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More of Our Canada

More of Our Canada

July 2021

More of Our Canada is a companion magazine to Our Canada, the popular reader-written bimonthly published by Reader's Digest. Made available during the six months that Our Canada is not published, MOC is a venue where Canadians gather to share their stories, photos and interests—and pride of family, community and country.

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Bridging Memories In the photo spread “Quiet Reflection” (February-March 2021), I recognized the Blue Water bridges immediately. It’s a great photo, which brought up sweet memories of our wedding day on March 1, 1996. This photo (above) was taken that day—yes, it was a bit chilly—and depicts a scene before the second span was built. I found it amusing that my photo is also in black and white! It’s a very popular site for tourists and locals alike, with a lovely waterfront park. From there, people watch passing ships and watercraft, enjoy “fries under the bridge”—it’s a thing—fish, and take delightful strolls along a pathway by the water’s edge. Many thanks to Darren Metcalfe and Our Canada for the nostalgic trip down memory lane. Cindy and Art Davidson, Ottawa Proud to be Published I…

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contributor spotlight

BRENDA GOODER A lifelong resident of the beautiful Okanagan Valley, Brenda’s love of the outdoors sparked her passion for wildlife and landscape photography. Spending much of her time outside has inspired her to find the beauty in everyday moments at home and in her travels. Through her lens she strives to capture the details and character of her diverse surroundings while inspiring the viewer to appreciate, enjoy and explore nature! Turn to page 8 to enjoy this issue’s stunning photo essay Birding in the Okanagan in which Brenda shows us why her beloved Okanagan Valley is one of the premier birding destinations in all of Canada. JANET M. JEPHCOTT Janet is passionate about wildlife, which was nurtured by her nature-loving parents. Born in Montreal, partly Indigenous (Mi’kmaq/Métis), she was mostly raised in Sarnia,…

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editor’s letter

HAPPY CANADA DAY! I hope Summer 2021 is treating you and yours well so far. Although parades and large gatherings are likely to be few and far between on July 1st, there is indeed a lot for us to be thankful for. For our part, the OC team is most thankful to all of you for your appreciation of what we do and, even more so, for sharing your stories and photos with us and your fellow Canadians so consistently for almost two decades now. From our perspective here on the receiving side of the submission site, it’s wonderful to see so many Canadians supporting and interacting with one another via our pages and digital platforms—especially over the course of the last year and a half. Uplifting to say the least—a…

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veteran profile

Del was born in Guelph, Ont., on July 9, 1924. He joined the RCAF in 1942 and trained as a pilot in Quebec and Ontario. He then mastered reconnaissance and how to fly PV1 Venturas and DC3s in the Maritimes. “I have mostly good memories, some not so good. We lost more planes in the monsoons than we ever did with enemy action.” In 1944, he was sent overseas to Leicester, England, and then on to Basal, India, in 1945, for advanced training in supply dropping and towing gliders. From January to August 1945, he flew 161 operations based in India and Burma supplying the 14th British Army. He always got a great reception, but it was dangerous flying and he was soon no stranger to death. Only 20 years old at…

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birding in the okanagan

The Okanagan Valley is known for its beautiful lakes and diverse, rich landscapes with mountains, forests, rivers, wetlands and semi-arid desert. These landscapes, along with many protected wildlife preserves and four distinct seasons, make the Okanagan an exceptional place for year-round birding. The Okanagan is home to more than 300 bird species, including around 35 that are endangered or threatened. There is quite a dynamic birding community in the Okanagan—from teens to seniors and all ages in between. I have had the privilege of meeting many, some of whom have become good friends. More experienced birders are happy to share their wealth of knowledge with others, including me, who are less experienced and still learning. Photographing birds is a year-round activity, but many birders will tell you spring and summer are the…

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bulletin board

Elizabeth R A sparkling jewel in the Royal Crowna nation’s firm brace of sagacity and mettle,the evocation of continuity in uncertain times,an exemplar of devotion to duty and service. Constrained by tradition and propriety,sure steward of her Constitutional role,the Queen is the inquisitor of giants:her probing mind sifting out the nationalinterest from the blatantly political. She is the matriarch of the Commonwealth,a person of warmth, grace and dignity;her treasured smile like a benedictionthat conveys reassurance and affection. Royal patron to hundreds of charities,granter of Royal Honours at investitures,gracious host to diplomats and world leaders:a reserved little girl that grew into the roleproclaimed by destiny, and became the Queenof hearts the world over. Steve Deegan, Sudbury BOLD BOVINES Catherine Hamilton of Anagance, N.B., writes: “I wanted to take a photo of the beautiful sunset unfolding but these…