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Motorcycle Mojo Magazine July 2019

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why change a good thing?

Based solely on the Yamaha Niken GT’s front-end design, I don’t think there’s any question that it is the most controversial motorcycle release of the year. Because the Niken is different, there was a lot of talk about the bike at this past winter’s motorcycle shows and I chatted with many riders about what its pro and cons might be. Some were worried about the extra weight up front from all the complicated linkages; some were concerned about all of the extra moving parts and the associated maintenance costs; while others just asked, “Why.” Why would a company spend all of the required R&D time and money on redesigning something when there was nothing wrong with the original style of front end? There have been a lot of different motorcycle suspension and…

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extraordinary stash found near los angeles

You may be a bit more familiar with the name Liquid Asset Partners (LAP) after we reported the firm’s acquisition of bankrupt Erik Buell Racing (EBR) and subsequent plans to release a limited series of EBR bikes assembled from the former motorcycle maker’s remaining inventory of parts. LAP isn’t a motorcycle company, but it is experienced in liquidating motorcycle dealerships and distributors, having entered in the field in 1974. The company since has branched out to sell off surplus inventory of other stores and companies. Among the individual stores with inventory currently being liquidated you’ll find names such as Walmart, the Comic Book Store, Ace Hardware and the Building Supply Store, among others. Getting back to motorcycles, LAP’s latest acquisition is a collection of rare and desirable motorcycles and parts that belonged…

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bmw takes flight – sort of

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this plane as someone’s backyard project, but the UL-39 Albi is a bona fide aircraft that utilizes a motorcycle engine. A BMW S1000RR engine powers this two-seater, which was manufactured by Zall Jihlavan Airplanes in the Czech Republic. Jihlavan manufactures small, single- and two-seater airplanes, most of which are powered by Rotax aircraft engines that range in power from 50 hp to 115 hp. The S1000RR engine being used on this aircraft is rated at 190 hp, making the UL-39 the most powerful plane in the company’s portfolio. The rear-mounted engine drives an enclosed ducted fan rather than a propeller. The plane has a carbon-composite fuselage and a claimed dry weight of 322 kg. Despite this light weight, the aircraft has retractable landing gear. Jihlavan claims a…

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trail riders beware of dangerous traps

In early May, the Prince Edward County division of the Ontario Provincial Police issued a warning to local trail riders after an ATV rider was knocked off his machine while riding on trails in South Marysburgh Township. He had struck a fishing line strung tightly across a trail. The fishing line apparently was meant to maim, as it was a Spiderwire unbreakable, high-strength braided line. The rider was lucky because the line hit him in the chest and did not injure him. However, police discovered five other such traps in the surrounding area–and some of those wires were strung at what would be neck height while riding. Although this occurrence is highly unusual, this is not the first time such traps have been set across trails in Canada. There have been a…

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by the numbers

1916 The year that Yamaha patented the earliest version of its current tuning fork logo. The tuning fork was significant to Yamaha, as it was the tool company founder Torakusu Yamaha used to tune an organ he built in 1887. Yamaha specialized solely in musical instruments until 1955, when Yamaha Motor Company Ltd. was established and the company began building motorcycles. 67 That’s the percentage by which wearing a helmet can reduce the likelihood of brain injury in a crash, according to the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, versus not wearing a helmet. The likelihood of death is reduced by 37 per cent when wearing a helmet. 48 The number of years that the full-face helmet has been around. Bell invented the full-face helmet in 1971, when the American helmet maker…

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say what?

editor@motorcyclemojo.com THANKS TO MOMS Great pics of [Emily Roberts] growing up with a two-wheeler, and congratulations to her for having a supportive mom to guide her through her formative years (Cheers to you, Mom–May 2019). The story prompted memories of my learning years. When I was 17, my mom, like many others, told my brother and I that if we brought home one of those two-wheel death machines, we would have to find someplace else to live! My younger brother ignored the warning and bought a bike, which he stored in our uncle’s garage just down the street. He managed to keep it a secret for two years before he was found out. His best laugh was pulling up alongside our mother at a stoplight without being recognized because his dark visor shielded his…