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MOJO Issue 291

Launched in 1993, MOJO celebrates the stories of music's all-time greats. It does this through expertly written, insightful features and exclusive, in-depth interviews. MOJO also finds and recommends new music of quality and integrity, so if you want to read about the classics of now and tomorrow, it is definitely the music magazine for you. As founding editor Paul Du Noyer put it, MOJO has ""the sensibilities of a fanzine and the design values of Vogue."" It's lovingly put together every month by music fanatics with huge knowledge, who share your passion. And because they have unrivalled contacts in the music industry, they bring you the kind of access, news and expertise you won't find anywhere else.

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2000 light years from home uk rock trips out 1967-1970

HE IMPACT OF PSYCHEDELICS ON BRITISH POP AND rock wasn’t restricted to the inner circle of actual LSD initiates. Psych was a watershed that produced all kinds of responses, from the charmingly childlike to the genuinely bananas. Bands went psych, it was de rigueur, and whether they continued down the path to third-eye dilation, returned to their roots, or used psych as a bridge to somewhere else, the idea of pop music seeking types of transcendence was established and set the tone for much that was to come. 1967 to 1970: this collection’s timespan is deliberately broad. Like the Stones on Their Satanic Majesties Request, some of groups from ’67 and ’68 were catching up with the trailblazers – The Beatles mainly. After that, they were on their own –…

5 min.
all back to my place

Shania Twain COUNTRY POP QUEEN What music are you currently grooving to? A variety of things – Twenty Øne Piløts, Meghan Trainor, Nick Jonas, Chris Stapleton. I’m a sucker for a great Top 40 song. And I love Glen Campbell and Emmylou Harris too. What, if push comes to shove, is your all-time favourite album? Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours. I’m a big fan of groups, for the diversity it brings. And all the songs are incredible. When I was a kid listening to it, I was just in love with the music, it wasn’t until later that I realised all of the drama that had been going on. What was the first record you ever bought? And where did you buy it? Gee, I think it was Knowing Me, Knowing You by Abba, from a little…

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theories, rants, etc.

AT THE DAWN OF THE 1980s, MY FAMILY – EVER ON THE AUDIO CUTting edge – acquired a second-hand Stereo Radiogram: a vast timber coffin with a three-speed record deck, tuner, speakers and space for keeping your vinyl. Inside, once we’d heaved open the lid, we found a stack of vinyl 45s, including an original Purple Haze, a Paperback Writer, Happy Jack, Autumn Almanac, Mellow Yellow – as good an introduction to the thrills of 1966/1967 as an ignorant 12-year-old could wish for, and perhaps the first step on the path that led me here today. More beguiling still were a couple of flimsy, floppy flexi-discs – sleeveless, I later rued: The Beatles’ Christmas messages to their fan club, 1963 and 1964. Once I’d worked out how to play the things,…

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2018 preview films

Director: Mike Christie Via Sky Arts from January, a portrait of the studio located in the divided Berlin’s western enclave until the fall of communism. As well as playing host to Bowie and Brian Eno when they recorded Low and “Heroes” in 1977, it also provided a creative haven for Iggy Pop, Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, U2 and more. Utilising the studio’s archives and employees’ recollections, interviewees include Michael Stipe, Martin Gore, Mick Harvey, Bono, Tony Visconti and Bowie’s glamorous pal Romy Haag. They Say: “Is the spirit of the people who recorded these fantastic, life-altering songs imbued in the grain of the fabric of the place? Maybe.” (Michael Stipe) Director: Giuseppe Tornatore The director has worked with Morricone for 30 years, and here he talks to Il Maestro about his life and work,…

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… GEORGE AND TAMMY , directed by Taylor Hackford, stars Josh Brolin and Jessica Chastain as George Jones and Tammy Wynette for a tragic love story that’s going to be tricky to sugarcoat… I’VE GOT LEVITATION , directed by James Oswald and Jack Henry Robbins, centres on the 50th anniversary reunion of The 13th Floor Elevators (vocalistt Roky Erickson, right) at the Levitation Festival in Austin in 2015. Sean Lennon, Wayne Coyne and The JAMC all contribute… Dionne Warwick doc DON’T MAKE ME OVER is co-directed by Dave Wooley and David Heilbroner, and will trace her rise to fame, with testimony from Quincy Jones, Burt Bacharach, Gladyss Knight, Smokey Robinson ns and ex-President Bill Clinton… BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY , the long-promised bio-pic of Queen from formation until 1985’s Live Aid performance,…

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shannon shaw bares her soul

• For fans of: Dusty Springfield, Lulu, Etta James, Glenn Danzig. • Introducing the Clams at Oakland’s Burger Boogaloo ’16, director John Waters adoringly described them as “The Mamas & The Papas of cult dancehalls everywhere”, singling out Shannon as “prettier than Kim Novak to me”. • Shaw also plays in scuzzy bubblegum group Hunx And His Punx, with queercore face Seth Bogart. • Freddies N Teddies (off In Nashville ) • Cryin’ My Eyes Out (off In Nashville ) • I Never Wanted Love (off Onion ) “THIS OTHER VERSION OF MYSELF BUBBLED UP.”Shannon Shaw…