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Cars & Motorcycles
Motorcycle Mojo Magazine

Motorcycle Mojo Magazine June 2019

Motorcycle Mojo Magazine has a primary focus on bringing our readership compelling and informative, family oriented articles on interesting people, great places to travel, history and new products on the market. Our trusted and respected product reviews quickly made Motorcycle Mojo a favourite resource for all motorcycle enthusiasts

Riptide Resources Inc o/a Motorcycle Mojo Magazine
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motorcycle mojo magazine

Publisher Riptide Resources Inc. Editor Glenn Roberts Art Director Amy Olimer Illustrator Dean Foster Associate Editor Costa Mouzouris Copy Editor Deanna Dority Business Manager Gwen Roberts Contributing Writers Jeff Davison, Shaun Hellmich, Misti Hurst, John Lewis, Jenn Martin, Costa Mouzouris, Bill Petro, Glenn Roberts, Clinton Smout Contributing Photographers Jeff Davison, Harley-Davidson, Shaun Hellmich, John Lewis, Costa Mouzouris, Bill Petro, Kevin Wing Online & Technical Gooder Marketing Social Media Emily Roberts @ems.riding.life, Costa Mouzouris Printing Transcontinental LGM – Coronet Circulation and Fulfillment KCK Global Limited Distribution Disticor…

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from high tech to the backcountry

I hope you’ll find this issue very diverse. First off, we bring you the new BMW R1250GS and R1250RT – a couple of the finest bikes on the North American motorcycle market. While the article mentions the changes to the bikes for 2019, the real news is in the updated engine. BMW has developed something it calls ShiftCam technology, which can shift the intake camshaft sideways to provide alternative lobes to open and close the valves depending on engine rpm and engine load. It’s quite amazing and works flawlessly. This update not only allows the opposed-twin to pass the stringent upcoming Euro 5 emission standards, but also significantly increases horsepower and torque for the famous boxer engine. Also in this issue, we take a ride on the 2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR 114.…

2 min.
electrification is inevitable

With the growing emphasis on the health hazards and environmental impact associated with the increasing emissions of carbon dioxide, fossil fuels are becoming the modern-day tobacco. Manufacturers of all types of vehicles are therefore exploring alternative fuels. This includes motorcycle makers. The most prominent energy source to emerge thus far is battery electric power. There is a problem with battery electric power, however, and that is energy density. Currently, no other fuel source, at least not a practical, affordable one, contains the energy density of gasoline. That means that no other fuel source contains the energy potential for a given volume of gasoline. We can easily see this in electric cars, which are mostly composed of batteries, yet offer only a fraction of the range of their internal-combustion counterparts. Compounding that issue…

3 min.
canadians on podium at ktm ultimate race

The KTM Ultimate Race 2019 put 12 riders from around the world through six days and over 1,000 km of harsh riding on equally prepared KTM 790 Adventure R motorcycles. Canadian riders did us proud – Radek Burkat finished in second place, while Vasile Scurtu placed eighth in the tough competition. Scott Myers from the U.S.A. took the desert by storm and, in so doing, also took first place, becoming the winner of the first-ever KTM Ultimate Race. The Ultimate Race is a special class at the Merzouga Rally held in Morocco, very similar to the main event, riding most of the same route; however, instead of being on 450 dirt bikes, the 12 riders raced on the 790 Adventure Rs. The rally consists of five stages throughout six days, with…

1 min.
hope for ontario’s hov lanes

Ontario seems to be a little backwards when it comes to alleviating congestion on its highways. In the truest sense of the words “High Occupancy Vehicle,” a single person on a motorcycle isn’t allowed on the province’s HOV lanes. According to the law, a vehicle must have at least two people to qualify to be in the HOV lane – this includes motorcycles. It’s okay, however, for a bus to use the HOV lanes with only the driver on board. The simple fact that a motorcycle takes up so much less room on a roadway compared to a car seems to have no merit, and therefore does nothing to help the outrageous congestion that Canada’s largest city suffers from. There were also restrictions involving electric motorcycles not being allowed on some…

1 min.
by the numbers

78 The number of years that Daytona Bike Week has been running. Bike Week started January 1937 as the Daytona 200, when racing took place on a 5.1 km beach and pavement course. Ed Kretz won the inaugural Daytona 200 on an Indian Sport Scout with an average speed of 73.34 mph. 34 The size in inches of MSI’s newest wheel blank. Described as the biggest wheel blank ever, this monster tips the scale at a whopping 95.2 kg (210 lb.). Try putting that in your CNC machine. So much for reducing unsprung weight. 51 The number of years of motorcycle sidecar racing the Sidecar Racers Association is celebrating. It’s truly amazing to watch these men and women in head-to-head competition on old-school vintage, and high-tech modern bikes. Watch or participate! Go to sidecarracers.com to…