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plan now for next season

Welcome to our ninth annual world travel issue. This is an issue that — judging by previous newsstand sales and what we’ve heard in person at Canada’s motorcycle shows (remember those?) — our readers really look forward to all year. We don’t for a second mean to imply you give up on riding in Canada as our retailer, restaurant and accommodation industries need us to travel here, as well. If there is one thing so many riders have discovered this past riding season is that we have an abundance of excellent riding and some pretty amazing scenery right here in the Great White North. This issue is just to help you keep in mind that there is a great big world out there to be discovered. It appears that the world…

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grand theft moto

Last October 17th, thieves broke into a warehouse and left with 57 new, unregistered KTM, Husqvarna and Gas Gas motorcycles. The bikes, which were being stored at the warehouse prior to being distributed to dealers across the country, belonged to KTM Canada, the Canadian distributor of the three European brands. KTM Canada headquarters is located in Chambly, Quebec; however, the thieves targeted a warehouse just north of Montreal, in Laval, where the bikes were located, still in their shipping crates. The stolen motorcycles included 2021 and 2022 KTM models, and 2022 Husqvarna and Gas Gas models. Some of the bikes were special-edition models, like the 350 XC-F Factory Edition, and the Husqvarna TE300i Rockstar Edition. The warehouse also stored other items from other companies, but the thieves targeted only the motorcycles. Thieves might…

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2022 honda nt1100

Honda is further exploiting the potential of the parallel twin it introduced in the Africa Twin. After the 998-cc twin first powered the popular adventure bike in 2016, Honda bumped its displacement to 1,084 cc in 2020, and then in 2021 put it in the Rebel 1100 cruiser. For 2022, at least in Europe, Honda has slipped the engine into a new bike: The NT1100 sport-tourer. The engine boasts the same power numbers as the Africa Twin, at 100 horsepower and 76.7 ft-lb. of torque. Like the other bikes with which it shares its engine, the NT1100 is available with either a six-speed manual or a dualclutch gearbox. The NT1100 borrows its frame from the Africa Twin, but its steering geometry is altered for a more sporting street ride, and its wheels…

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2022 suzuki gsx-s1000gt & gta

Having been originally introduced in 2015, the Suzuki GSX-S1000 platform is seven years old, but it’s far from being outdated. It has been repurposed in Suzuki’s all-new GSX-S1000GT sport-tourer. This new Suzuki is better equipped to cover long distances than the GSX-S1000F it replaces, which was last available in 2020. The most noticeable change is the aggressively styled, angular fairing, on the front of which are twin LED headlights (all other lighting is LED, as well). The bike’s pointed silhouette is a bold new style for Suzuki. The aluminum twin-spar frame is the same as on the former GSX-S1000F, but the rear subframe is a new, beefier trellis-type steel item that is designed to carry a heavier load, and it incorporates mounts for hard saddlebags. The new tailpiece is also larger, allowing…

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by the numbers

64,285,009 km This the distance of all the roads combined around the world, according to the Transportation and the Belt and Road Initiative book published in 2018. This includes 411,853 km of expressways and 63,873,156 km of regular roads (paved and not paved). So many roads, so little time! 45,000,000 The approximate number of motorbikes in Vietnam, with 86 per cent of households owning at least one, making it the most popular means of transportation in the country. 24.51 km The length of the Lærdal Tunnel in Norway, making it the longest road tunnel in the world. The tunnel allows vehicles to drive through and connects Oslo and Bergen without a ferry ride. 195 The number of countries in the world according to the United Nations. Although not all of these countries are completely open for travel,…

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odd laws

Different countries have taken different stances on motorcycling. Here’s a few laws from around the world we found quite interesting for motorcyclists. • In France, riders and drivers must carry a breathalyzer test with them at all times. This law came into effect in 2010, although it was never taken too seriously and by 2013, the government postponed fines for this law indefinitely. • In China, it’s actually illegal to stop for pedestrians, and you can be fined for disrupting the flow of traffic if you do. It’s best to just keep going and hope the person jumps out of the way before you hit them. • In Indonesia, it is against the law to hold onto a male rider for support while on a bike. Couples are also not allowed to ride together…