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Maximum PC July 2021

Maximum PC is the magazine that every computer geek, PC gamer, or content creator should read every month. Get Maximum PC digital magazine subscription today for punishing product reviews, thorough how-to articles, and the illuminating technical news and information that PC power users crave. Maximum PC covers every single topic that requires a lightning-fast PC, from video editing and music creation to PC gaming; we write about it all with unbounded enthusiasm for our collective hobby.

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how to

TIP OF THE MONTH SYNC SCREENSHOTS WITH ONEDRIVE If you’re working between two systems and are awkwardly transferring screenshots via a USB drive, email, or such, this tip should help. Right-click the OneDrive icon in your taskbar and go into its settings. At the top, click “Back up,” then click the “Screenshots” checkbox to automatically save screenshots across your OneDrive account. Hey presto—just like that, all your print screens appear on each of your systems. MAKE – USE – CREATE 60 Make a product mock-up in Adobe Photoshop 64 Have more fun with your Oculus Quest 2 66 Mod your PC with 3Dprinted parts SAM LEWIS STAFF WRITER GETTING SPOILT As I mentioned in the previous issue, I’ve been lucky enough to receive my first headphone DAC/amps to review, but with that comes a major gripe. When it’s time to…

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alternate oses

Many of these are available on the Raspberry Pi imager, or as an ISO file online you can download and feed into the Imager app. For now, the best choice for most people is the 32-bit Raspberry Pi OS; it’s built on solid Linux foundations, and contains enough apps and learning tools for anyone to use the Pi happily for ages. The 64-bit port of the OS is in development, and you can download it from the Raspberry Pi forum. It’s come a long way in the last few months, but there are still things that don’t work—like the VLC media player—and it has some quirks, especially when trying to run it over VNC. It is a little faster than the 32-bit OS, and is one of the only ways of…

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many more lakes

Tiger Lake-H The four-core models launched in 2020, but eight-core TGL-H should arrive very soon, perhaps by the time you read this. Why didn’t Intel just skip Rocket Lake and give us Tiger Lake on the desktop? We’re not sure, but we look forward to testing the high-end mobile solution soon. Raptor Lake This will be the follow-up to Alder Lake, refining and optimizing the architecture. Due in late 2022, the feature set and socket should be similar to ADL, so it will continue to run in LGA1700 boards. Meteor Lake This will be Intel’s first 7nm CPU offering, except there’s even more to it than that. Intel will outsource the production of some Meteor Lake CPUs to TSMC. It will also use Foveros 3D die-on-die stacking, which may partly explain the outsourcing. Intel plans…

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hackers cut fuel supply

RANSOMWARE ATTACKS reached new heights in early May when hackers hit Colonial Pipeline and demanded payment for 100GB of stolen data. The company operates the biggest fuel pipeline in the country, running 5,500 miles from Houston in Texas to Linden in New Jersey. It supplies about 45 percent of the gas, diesel, and aviation fuel for the whole East Coast—over 2.5 billion barrels a day. It’s not clear if the hackers had the ability to trigger dangerous events, but Colonial Pipeline had little choice other than to hit the “off” switch. This led to unscheduled plane landings to refuel elsewhere, panic buying, and a jump in gas prices. Colonial Pipeline also had little option but to pay—about $5 million in bitcoin. Normal service (mostly) was resumed five days later. Colonial Pipeline…

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lakes of rockets and stuff

WE DID IT! We finally took new portrait shots for the mag. The beard is gone! OK, so I haven’t had a beard for a long time, but that’s beside the point—this was the first time we managed to slot in a portrait shoot in over a year, and it all happened because of one tiny mistake. Our staff writer, Sam, embarked upon his first ever PC build this issue. I decided it was time to throw the boy in at the deep end, to get his toes wet in the murky system-building pools that are Maximum PC’s mainstay. As Sam lives so far away from the office, we decided it was best if he built the rig, took photos of what he wanted, then we would recreate that and shoot it…

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topping e30 dac & l30 amp

WHAT WE HAVE here is not one but two audio products from Topping that pair together to really amp up your desktop audio experience. The E30 makes up the DAC part of this setup, while the L30 is the amp. Both products are visually similar and are of the same size and materials. For a two-piece setup, it makes perfect sense for these to stack on top of each other, and because of their matching designs, they make a pretty neat-looking addition to your desk. One of the first things we noticed was the build quality of both the E30 and L30; with a black all-aluminum chassis, they feel great to the touch and provide peace of mind that these are solid, well-made products. Because both devices are fitted with rubber…