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martha’s month

DRINK Get refreshed with a tall glass of pomegranate iced tea, one of Martha’s favorites. To serve this delicious drink at your next outdoor party, pour brewed pomegranate tea into a large pitcher with ice and add citrus slices. MARTHA’S WORKOUT Bicep Curls 1. Stand with your right foot on the middle of an elastic exercise band. Hold both ends of the band with your palms facing up. 2. Slowly bend your arms up, curling your hands up, too, until they are about 5 inches from your shoulders. Slowly lower. Work up to 15 repetitions. For more of Martha’s workouts, pick up a copy of Living the Good Long Life (Clarkson Potter, 2013). PHOTOGRAPH BY BRYAN GARDNER; ILLUSTRATION BY REMIE GEOFFROI , REPRINTED FROM LIVING THE GOOD LONG LIFE, WITH PERMISSION FROM CLARKSON POTTER…

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out & about

AMERICAN MADE MARKET Son of a Sailor hand-painted leather key fobs make great Father’s Day gifts. Find more stylish accessories at our American Made eBay Market. ebay.com/americanmade LIVING BOOK CLUB The Third Plate (Penguin), by awardwinning chef Dan Barber, is now out in paperback and pairs perfectly with our food issue. With engaging narratives and big ideas about sustainable agriculture, his book is an absorbing read about just how important it is to know where your food comes from. marthastewart.com/book-club COLLECTING When the temperature rises, it’s time to break out the water pitchers! The ones here— including the yellow enamel 1950s Dansk Kobenstyle example with a rattan handle—are eyecatching and practical. Forage flea markets to gather pitchers in a range of colors and styles, so you’ll always have the perfect vessel on hand. Together, they make a…

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editor’s letter

WELCOME TO OUR ANNUAL FOOD ISSUE! Yes, we feature recipes and entertaining ideas every month, but in June we pay tribute to every part of the culinary process. I can’t think of a more knowledgeable guide for this issue than our food director, Lucinda Scala Quinn. An avid supporter of sustainable farming, she shares Dean Carlson’s inspiring story of creating an entire food ecosystem on his farm, where the animals roam freely in pastures and food of all types is prepared and served thoughtfully, with nothing gone to waste (“Farming Forward,” page 72). In “Thrillers, Fillers, and Spillers” (page 98), another resourceful food lover, Minnesota native Scott Endres, finds fertile ground in the tightest outdoor spaces surrounding his home, nursery, and restaurant. Read the article to learn valuable lessons on small-scale gardening. City…

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spotlight on smoke bush

I REALLY KNEW nothing about this unusual plant until I purchased Skylands, my home on Mount Desert Island in Maine, in 1997. I hadn’t noticed branches of it in flower arrangements or examples of it in friends’ yards or gardens. One day, as I was getting my house ready for a big dinner party with the help of colleagues Kevin Sharkey and Kevin Burger, I asked Kevin Sharkey to cut flowers from the garden for his huge arrangements, and Kevin Burger to pick up some additional stems of oriental lilies at a local farm. When Kevin B.— or Kevin II, as we called him—was on his way, he spotted a tree covered with fluffy pink panicles that looked like fairy-tale cloud puffs. It was in the front yard of a…

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stick ’em up

HOME CRAFT Fringe Benefits Show some pride for your favorite graduate in a big way—with an oversize decoration in his or her school colors. Embellish the class year with fringedpaper stripes and hang it on the wall using removable adhesive strips. Add a “class of” wall decal above the numbers to really spell things out. Fringe cutter, by Martha Stewart Crafts, $25, michaels.com. Wall decal, in Collegiate Letters, $70, fathead.com. HOW-TO 1. Print our number templates at martha stewart.com/fringedgraduation. Tile pages together according to instructions on templates. 2. Trace number templates onto chipboard; cut out. 3. Accordion-fold about 30 sheets of 12-by-18-inch mediumweight paper lengthwise, creating 2½-inch folds. Open paper and cut along every other fold to make two-ply strips. 4. Following a fringe cutter’s instructions, fringe open side of each folded strip (A). 5. Cut a fringed strip to fit…

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vanishing acts

SHAVING Best for: Underarms, legs, and the bikini line. The Drill: The blade slices exposed hairs on the skin’s surface. Razors with a pivoting head glide more easily over knees and ankles. Pros: It’s convenient, costeffective, and basically painless. Cons: Quick regrowth and the potential for nicks and razor burn. Avoid both by using shaving cream, “and swap blades after eight uses,” says Jessica Anawalt Johnson, an aesthetician in Portland, Maine. Cost: From $1 a razor, dollarshaveclub.com. LASER Best for: Dark, thick hairs; facial hair; hard-to-reach hairs, like on the back or bikini line. The Drill: Lasers like the ND:Yag and Lumenis Light Sheer Diode emit a beam of light that’s absorbed by pigment in hair, disabling the follicle and halting new growth. Pros: Results are long-lasting though not permanent. (Biannual touch-ups may be necessary.) Cons: The pain is tolerable…