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MOJO Issue 286

Launched in 1993, MOJO celebrates the stories of music's all-time greats. It does this through expertly written, insightful features and exclusive, in-depth interviews. MOJO also finds and recommends new music of quality and integrity, so if you want to read about the classics of now and tomorrow, it is definitely the music magazine for you. As founding editor Paul Du Noyer put it, MOJO has ""the sensibilities of a fanzine and the design values of Vogue."" It's lovingly put together every month by music fanatics with huge knowledge, who share your passion. And because they have unrivalled contacts in the music industry, they bring you the kind of access, news and expertise you won't find anywhere else.

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i just can’t be happy today

“EVERYBODY GOT PUNK wrong. The message was supposed to be: don’t follow us, do what you want,” said John Lydon many years after he’d abandoned his Rotten alter ego. This issue, as we re-live the year that the Sex Pistols dragged punk into the global mainstream, we also bring you this compilation that gathers 15 tracks from punk’s first flush. Many of these tracks were released in ’77 itself, some in the two or three years that followed. All of them appear to possess an in-built sense of defiance that remains inspiring some 40-odd years later. You can call it nihilism if you want to. We prefer to think of it as the sound of freedom… (Scabies, Sensible, Vanian, Ward, Dadomo) Rock Music Co Ltd N.B. Now BMG (P) 1979 Ace…

5 min.
all back to my place

Alynda Lee Segarra HURRAY FOR THE RIFF RAFF’S CHIEF AGITATOR What music are you currently grooving to? Bedouine is a songwriter I’m very excited about. Her song Solitary Daughter moved me in a way that I haven’t felt in so long. I get lost in the routine of touring and lose the magic of songwriting: she’s helped me find my way back. Also Kendrick Lamar’s Damn. He’s a genius, he will consistently change and evolve. The themes he touches on aren’t simple: DNA has meant a lot to me as I get in touch with my ancestry and the Puerto Rican struggle for liberation. What, if push comes to shove, is your favourite album of all time? Just Like A Woman by Nina Simone. I’ll never get tired of her voice, her wit and her…

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theories, rants, etc.

“PEOPLE TELLING YOU WHAT YOU CAN and can’t say is unacceptable,” says John Lydon talking to MOJO’s Pat Gilbert for this issue’s piece that commemorates the watershed year of 1977. In many respects the battles fought by the Sex Pistols and Virgin Records following the release of Never Mind The Bollocks… bought us the freedoms we enjoy today. The question is: at what cost? Four decades on, we ask those who survived the punk wars to reflect on a 12-month period of anger, turbulence, provocation, persecution, and what Gaye Advert refers to as a revolt against “boringness”. Their remarkable story starts on page 72 and suggests that there is still much to be learnt from what went down. In more ways than one… Rock head It’s been a while since Hendrix graced the…

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back to the old house

“I PLAYED HOW SOON IS NOW? 25 TIMES IN A ROW.” England Is Mine, the new imaginative portrait of Morrissey in the years before The Smiths, has already drawn opprobrium from early intimate James Maker, who has called it “not a biopic, but historical fiction”. Fiction it may be, but Jack Lowden’s portrayal of the film’s subject touches on truths and sentiments that fans will respond to. Just as darkened underpasses, iron bridges and whirling waltzers are among the visual references that director Mark Gill has included in the film’s on-location vistas of ’70s Northern grot, so the predicament of the young Steven, unsurprisingly, plays out like such thwarted, frustrated early Smiths songs as Still Ill and You’vee Got Everything Now. In order to portray him,, Jack Lowden – familiar from the BBC’s…

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re-presser man

“VINYL – I CAN’T FIND ONE LAPTOP THAT COULD SOUND AS GOOD.” Nearly a decade after vinyl suffered a terminal decline in Jamaica, Tuff Gong International has announced the refurbishment of its fabled Kingston pressing plant, heralding a return to vinyl production on an island long obsessed with the 7-inch single. Since the overhaul is being carried out by SunPress, the bespoke vinyl production service that revamped Joe Gibbs’ old Florida pressing plant, reggae lovers can rest assured that the revitalised Tuff Gong press will yield high-quality product better suited to reggae’s bass-heavy spectrum. “Rebuilding the Tuff Gong vinyl pressing plant in Kingston is a dream coming to life,” says Dan Yashiv, the Sun-Press staff member spearheading the project. “We expect to be pressing records on at least four presses in Kingston…

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mojo diary

AUGUST 1 The long-awaited second volume of Johnny Rogan’s Byrds biography is published by Rogan House. Byrds: Requiem For The Timeless: Volume 2: The Lives Of Gene Clark, Michael Clarke, Kevin Kelley, Gram Parsons, Clarence White And Skip Battin covers the solo careers of the deceased members of the monumental American band. Expect Rogan’s customary analytical depth and rigour. AUGUST 17-20 The Green Man festival celebrates its 15th anniversary at its site in the Brecon Beacons. Acts include P.J. Harvey, Future Islands, Ride, Angel Olsen (above), Oh Sees, Shirley Collins, Michael Kiwanuka, Richard Dawson, Michael Chapman, Conor Oberst, Daniel Johnston and British Sea Power. Don’t miss the MOJO Interview live, when Ben Thompson will talk to Sleaford Mods. AUGUST 23 It’s the 23rd anniversary of Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond, in their guise as The…