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Where we’ve been, what we’ve seen, and where you’ll find us. AMERICAN MADE MARKET Each month brings beautiful new additions to our American Made Market on eBay, like these hand-thrown ceramic pitchers by Frances Palmer. ebay.com/americanmade LIVING BOOK CLUB Visit our website for a chance to win a signed copy of the suspense novel Bittersweet, by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore (Crown, May 2014),* then read along with us. marthastewart.com/book-club COLLECTING Hair combs and hairpins, like features editor Melissa Ozawa’s Japanese boxwood one, far right, aren’t just a thing of the past. We love using them to add interest to a simple updo or to keep a few strands in place. (Think of these accessories as elaborate takes on bobby pins.) Find vintage ones online or at jewelry and vintage stores, such as Erie Basin, in Brooklyn (eriebasin.com). eBay search term: vintage…

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editor’s letter

Among them, the women I work with at the magazine are the mothers of 40 children, which never ceases to impress me: I have a hard enough time taking care of myself on a daily basis, let alone attending to the needs of kids. I’m lucky enough to work alongside smart and funny colleagues who are devoted to their jobs and their families and achieving balance. I know they’re bringing good people into this world—and I’m reminded of this whenever they bring their kids (or just their sweet artwork) to the office. Of course, Martha herself is a be-all, end-all mom who runs a busy life and career while doting on Jude and Truman, her two young grandchildren. (See the crafts room she’s set up for them in her home…

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technology is fun

My life, built on traditions handed down for generations, has been greatly enhanced in recent years by many technological advances that allow me to create, to communicate, and to record memories in innovative and heretofore unimagined ways. I have always been an “early adopter”— I bought my first computer in 1982. I find new products fascinating, but more than that, I truly believe that staying relevant is important to our overall well-being. New technologies have become absolutely crucial to the way we work, learn, and keep in touch with one another. I always encourage my friends to try everything, and I am excited to share some of my current favorites with you. My newest “adopted” device is a 3-D printer. As a design company, we have often used outside firms to model…

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that’s a wrap

Grocery-store flowers and backyard blooms like lilacs become instantly more memorable and giftworthy when you present them in pretty patterned cones. Find our six clip-art patterns at marthastewart.com/watercolor-pattern. Print your favorite on vellum, trim as needed, and roll it around the flowers. Secure the paper with double-sided tape. Text-weight translucent clear paper, $12.50 for 50 sheets, paperpresentation.com. Send Your Love Make a Mother’s Day card with the same floral designs used for the nosegays on page 25. Print one (find them at marthastewart.com/watercolor-card) on card stock and cut it out, then fold it in half so it fits inside a standard card envelope. TIP We’d like to make a toast to letting stemware drip-dry after a party. Rig a makeshift rack by placing a wire cooling rack inside a rimmed baking sheet to catch water…

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iced-coffee update

For a smoother, more flavorful iced coffee, start with a homemade cold-brew concentrate: Stir together 1 pound ground coffee and 8 cups cool water. Cover; let stand at room temperature 24 hours. Strain through a coffee filter or cheesecloth-lined sieve into a container, pressing on the solids to remove as much liquid as possible. Store in the refrigerator, covered. One batch makes a week’s supply. Dilute 1 part concentrate with 1 to 2 parts cold water or milk; sweeten as desired and serve over ice. Shake, Shake, Shake These two-ingredient refreshers couldn’t be easier—or more satisfying. Just purée equal parts buttermilk and fruit sorbet in a blender until smooth. Below, some of our favorite flavors. GTHed Glosa 11/12 Caption How-to 7/9 graphik must uf us have never dune much mure with the dominoes than…

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pillows with punch

Adding colorful accents transforms ordinary store-bought pillows into distinctive focal points. Try any of these four embellishments, which require nothing more than readily available supplies and basic sewing skills. Sources Solid silk hand-loomed pillow covers, in Slate, Platinum, Stone White, and Blue Teal, $44 each; and square pillow insert, 20", in Down, $16, westelm.com. Flat tubing braid, ½", in Neon Pink/Black, $4 a yd.; Unique Stitch glue, by Dritz, $4; metal chain, 10 mm, in Gold (#36951), $5.75 a yd.; button, in White/Gold (#41338001), $12; decorator needles, $5 for 3; and rayon-cotton tassel fringe, 2", $4 a yd., mjtrim.com. Bry-Pins stitch markers, 2", $3 for 20, purlsoho.com. Yarn tassels, in Citron, $15 each, tasselandpom.etsy.com. 1. STRIPES Wrap bright cording around pillow and pin in place, then trim. Working in small sections, and unpinning as…