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Mindful February 2018

Mindful is the groundbreaking new magazine dedicated to helping you live mindfully. The simple practice of being in the moment brings out the best in who you are.

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mental health for all

Editor-in-Chief barry@mindful.org On days when things are going really badly, it feels as if nothing you’d looked forward to is panning out and new problems keep emerging from around the corner. You didn’t plan on missing the bus, and then the strap on your backpack broke, and just then your sister called to say she had some worrisome test results. And right about then, a friend tells you to “Just relax!” How annoying is that? Relaxation is distinctly not something you can just command yourself to do. It needs to come over you and perhaps, ultimately, to overcome you. That’s one of the reasons so many of us grow to appreciate mindfulness practice. It sneaks up on stress from the side. It lulls us into letting go of obsessively grasping for a…

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all by myself

Do you identify as an introvert or an extrovert? 42% OF RESPONDENTS SAY THEY’RE primarily introverts, compared to just 10% extroverts. 38% identify with both introverted and extroverted qualities. The last 10% don’t identify with either type. Do you enjoy being alone? 95% YES 5% NO What do you do when you’re by yourself that you wouldn’t do with company? • “Raid the fridge and watch trashy TV.” • “Talk to myself.” • “Kayak.” • “Work in my garden and flower beds, walk my dogs, and play with my cats.” • “Most of my work is solitary.” • “I meditate, do yoga, and curl up to read a great book.” • “Cook something wonderful and eat it!” • “Wear only my underwear.” • “Dance under the stars on warm summer evenings, and in the living room on cold winter nights.” • “Take the time to be…

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top of mind

UK leads with meditation day in Parliament In October, 40 politicians from 14 nations spent the day exploring how mindfulness can influence government discourse and decision-making. Mindfulness in Politics was held in the British House of Commons and included representatives from Iceland, Denmark, Israel, Sri Lanka, and the United States. Jon Kabat-Zinn led a meditation session at the event that aimed “to help political leaders stay resilient, clear-minded and creative in the face of constant change,” according to The Mindfulness Initiative. This policy institute established in 2013 helped create the nonpartisan Mindfulness All-Party Parliamentary Group, and has offered MBCT training to more than 145 British MPs and their staff. Kabat-Zinn’s attendance came on the heels of another notable event, the International Day of Peace, where he led almost 1,000 people in a 30-minute…

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mindful or mindless?

mindful Who knew cigarette butts, plastic water bottles, and old smartphones could be upcycled into modern furniture and other high-end goods? UK startup Pentatonic is doing just that—no resins, glues, or harmful additives included. Google faced a backlash over the calorie-counting feature added to Maps. Critics argued a rigid focus on calories (measured by the app in mini-cupcakes) can promote an unhealthy mindset around food. Google listened up and ditched the feature. The nonprofit Compassion Games encourages a culture of kindness through working together. Teaming up for the games, women incarcerated at a California prison performed 4,500 acts of kindness: sharing food, cleaning each others’ living spaces, and knitting items for charity. mindless A man’s career at the juvenile justice department in South Texas wrapped up after it was discovered he’d been intercepting their tasty…

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happiness rules

1 FIRST, GET REAL ABOUT HAPPINESS Happiness isn’t about being upbeat all the time. Instead, think of it as a trait—one that helps you to recognize even the tiniest moments of joy, to fully embrace the good stuff in life without pause, and to know that even when things aren’t going well, this hard time, too, shall pass. It’s also something that can be cultivated. Why is this important? Science shows us that happiness is one of the best defenses against hardship. It creates resiliency, and it also allows us, by not getting stuck in a negative state, to see opportunities that might lead us back to a steadier, more contented outlook. The key to uncovering happiness is to be on the lookout for the sweet moments in life, big and…

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a fire in the earth

NUTRITION INFO Gingerols are the active nutritional components in ginger. With powerful anti-inflammatory properties, these compounds can also provide a great remedy for nausea and indigestion. source: whfoods.com The spice of fresh ginger carries a special warmth, like a mellow flame that ignites our bodies. It’s not fiery like a chili, but it burns more brightly than its aromatic friends, garlic and onion. It straddles the worlds of both vegetable and spice. Ginger’s flavor is strong and subtle, as is its appearance: Beneath rough beige skin you wouldn’t expect flesh that shines so golden like the sun. Its initial heat yields to a lingering earthiness and zest. What better antidote to winter’s chill? TRY THIS Enjoy the bright yet earthy spice of ginger with a cup of soothing tea. Peel and slice a 2-inch knob of…