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take the reins

Most fitness enthusiasts look forward to showcasing their physiques throughout the summer months. Some may view this display as an act of vanity. I don’t. Instead, I view it as a proud exhibit of the hard work and dedication it took to achieve those fitness goals. Regardless of your goal, a well-thought-out plan is a must to arrive at your destination. And this issue is packed with tips and workout plans that will challenge you both mentally and physically en route to building your ultimate summer body. (Check out page 18 for a handful of great routines from top actors, athletes, and IFBB Professional League athletes.) Of course, the most important aspect of seeing your plan through is eliminating excuses. If you need motivation, look to two-time Arnold Classic Figure champ Candice…

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changing my mind

Instagram: @zraz Based on Ben Pakulski’s accomplishments as a pro bodybuilder—he earned a spot on the O stage in 2012 and took second at the Arnold Classic in 2013 before retiring in 2016, to name a couple—you might think our discussion during a taping of M&F Reps centered on Pakulski’s training methods or contest prep. Or, based on his looks—the 5'10" Canadian has a barrel chest, Mr. Clean hairstyle, and mountain man beard—you might think we talked whittling canoes or skinning martens. Well, to your—and maybe even my—surprise, those topics will have to wait for another time. Turns out, the 38-year-old married father of three was more interested in talking about things like reducing toxic burden (the amount of toxins you consume), the importance of food choice and sources, gut health, and…

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4 reasons to be in vegas this september!

If you’re a loyal reader of Muscle & Fitness, chances are pretty good that you’ve considered making the trip to Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend. It’s an event that’s often described as the Super Bowl of the fitness industry, and it would take every page in this magazine to list the reasons people journey to Las Vegas each September for this one-of-akind fitness and muscle-building showcase. Since I have only one page, I’ve narrowed it down to four reasons why you should head on over to mrolympia.com before it’s too late to secure your tickets for an experience that might change you forever. 1 EXPANDED ATTRACTIONS: We know that Olympia Weekend is the gathering place for the world’s most jaw-dropping physiques, but the scope of the event is always…

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your ultimate beach body awaits

IF YOU’RE STILL ROCKING A BIT OF a spare tire, then looking like the guy at left, IFBB Professional League men’s physique competitor Chase Savoie, is a bit out of reach by the end of summer. On the flip side, if you kept to your fitness routine over the winter and spring and can actually see the makings of a six-pack, then you’re pretty close to shredded. Either way, we have good news: These pages hold the key to sculpting an ideal beach body—whether you’re weeks or months away from it. We’ve culled workouts from shredded actors, physique competitors, and world-class athletes and paired them with lifestyle and diet tips from industry experts to maximize your efforts in and out of the gym. RYAN TERRY 2018 MEN’S PHYSIQUE OLYMPIA THIRD-PLACE FINISHER CHASE SAVOIE TWO-TIME…

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diet guide

CALCULATE ENERGY BURN Figure out how many calories you need to consume to maintain your current weight, aka your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), by taking your current weight and multiplying by 16. Add 300 to 500 calories above that to gain more weight, but knock it down by around the same amount if you’re looking to shed some fat. Then download an app like MyFitnessPal or Lose It to keep track of your total intake. EAT WHOLE FOODS “It’s a lifestyle approach to food that helps to eliminate added sugars, sodium, and fat,” says Jim White, R.D., spokesman for the Academy of Nutrition. Include food from all food groups, with extra attention to vegetables, and nix anything that is in a box or has more than four or five ingredients in…

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lifestyle guide

SLEEP MORE To recover properly, you need to get seven to nine hours of quality sleep per night (even on the weekends!). Establishing a routine can help. “Wake up right away—no more snooze button—and get into bright sunlight. Avoid caffeine after noon and turn off the television or computers at least 30 minutes before bed,” says Wayne Scott Andersen, M.D., co-founder of Take Shape for Life. KEEP A FOOD LOG “Research shows this can have a huge impact on weight loss,” explains clinical psychologist Elizabeth Lombardo, Ph.D. But if you relapse, use it to your advantage. “Determine the factors that went into the setback. Perhaps you binged on fast food because you had not planned your meals, so, if that’s the case, be better prepared.” DRINK MORE WATER Ensure that you remain hydrated,…