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Motorcycle Mojo Magazine May 2020

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clear your mind go for a ride

As all hell breaks loose with the Covid-19 pandemic, maybe the safest place to be is on your motorcycle. May is, after all, Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and who doesn’t want to be safe and leave the panicked shoppers behind. Motorcycling has its risks – we all know that – but in this day and age, getting out for a ride is better than cowering in a corner. Think about it. It’s easy to keep a minimum of two metres away from everybody, and do you really think the virus is going catch you when you’re zipping along at 80 km/h? You’ll need to stop for fuel and food, but luckily self-serve gas stations and drive-thrus contribute to self-isolation. All kidding aside, we are living in unprecedented times that require us to…

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super sonic road race school

Toni Sharpless is a Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Famer. She began riding when she was six years old, and took part in her first motorcycle race four years later – on ice. Sharpless then tried flat track, and in her 20s began a career as a road racer. Her career on pavement included racing in the Canadian National Road Race Championships, competing in the Daytona 200, and, eventually, in world endurance racing, which took her to Suzuka, the Bol d’Or and Le Mans. A culmination of road-racing experience and, later, experience garnered from years of enduro competition led Sharpless to want to share her skill with young riders. This summer, Sharpless will be starting up the Super Sonic Road Race School as well as a mini superbike race series. The school will…

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motovan version 2.0

If you operate a motorcycle or a powersports retail business, you will recognize the name Motovan. Motovan Corp. is a Canadian distributor of aftermarket parts and accessories, with its head office located in Boucherville, Que. Carlo Paladino, who came to Canada from Italy in 1961, founded the company just over 40 years ago. The company expanded over the years, subsequently opening warehouses in Edmonton, Alberta and London, Ont. The most recent expansion, in 2015, included branching out south of the border by acquiring Motorcycle and Tires Distributing in Corona, Calif. This acquisition did not prove as fruitful as anticipated, and the parent company accumulated insurmountable debt, forcing Motovan to file for bankruptcy protection on Dec. 2, 2019, under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) and will be monitored by KPMG, an…

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motorcyclist’s guide to social distancing

• Avoid crowded spaces – Ride motorcycles • Do not use public transportation – Ride motorcycles • Well-ventilated spaces are virus-free – Ride motorcycles • Protect your nose and mouth – Ride motorcycles • Recommended use of gloves – Ride motorcycles • Try not to touch contaminated surfaces – Don’t let anyone touch your motorcycle • Avoid shaking hands – Keep your gloves on after getting off your motorcycle • Keep a safe distance from people who sneeze or cough – Ride motorcycles • Maintain a positive attitude – Ride motorcycles (as found on the internet. Clever author unknown)…

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by the numbers

173 The speed in mph (278.4 km/h) at which Norton CEO Stuart Garner set a world speed record for a rotary-powered motorcycle in 2009. 1936 The first year for the Triumph Tiger, the world’s longest-lived adventure motorcycle name. The Tiger has been used as an everyday bike and an enduro bike since its inception. 4 The number of MotoGP races that have been postponed as of Mojo’s press date due the coronavirus. Expect more cancellations or postponements in your favourite sport. 11 The number of rounds on Flat Track Canada’s National Championship Schedule. Go to flattrackcanada.com for details and provincial schedules. 1894 The year that Germany-based manufacturer Hildebrand & Wolfmüller coined the term “motorcycle.” The company was the first to enter series production of a powered two-wheeler.…

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say what?

AVON TRAILRIDERS Thanks to David Booth for his review on the Avon Trailrider tires. I used Avon Distanzias for about a dozen years before they were discontinued. And, yes, they were everything David wrote. I wasn’t sure if the replacement Trailriders would be the same, but I had to give them a try. In 2016, I put a set [of Trailriders] on my ’76 BMW and rode the James Bay Road, Route-du-Nord and then my second loop of the Trans-Labrador Highway to Newfoundland and back to Niagara, Ont. – 22,000 km on that set of tires that season. Another set of Trailriders will be used up this year. Andy Clark via email CANADIAN MOTORCYCLE SHOWS Every time I go to a motorcycle show in Toronto, they appear to be well attended, but I hear the…