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Model Rail December 2019

Model Rail magazine is the UK's biggest-selling magazine dedicated to railway modelling. Every issue is packed with the country’s finest home and club layouts, stunning photography, unbiased and in-depth product reviews, expert tips, layout plans and step-by-step articles that really show you how. In our unique ‘Workbench’ section, we tackle a wide range of modeling skills and projects. Our expert writers and model-makers will help you to get the most from your hobby and build the layout of your dreams. Model Rail is published 13 times a year, every four weeks.

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It’s a bit of a ‘chicken and egg’ situation. We’ve never had it so good when it comes to the sheer volume and quantity of ready-to-run locomotives, coaches and wagons, regardless of scale. But many see that choice as the death knell of kit-building or, to some, ‘real modelling’. Kit manufacturers sprung up in the days when you might be lucky to get one, maybe two, new RTR locomotives a year. Scratchbuilding was beyond the skill of most modellers but kits filled the gap, giving modellers the chance to have the locomotive they wanted. A successful kit depends on the skill of the builder. Some modellers have the knack, the patience, the understanding. Others are left frustrated by poorly fitting parts, poor running chassis and gluey fingerprints. And that’s after you’ve bought…

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Richard Foster 1ow that the nights have drawn in, I might look at building some brass Lynton & Barnstaple rolling stock. George Dent I really need to finish the various large scale truck and car kits that I started during last winter’s long evenings. Chris Leigh 8nusually for me, my current project is a Georgian town house that I’m building just because I want to. Chris Gadsby Leisure time? :hat’s that then? If I did have some I’d still need to build a baseboard before I can think about making kits! Chris Nevard 2ur ace snapper is building a name for himself on the folk music circuit. Is there no end to his talents? Peter Marriott 3eter is our jet-setting scenic guru. .nows what products are available and how to get the very best from them. Dave Lowery 3rofessional model-maker Dave works on…

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the big picture

There’s still much of interest to be found on the modern railway. But one feature that has largely disappeared is the small, rail-served factory. Shaun Harvey’s 4mm:1ft ‘Winkle’s Yard’, which appeared on the cover of our October issue EMR266F, recalls those halcyon days where your ears would prick up at the sound of an English Electric 6KT engine and, after scrambling up walls or peering through gateways, you’d get a glimpse of an ’08’ pottering around with a couple of wagons in tow. There will be a proper look at Shaun’s wonderful creation in 2020.…

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vote for your favourite shop – today!

The model shop is the lifeblood of our hobby. It’s the place where dreams are made – you gaze longingly at rows of locomotives, choosing which ones you’d buy. It’s a place where dreams are fulfilled – it’s where you buy the paints, glues, kits and products to take home and use on your layout. Britain’s high street retailers are having a tough time and the model shop is no exception. It’s right, therefore, for the model shop to be given the recognition that it deserves and that this great modelling institution is celebrated. That’s why we’ve joined forces with The UK Model Shop Directory to create the ‘Model Shop of the Year’ awards. This is YOUR chance to celebrate all that’s best about YOUR favourite shop. This is the shop that always…

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model shop of the year – the six categories

1. BEST RANGE What to bear in mind when voting: ◆ Does your favourite model shop offer a comprehensive range of products? ◆ Does it stock common modelling materials such as styrene sheet/section? ◆ Does it have a mix of new and second-hand locomotives and rolling stock? ◆ Does it offer a decent range of railway and non-railway kits, in a variety of scales and from all brands rather than just the obvious ones? ◆ Does it offer the best prices? O. BEST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE What to bear in mind when voting: ◆ Is your favourite shop easy to find? Can you park nearby? Can you get to it by public transport? ◆ Is the shop clean and tidy? ◆ Is everything easy to find? ◆ Has your favourite shop gone the extra mile with a coffee machine or a customer loo? 3.…