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rewrite yourself

You’ve heard time and again, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But why settle for status quo? There’s always room for improvement, and that goes for seemingly perfect specimens like past Mr. Olympias. That’s why we’ve taken some tried-and-true workouts—from Larry Scott’s arm routine to Jay Cutler’s shoulder regimen—and gave them a more modern twist (“Rewriting History: Part 1,” page 98). You’ll notice some major gains from minor tweaks. And because Muscle & Fitness arms you with all the tools you need to be your best self, you’ll also find in this issue everything from joint-friendly lifting hacks (page 78) and egg-centric muscle-building meals (page 86) to a get-ripped-anywhere plan (page 112) to help you torch fat and bust your gut in just three weeks. Need some fit-spiration? Look…

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continuing education

Admittedly, Don Saladino and I don’t often have celebrity guests on the Muscle & Fitness podcast, M&F Reps. But the knowledge our guest doctors, educators, entrepreneurs, and renowned coaches have to share has helped educate me and allowed me to reevaluate my approach to health, wellness, and fitness. I hope, if you’ve watched on YouTube or listened on iTunes or Spotify, you’ve gotten something out of it, too. Here are some highlights: Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, a nutrition specialist, picked apart a lazy study that linked protein intake to cancer. We dove into the best meats and protein sources for athletes, which led to us talking about why, as a vegetarian, I can’t take her advice and remove emotion from eating (something I rarely bring up). Dr. Jeff Spencer, a former Olympian and…

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olympia weekend reveals widespread muscle craze!

There was a time when the bodybuilding community craved acceptance from the outside world. Other sports pretended not to pay attention to the seriously muscled crowd, while celebrities and marketing execs steered clear of any potential association. But how times have changed! As I walked the aisles at our Olympia Fitness & Performance Expo, I couldn’t help but notice the diverse cross-section of pro athletes and Hollywood’s finest fully entrenched in the Olympia experience. I saw CrossFitters and Spartan Racers. I spotted WWE wrestlers and NFL stars. And I watched closely as innovative companies connected with fit-minded customers of all shapes and sizes. And it doesn’t stop there. I am always pleased when I see the biggest stars in the world with fitness-focused projects on their to-do lists. Dwayne Johnson and his producing partner,…

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lighting it up

THE ROAD TO THE TOP OF WWE wasn’t an overnight trip for Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins, who have become two of sports entertainment’s most popular attractions. And perhaps this shared affinity for grinding it out in the ring explains why Lynch and Rollins (real names Rebecca Quinn and Colby Lopez) gravitated toward each other outside of the ring as well. Last May, when their relationship was revealed to the public, the WWE Universe swooned at the news. It just seemed to make sense: The crimson-haired Lynch is the first woman to hold the Raw Women’s Championship and SmackDown Women’s Championship simultaneously. And “Beast Slayer” Rollins is the WWE Universal Champion and the winner of the 2019 Royal Rumble. Both are beloved by the WWE Universe, which regularly sends the two…

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seth and fran, a match made in hell

When Seth Rollins tried CrossFit for the first time, there was no looking back. One of his favorite CrossFit WODs is called Fran, a mild-mannered name for a brutal little workout. “It’s a couplet of barbell thrusters and pullups,” Rollins says. “A thruster is a full front squat into an overhead press.” The prescribed sequence is three rounds of 21, 15, and 9 reps. Men are supposed to use a 95-pound barbell for the thruster; women should use 65 pounds. And you’re supposed to do it as fast as inhumanly possible. Give Fran a try and see how close you come to Rollins’ time (three minutes and 20 seconds, which is considered elite). And, yes, it will hurt so good. WORKOUT OF THE DAY FRAN FOR TIME DIRECTIONS: Complete each move one after another, resting…

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