. Gradual tanners Using these daily will mimic the…