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martha’s month

SNACK One way Martha enjoys fresh honey from the bees on her farm is by drizzling it over thinly sliced cucumber atop pumpernickel bread. It’s a refreshing latesummer treat! MARTHA’S GARDEN Dividing Bearded Irises Separate these plants in early fall every three to four years to keep them healthy. Here’s how: 1. Dig up the large original rhizome (root) and, with pruning shears, gently cut of the new rhizomes. 2. For each rhizome, use shears to trim away leaves and spent stems 3 inches from where they’re attached. 3. Plant the rhizomes just below the soil’s surface—and enjoy robust blooms in spring. PHOTOGRAPH BY BRYAN GARDNER; ILLUSTRATION BY BROWN BIRD DESIGN…

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out & about

COLLECTING There are few things more satisfying than the crisp sound of a letter opener slicing through an envelope. Except, perhaps, the sight of a collection of striking letter openers. Here are a few we’ve collected from around our office. We especially love the sleek look of the stainless steel Ameland opener (by Italian designer Enzo Mari), second from top, and the nice grip of the handle, third from top, whimsically paired with a wooden blade. eBay search terms: vintage letter openers, antique letter openers ON THE ROAD Inspired by the cafés she’s visited around the world, Martha opened her own in the lobby of our office building this past spring. Stop by for her hand-selected coffees, including Martha’s Blend; teas; and a rotating selection of tempting baked goods. Martha Stewart Café, New York City…

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editor’s letter

AFTER THREE HAPPY MONTHS spent largely outdoors, it’s time to head back inside. I welcome September as a month to reacclimate to a faster pace and get organized in my apartment, including the home office. With that in mind, our home editor designed five clever wallmounted shelving projects for the busiest (read: messiest) rooms in the home. Each idea in “Shelf Help” (page 90) is superstylish, highly functional, and easy to re-create. On the other hand, there was almost nothing easy about Kelli Cain and Brian Crabtree’s incredibly thoughtful and beautiful renovation of their old farmhouse in upstate New York (“A Handcrafted Home,” page 82). The two former art-school classmates did everything themselves—includ-ing installing a wood-burning pizza oven and building an iron spiral staircase. Hard work, bottomless curiosity, and a desire for…

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luscious layers

Go Green Matcha—powdered Japanese green tea—gives this pastry cream its pretty color and slightly grassy flavor. In Japan, matcha is prepared and served as part of a traditional tea ceremony. Look for it at Asian markets and tea shops, or online at itoen.com. On French street corners and in restaurants, crêpes have been served in many different ways, both savory and sweet. The traditional very thin sweet pancake is called a crêpe sucrée. Crêpes can be folded, rolled, or even laid flat on a large plate, and they can be filled or topped with innumerable flavorings and ingredients. But the most special use of the delicate and tender crêpes sucrées I have come across is in a decadent, delightful, and irresistible dessert known as mille-crêpe cake. I discovered this cake at a charming…

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brighten up!

HOW-TO Supplies Accordion file folder or expanding wallet Text-weight colored paper Spray adhesive Craft knife Elastic cord Alphabet punch (optional) Découpage medium and paintbrush Sources Accordion wallet, from $5, staples.com. Super 77 spray adhesive, by 3M, $11, home depot.com. Elastic cord, by Sulyn Clubhouse Crafts, $4, joann.com. Durable decoupage finish, $10 for 8 oz.; and alphabet punch, $30, by Martha Stewart Crafts, michaels.com. 1. Trace folder onto paper; cut out. 2. Remove elastic band from folder; discard. Spray paper with adhesive and smooth onto folder. 3. With craft knife, puncture paper, aligning with folder’s hole. Knot elastic cord from behind folder flap. 4. If desired, create a monogram from colored paper with punch; glue onto folder. 5. Brush on a layer of decoupage medium; let dry. FOOD Winning Streaks The Brits call fruitand-cream desserts “fools,” but we think of this tasty threeingredient…

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base camp

Of all the steps in a makeup routine, foundation makes the most impact. With just a few swipes, this complexion enhancer melts into skin to even out tone and camouflage problem areas. The right techniques and formulation will have you looking like yourself—only the airbrushed, I-got-eight-hours-of-sleep version. UNDERCOVER AGENTS Today’s foundations allow you to break all the so-called rules. “Now powders can be hydrating and creams can be mattifying,” says Make Up for Ever director of artistry Lijha Stewart. All you have to do is choose a texture. Tint The details Tinted moisturizers are a great option for the foundation-wary, says New York City makeup artist Sharon Becker. Coverage Sheer. Pro Lightweight and hydrating, usually with an SPF of 15 or higher. Apply With fingers or a makeup brush. Try Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance tinted moisturizer SPF 20, $54,…