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MotorTrend April 2020

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motor trend

Editorial Editor-in-Chief Mark Rechtin @markrechtin International Bureau Chief Angus MacKenzie @Angus_Mack Senior Features Editor Jonny Lieberman @MT_Loverman Detroit Editor Alisa Priddle @alisapriddle Features Editors Scott Evans @MT_Evans, Christian Seabaugh @C_Seabaugh Editor-at-Large Edward Loh @EdLoh Manager, Visual Assets Brian Vance Photography Asset Editor William Walker @MT_dubdub Associate Photo Editor Robin Trajano Associate Photographers Brandon Lim, Jade Nelson Managing Editor/Advertising Coordinator Rusty Kurtz Senior Copy Editor Jesse Bishop @thejessebishop Copy Editor Claire Crowley Technical Technical Director Frank Markus @MT_Markus Testing Director Kim Reynolds @MT_Reynolds Road Test Editor Chris Walton Associate Road Test Editor Erick Ayapana @Erkayapana Road Test Analyst Alan Lau Art Creative Director Alan J Muir Contributors Correspondents Mike Connor, Randy Pobst, Derek Powell, Andy Pilgrim Photographers Wesley Allison, Daniel Byrne, Jim Frenak, Evan Klein, Julia LaPalme, James Lipman, Kenny Nakajima, Steven Pham, Jessica Walker, Kevin Wing Artists Paul Laguette MOTORTREND Digital Senior Production Editor Zach Gale @ZachGale News Editor Alex Nishimoto @MT_NishiMotor Associate Online Editors Duncan Brady, Alex Leanse,…

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reference mark

There has not been a coup d’état. But if you happen to have noticed a change in the MotorTrend masthead, I am the new editor-in-chief. But I am not new to these pages, having served as executive editor for the past three-plus years and implementing our editorial mission shoulder to shoulder with Ed Loh. So where’s Ed? He’s still very much at the head of the ship, enjoying the executive fridge and the other perks that come with being promoted to head of editorial for the entirety of MotorTrend Group. All 22 titles under our corporate aegis now fall under Ed’s purview—from Automobile to Super Street and Hot Rod to FourWheeler. Rest assured, Ed will still be a presence here. He retains an editor-at-large title, and he will appear from time to…

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trend 4.20 the best cars of ces

With the Detroit auto show bumped to June, CES 2020 might have been the most auto-heavy iteration of the consumer electronics–focused show in its history. We saw not only tons of automotive gadgets, innovations, and technologies—you can check out our coverage of those online—but also actual cars, and perhaps more of them than you might expect. Heavy hitters like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Honda showed off fancy wheels, but the vehicles most grounded in reality came from lesser known names like Fisker, Byton, and Sony (yes, that Sony). For all the details, check out our rundown of the visionary CES cars you need to know about. Byton M-Byte Byton wants you to think of its new M-Byte electric crossover as “the world’s first smart device on wheels.” It’s a corny tagline inspired by…

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future car tech from ces

Once known as the Consumer Electronics Show but now exclusively referred to as CES, the huge annual technology showcase in Las Vegas is increasingly becoming the home of concept cars and automotive tech coming to your future vehicle sooner than you think. The Smart Sun Visor Invented in 1924, the traditional sun visor still blocks more view than it does sun. Bosch’s Virtual Visor reimagines the concept by using an occupant-monitoring camera to locate the eyes and identify shadows on the face. Then artificial intelligence directs segments of an LCD screen to darken, shading only the area around the driver’s eyes and tracking their position as the head or vehicle move relative to the sun. Visibility through the visor is thereby improved by some 90 percent while the rest of the visor…

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2021 genesis gv80

MotorTrend was among a handful of foreign press invited to Seoul for the global debut of the Genesis GV80 midsize SUV, which went on sale immediately after in South Korea. It will arrive in North America in the fall, starting at about $48,000. Power comes from a modified version of the new Smartstream 2.5-liter turbo-four, adapted for the rear-wheel-drive vehicle. There’s also a new 3.5-liter twin-turbo V-6 that appears poised to replace the 3.3-liter turbo V-6 in Genesis’ lineup. In the GV80, they will mate to an eight-speed conventional automatic controlled via a rotary gear selector in the center console. Genesis has no plans to give the GV80 a dual-clutch unit. The new GV80 has an electronically controlled suspension with an integrated road preview function that uses forward-facing cameras and navigation information…

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2021 kia optima/k5

The fifth generation of the Kia Optima is such a big leap forward in looks and tech that the automaker is considering changing the name to K5, used in all markets outside the U.S. The 2021 K5 is an inch wider, 2.0 inches longer, and 0.8 inch lower than its predecessor. This and its 112.2-inch wheelbase allow for ample room in both the front and rear seats. The new platform provides a stiffer body and chassis in a vehicle that has dropped some weight. It also now offers all-wheel drive. On our drive of early-build Korean-market cars, the chassis was extremely forgiving, as evidenced by the car’s ability to handle the country’s myriad speed bumps. The expectation is the suspension will be tightened up for the U.S., though heavy traffic and highway…