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Cars & Motorcycles

MotorTrend October 2019

Motor Trend is the world's automotive authority. Every issue of Motor Trend informs and entertains with features on the testing of both domestic and import cars, car care, motor sports coverage, sneak peeks at future vehicles, and auto-industry news.

United States
TEN: The Enthusiast Network
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12 Issues

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2 min.
motor trend

Editorial Editor-in-Chief Edward Loh @EdLoh Executive Editor Mark Rechtin @markrechtin International Bureau Chief Angus MacKenzie @Angus_Mack Senior Features Editor Jonny Lieberman @MT_Loverman Detroit Editor Alisa Priddle @alisapriddle Features Editors Scott Evans @MT_Evans, Christian Seabaugh @C_Seabaugh Manager, Visual Assets Brian Vance Photography Asset Editor William Walker @MT_dubdub Associate Photo Editor Robin Trajano Associate Photographers Brandon Lim, Jade Nelson Managing Editor Rusty Kurtz Senior Copy Editor Jesse Bishop @thejessebishop Copy Editor Claire Crowley Technical Technical Director Frank Markus @MT_Markus Testing Director Kim Reynolds @MT_Reynolds Road Test Editor Chris Walton Associate Road Test Editor Erick Ayapana @Erkayapana Road Test Analyst Alan Lau Art Creative Director Alan Muir Contributors Correspondents Mike Connor, Randy Pobst Photographers Wesley Allison, Daniel Byrne, Jim Frenak, Evan Klein, Julia LaPalme, James Lipman, Kenny Nakajima, Steven Pham, Jessica Walker, Kevin Wing Artists Paul Laguette MOTORTREND Digital Senior Production Editor Zach Gale @ZachGale News Editor Alex Nishimoto @MT_NishiMotor Associate Online Editors Duncan Brady, Alex Leanse, Kelly Lin, Stefan Ogbac, Erika…

3 min.
tustin, we have liftoff

If MotorTrend.com had headers, they’d be glowing cherry red right now. If it had brakes, they’d be sizzling and billowing smoke. In fact, we should all take a cooldown lap while singing along to Prince’s “Little Red Corvette.” I tap out this monthly screed five days after the long awaited, much anticipated debut of the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette nearly broke our website. But let’s rewind. Back in April, in a PR stunt involving GM president Mary Barra, the New York Stock Exchange, and a heavily camouflaged vehicle of distinctly supercar proportions, Chevrolet finally, formally acknowledged what legions of petrol heads knew to be true from countless spy photos and internet posts: The next-generation Corvette was coming, fast. Prior to its announced 7-18-19 reveal, we racked our brains to extract the meaning in those…

4 min.
lamborghini huracán sterrato

Sterrato. It’s one of those wonderful, not totally translatable Italian words. Similar to countach, a Piedmontese expression that’s a cross between “holy cow” and something a bit more blue. Sterrato, in the broadest sense, means “dirt road.” But a sterrato is more like an unplowed field. It’s untamed, unconquered. Ferruccio Lamborghini made his first fortune building tractors. Most of the roads around Sant’Agata are sterrati. What this has to do with a 630-horsepower Mars attack rover I will leave up to you. If nothing else, it’s a fun word to say. So what is this thing? A Huracán Evo that’s been raised nearly 2 inches and had its track widened by over an inch. The Sterrato’s wheel arches are both wider and 3-D-printed to accommodate the wider balloon tires, 235/45R20 front and…

3 min.
2020 subaru outback

I had no choice. I couldn’t reverse; behind me was a line of Outbacks like mine, ready to proceed. Ahead, the trail vanished over a crest. What lay beyond was unknown, but given the angle of the tree line, steepness was certain. I exhaled, pulled the shifter into drive, and released the brake. The Outback is Subaru’s best-seller, so it had to get this sixth generation right. Complete re-engineering of its steel unibody resulted in a 70 percent increase in overall torsional stiffness. It also enhanced safety with driver-side knee airbags and crumple zones designed around future NHTSA tests. In idyllic Mendocino, California, Highway 1’s sweepers, hairpins, and rolling elevation changes demonstrated the improved rigidity, though the suspension allowed a good amount of roll. That said, it was free of bounce or…

3 min.
2020 ford explorer

Buying a three-row family vehicle doesn’t mean surrendering your enthusiast card at the door. That’s the message Ford is sending with the 2020 Explorer ST, a 400-hp crossover. And if you like your SUVs set to Eco rather than Sport, the sixth-generation Explorer family also expands to include its first hybrid variant. Previously front-drive-based, Explorers now ride on Ford’s new rear-drive architecture with available all-wheel drive. Rear drive makes the Explorer, especially the ST, more exciting. It still feels like a large vehicle, but on the roads outside Portland, Oregon, it showed an agility its predecessor didn’t possess. Off-road, it benefits from short overhangs, as we discovered on a course with an 18-degree grade. Base trims have Ford’s 300-hp, 310-lb-ft 2.3-liter turbo I-4 with a 10-speed auto. The ST and top Platinum…

2 min.
mt confidential

Whispers out of Gaydon suggest the Aston Martin DBX is one of the most challenging projects the automaker has ever undertaken. SUVs are a new world for one of Britain’s most storied sports car makers, and everything from the wheels up has to be designed, engineered, and developed. The DBX will initially be available with a 550-hp version of the Daimler-sourced 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8. A plug-in hybrid version due in 2021 will use Daimler’s new 3.0-liter I-6 and powertrain electronics. The suspension will feature three-chamber height-adjustable air springs and active anti-roll bars. The all-wheel-drive system will include an active center differential and locking rear diff. To get the best dynamic performance (Porsche’s latest Cayenne has been the car’s benchmark), the DBX will also have rear tires that are wider than…