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beyond the horizon

At about the same time as you’re reading this, there will be plenty of riders planning a trip that was virtually impossible to do – until now. When the news was announced that the highway to Tuktoyaktuk on the shores of the Arctic Ocean in the Northwest Territories would open sometime in the fall of 2017, many adventure riders began researching and planning to be the first rider to reach the remote community. But as of this writing, the announcement of a mid-November opening might have more than a few waiting for warmer weather before making the 137 km trek from Inuvik to Tuk. Historically, the average high temperature for that time of year is a balmy -14.7 C, with a low of -29 C. Even at those bone-chilling temperatures,…

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honda’s all-new gold wing

The Honda Gold Wing gets its first major redesign in 16 years. New bodywork sports a narrower fairing (with electrically adjustable windscreen) that reduces aerodynamic drag by almost 12 per cent. A new chassis utilizes a double-wishbone front suspension system, and suspension is adjusted electrically. The engine gets a smaller bore and longer stroke, and features Unicam heads, and a single ride-bywire throttle body. It will be available with a six-speed manual (starting at $26,999) or a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (starting at $31,999). Electronics include four ride modes, hill assist, selectable torque control, cruise, and a new infotainment system with Apple CarPlay, among many other new features. Costa Mouzouris was at the North American press launch of the new Wing when this information was released the evening before going to press.…

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road-race covergirl

The title “professional motorcycle racer” sounds like a fairly glamorous job description: travelling to exotic locals, competing aboard top-spec machinery and dicing with some of the best in the world is certainly the ultimate dream for many. For American road racer Shelina Moreda, achieving that dream has presented some unique challenges – and opportunities along the way. As one of only a few female riders who regularly competes at a national level against the men, Moreda has become a fan favourite, and has repeatedly proven her abilities as a pro both on and off the track. Her popularity, great work ethic and impressive resumé have not gone unnoticed, and, after a recent surprise announcement, the whole world will soon be taking notice of this lively lady: Moreda is the newest CoverGirl. The…

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by the numbers

8 That’s how many glasses of water it’s been said we should drink a day. A better way to think of it is, take your weight in pounds and divide it by two, which gives you the number of ounces of water you should drink every day. If you’re on the bike for long periods, chances are it’s going to be more than that. 100,000 The estimated attendance at the October 2017 Friday the 13th event in Port Dover, Ont. When the event takes place during summer months, this little town of around 6,000 citizens can host more than 200,000 people. 100,000,000 The total cumulative worldwide units produced of the Honda Super Cub since its inception in 1958. 25 The number of years Ducati will have been producing the Monster by 2018. For its 25th anniversary, the…

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Sena Teams Up with NUVIZ Smart Helmet manufacturer NUVIZ has teamed up with moto-tech specialists Sena to collaborate on a new product that will be available for early 2018. Sena was the first to offer motorcyclists an integrated camera and communication system, and also offers its own line of basic Smart Helmets with integrated Bluetooth and noise cancelling. It would seem reasonable to assume that this partnership will combine tech from both sides, resulting in a functional and widely available Smart Helmet. Fingers crossed! Cummins Aquires Brammo Cummins Electric? Electric motorcycle manufacturer Brammo, or at least what remained after Polaris purchased the company’s motorcycle business back in 2015, has been acquired by Cummins. The primary assets include Brammo’s electric powertrain and battery technology, as well as the Empulse RR race bike. Cummins wishes to…

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it’s that time again

Each year, as we begin to compile and edit the special stories that go into our December World Travel issue, the yearning for adventure wells up, and we begin daydreaming about journeys had and those yet to come. We’ve found the best way to get over the urge and regain some focus on the real world – if you really must – is a good old-fashioned binge. What you need to get back on track is a few well-documented travel stories, preferably in video format to make the act of binging that much more gluttonous. Here are a few lesser-known adventure documentaries that check the boxes for us and may just help you out after reading through this issue. Omidvar Brothers – 1954 Iranian natives Issa and Abdullah Omidvar were young men with…