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here’s to 2018

Here we are entering into year 17 of the magazine with our highly anticipated calendar combined with your mailed copy of Motorcycle Mojo. With Eastern Canada’s record-breaking rainfall and the high number of out-of-control forest fires in the West, 2017 certainly wasn’t the best year in terms of weather and riding. If you’re like me, you didn’t get as much riding in as you normally would have or wanted to, but on the bright side, 2018 doesn’t have to try too hard to beat this past summer’s dismal riding. I was able to get away with a long-time friend for a last-minute extended week-long ride from my home in Ontario to New Brunswick to attend the Fundy Adventure Rally, with a fantastic ride back via Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula. What an amazing ride…

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yamaha niken

Hands up if you thought the Yamaha Niken Concept had a chance in hell of becoming a production bike. Well, it’s happening for the 2019 model year! Yamaha surprised us all when it showed off the Niken Concept: a properly functioning three-wheeler capable of lying down in corners. Then the manufacturer straight up shocked us by announcing the bike’s going to production for 2019. Most of the Niken is borrowed from the FZ family (now MT after a recent change in nomenclature at Yamaha), including the screaming 847 cc triple we’ve all come to love. The big changes start with a welded tubular-steel frame up front supporting two pairs of inverted forks, each hinged at the top crown, allowing for up to 45 degrees of lean angle. The two 15-inch front…

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honda cb4 interceptor concept

Accompanying the recent unveiling of Honda’s 2018 CB1000R and its little brothers, the CB300R and CB125R [we aren’t sure if Canada will getting the 300 and the 125], was the CB4 Interceptor Concept. Honda claims it’s just a styling exercise (it said the same thing about the CB1000R), but if there’s one Honda we could own, it would be this old-school meets new-school endurance racer – minus the little fan in the front fairing powering the tank-top touch screen via kinetic energy; it is a concept after all.…

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by the numbers

4 The number of MotoGP World Championships that Marc Márquez has won in the last five years. 2018 The model year in which Yamaha has decided to rename its FZ and FJ family tree. Henceforth, the FJ900 will be the Tracer 900, and the FZ-07, FZ-09 and FZ-10 will be the MT-07, MT-09 and MT-10, respectively. 648 The displacement of Royal Enfield’s new engine (we’ve been waiting for a while to say that!). It’s a single overhead cam paralleltwin with four valves, oil cooling and fuel injection delivering 47 hp and 38 ft-lb of torque. Only took a half-century or so. 9 The number of new Harley-Davidson Softail models, as of the arrival of the Sport Glide. It’s being billed as the family’s “quick-change artist,” thanks to a detachable fairing and pannier set.…

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arch motorcycle company

Back in 2007, Hollywood A-lister Keanu Reeves reached out to acclaimed motorcycle designer and builder Gard Hollinger and asked him to customize a Harley. Four and a half years of development later, the Arch KRGT-1 prototype was born. Since 2015, Arch has been hand-building their production custom cruiser for discerning customers around the world. Not content, however, with being one-hit wonders, Reeves and Hollinger had a couple of surprises in store for EICMA 2017: the updatedfor- 2018 KRGT-1 and its new stablemate, the Arch 1S, will both be Euro 4 emissions compliant – no small feat for bikes powered by an air-cooled 2,032 cc (124 cu. in.) S&S V-twin putting down about 100 hp and 115 ft-lb of torque. This swan dive into the European market could be the big splash Arch…

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eicma 2017

There’s no gathering on the motorcycle industry calendar more significant or glamorous than the one held under the bright lights of Milan, Italy, each November; the EICMA (Esposizione internazionale del ciclo, motociclo, accessori S.p.A.) is the grand stage of motorcycling, on which every manufacturer vies for the spotlight – and your attention. Here then are just a few of the finer performances for 2018 that we will see on this side of the pond. BMW F750GS and F850GS Thoroughly revised variants of BMW’s popular parallel-twin adventure bikes boast more power and convenience. Both bikes now displace 853 cc, with the F750GS gaining only 2 hp, for a total of 77 hp, while the F850GS gets an extra 10 ponies, bringing the peak output to 95 hp. Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX and SE Sport-touring just…