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Mindful December 2017

Mindful is the groundbreaking new magazine dedicated to helping you live mindfully. The simple practice of being in the moment brings out the best in who you are.

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a healthy, growing baby

barry@mindful.org Our must-read story this issue: “Meditators under the Microscope” explores Richie Davidson and Daniel Goleman’s assessment of the science of mindfulness, as presented in their new book, Altered Traits. How do you know? Since forever, this has been one of the hardest questions to answer. And until the scientific revolution, unless you had firsthand knowledge (“I tried meditation and it did this for me, but I can’t say what it will do for you”), you had to rely on others you trusted (“The One-Who-Knows-All says that this plant will cure your anxiety”). With the advent of scientific experimentation, the standard for knowledge began to shift, and nowadays with other kinds of authority in decline, the gold standard for knowledge is whether it has been tested in an experimental setting. In particular, when it…

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the mindful pet?

What’s the hardest thing about having a pet? • “That they don’t live as long as we do.” • “When you cannot understand what they want or need.” • “Them pooping in the house.” • “Not knowing what they are thinking.” • “They miss you.” • “Leaving them to go to work.” • “HOLIDAYS ABROAD.” • “That they have a great life and billions of other beings don ’ t.” • “The barking when someone is at the door !” • “Not tripping over them.” • “Guilt is the hardest thing . When you do have a jam-packed day you feel so guilty that they are home waiting for you.” • “Cleaning the litter box.” • “The vet bills.” How many pets do you have? Do you ever talk to your pets casually? Are you a cat person or a dog person? 32% OF RESPONDENTS PREFER canine companions,…

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top of mind

Mindfulness in preschool A new initiative in Miami, Florida, is assessing how mindfulness in families might cultivate resilience and reduce domestic violence. The pilot program is headed by Scott Rogers, a mindfulness teacher and director of Miami Law’s Mindfulness in Law Program. Rogers has developed mindfulness exercises to be integrated into an Early Head Start educational setting, where preschool teachers, parents, and young children can learn about and practice mindfulness together—in the classroom as well as at home. Each session includes creative games and draws upon elements of nature to help children learn the basics, such as paying attention to their bodies and breath. Rogers is launching the pilot in collaboration with Maria Riestra, Director of Head Start; Lucia Davis-Raiford, Director of Miami-Dade County’s Community Action and Human Services Department; and…

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extraordinary acts of kindness

An Uber driver in Florida was concerned when he saw his depressed passenger’s destination was a bridge. Discreetly alerting patrollers, he stayed and talked with the man until help arrived. A retrofitted minivan delivers books to refugees living in Athens, Greece. With reading materials in English, Greek, French, Arabic, Kurdish, and Farsi, this traveling library makes culture more widely accessible. How far would you go to save a beloved pet? A man in Gloucester, England, revived his drowning tortoise, Freda, by giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation for an hour.…

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mindful Researchers at Johns Hopkins found a simple way to improve kids’ school attendance, test scores, and self-esteem: Make sure they can see the front of the room. With Vision For Baltimore, they’re providing free eye exams and eyeglasses to low-income students across 150 schools. Disposable plastics are convenient. Their environmental impact? Not so much. Eco-company Avani has created a cassava-based bioplastic bag with a much smaller footprint. It dissolves in hot water and is biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. Media outlets have been shifting their use of language in order to change our cultural perspectives. Allure magazine, for example, has banned the term “anti-aging” from its pages. While visiting London’s Natural History Museum, a 10-year-old boy with a penchant for the prehistoric observed that one of its dinosaur skeletons was wrongly labeled. He told…

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are we becoming smart fools?

We are well advised to avoid certain things as we age. Right behind making cranky complaints about the latest music are mutterings about “young people these days…” So I ask this question advisedly: What the heck are young people doing with all those extra IQ points they’ve gained on their elders? In a seminal discovery about human intelligence, researchers began reporting dramatic increases in IQ scores soon after World War II. The gains among children and young adults—the populations who take the tests—continued and even accelerated in the 1980s: an average increase of 24 points in the United States since 1918; 27 points in Britain since 1942; 22 points in Argentina since 1964; with gains of a similar size throughout Western Europe, Canada, Japan, China, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand. The…