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martha’s month

MART HA’S GARDEN Martha grows many varieties of winter squashes, such as butternut, acorn, spaghetti, and Japanese kabocha. Roast halves or wedges in the oven and enjoy them on their own, stuffed with grains or vegetables, or in soups, pastas, and salads. Martha’s Halloween How to Light a Jack-o’-Lantern 1. Instead of using a candle, illuminate a pumpkin with a string of 25 miniature outdoor lights. Wrap a strand around a glass jar; secure with tape, as shown. 2. Carve a hole in the bottom of a cleaned-out pumpkin. 3. Set the jar inside, thread the electric cord through the hole, and plug it in.…

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COMMUNITY This fall, Lauren Bush Lauren, the founder of FEED (the company behind the burlap totes that help raise money to fight world hunger), is launching a 30-day fundraiser across the country. The challenge: Host a dinner party at which each guest donates just $1.10—enough to feed 10 meals to a child in need. The goal is to raise enough money for 1 million meals by World Food Day, October 16. FEED Suppers feedprojects.com COLLECTING The lens that helped Sherlock Holmes solve crimes has stayed true to its form over the centuries. The same can’t be said of magnifying-glass handles, which have ranged from deeply carved wood, second from right, to beautiful Bakelite, second from left. We think they make great modern-day desk accessories. It’s elementary! eBay search term: vintage magnifying glasses AMERICAN MADE MARKET Keep things…

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editor’s letter

It’s easy to forget exactly how much stuff kitchen cabinets hold until you have to take every last thing out and find somewhere else to put it. This is the revelation I’ve had repeatedly in the past year, as my tiny kitchen has undergone a mini renovation. Despite the room’s minuscule size— I have just three drawers!—its contents, once packed away in clear plastic bins, still chomped up most of the space in my dining room for at least three months. When it was finally time to unpack, I had the chance to rethink how I could maximize the space. I was even inspired to reorganize all the drinking glasses in the cabinet above the sink, realizing that if I placed some glasses right-side up next to the same type…

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making your clothes last longer

Teach and Inspire Clotheskeeping Building and maintaining a wardrobe takes time and effort, and clothing is a major investment for all of us. I am a very careful shopper, and I try to buy well-made clothing that is stylish but classic—clothing that will be wearable for a long time. I think I have developed and practice methods that will help keep my wardrobe beautiful without massive cleaning bills. (Dry cleaning and professional laundry bills can certainly impair one’s clothing budget, and overcleaning is not good for fabrics or for the longevity of your clothing!) I am often at public appearances, and I need well-pressed, properly fitting clothing that looks appropriate for the occasion. I do not have a fulltime stylist or wardrobe mistress, so I am very particular about home care for my…

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no-carve pumpkin patterns

CRAFT Create an instant and intricate design with nothing more than a pair of lacy stockings and a can of spray paint (as on this issue’s cover). Take note, last-minute decorators: The process takes just 15 minutes, no carving required. For instructions, turn the page. HOW-TO Lacy Pumpkin Stockings cling best to a smooth surface, so look for pumpkins with shallow ridges. We chose white ones and sprayed them with orange and yellow paint. You can also use orange pumpkins—just be sure the paint shade you pick will contrast with the skin. You can personalize your color scheme by blending a few different craft paints, then applying with an aerosol paint sprayer. Supplies Sheer-to-waist patterned lace stockings Pumpkin Masking tape Spray paint, or aerosol paint sprayer and craft paint Multisurface satin craft paint, $2 for 2 oz.,…

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hook, line, and sparkler

EAR SUPPLY Our earrings require just beads, pins, earring wires, and jump rings (small wire circles)—but combine for dozens of different looks. Here, all the supplies you need to perk up your ears. BEADS Your choice of bead will determine how the earring is made: Some beads have vertical channels all the way through (as with 1, 2, 6, 13, and 14) and require a pin (see how-to, near right). Others have holes only through the top (3–5, 9, and 12) and call for jump rings (see how-to, far right). Small beads (7 and 11) and sequins (10 and 15) can be stacked on a pin or strung on a jump ring. Sources Various drop beads (1, 8, 9), from $1 each, tohoshoji-ny .com. Mixed-color bugle beads (2, 14), 35 mm, 12_ for 1 g,…