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olympia at its finest

Brandon Curry walked away with the Sandow (congrats, Mr. O!), but arguably the biggest winners of Olympia Weekend were the fans. Staged in September in Las Vegas, Olympia Weekend was a rousing success—as evidenced by the record attendance at the Expo and the breakthrough winners across almost all divisions. I had tasked first-year chief Olympia officer Dan Solomon with elevating Olympia’s overall production value, and Dan, along with producer Tamer El-Guindy and director Martin Carrillo, truly delivered an event befitting of the world’s best. (See all the O results and recaps on page 146.) Also in this issue, tributes to M&F’s “founding father,” Joe Weider, and former Mr. O Franco Columbu, who tragically passed away in August; and writer-director Kevin Smith pays homage to this month’s cover icon, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Chairman, President &…

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no need for a plan b

Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie-Mensah, aka WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston, is the first African-born WWE champion in the company’s history. Kingston, now 38, was born in Ghana and moved to the U.S. in the early 1990s. He graduated from Boston College with a degree in communications and planned to pursue a career in marketing before deciding to enter the field of sports entertainment. The WWE champ began in-ring training in 2005 before making his WWE debut in 2008 as Kofi Kingston, the happy-go-lucky Jamaican with a terrific smile and a cringey accent. The gimmick would eventually fade, but Kingston was left searching for a way to escape midcard purgatory. It would take him 11 years to solidify himself as a top-tier talent and reign as WWE champion. During my interview with Kingston (watch it on…

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built to a t

IT’S BEEN 35 YEARS SINCE Arnold Schwarzenegger first appeared onscreen, glutes and all, as the Terminator—a futuristic killing machine sent back to the past for a seek-and-destroy mission. And though the T-800 in Terminator: Dark Fate (in theaters Nov. 1) may be a whole lot gruffer and grayer, Arnold’s blockbuster build from the original and its sequel, T2: Judgment Day, still stands out. The Terminator embodies aesthetics and strength but also brute force, speed, and athleticism. Of course, to shape-shift into a physique fresh out of Skynet, you’ll need to follow a more modern approach. Arnold’s routine—an example of which is outlined on page 20—was an old-school bodybuilding-style program. While this type of training will pack muscle on your frame, you’ll end up only looking like the Terminator—and why do that…

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building the terminator

UPPER HEAVY DIRECTIONS: Perform all exercises as straight sets, completing one move and then moving on. Rest 60 seconds between all exercises. Find your 8-rep max during Week 1. Then in the following weeks, work up to a top set of 5 to 8 reps. Once you can complete your heaviest set for 8, add weight the next week (your 8RM). After your strength set, you will follow with a back-off set consisting of an AMRAP with 80% of your top set. Can swap with lat pulldown. LOWER HEAVY Find your 8-rep max during Week 1. Then in the following weeks, work up to a top set of 5 to 8 reps. Once you can complete your heaviest set for 8, add weight the next week (your 8RM). After your strength set, you will follow…

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arnold’s oldschool routine

CHEST & BACK DIRECTIONS: Perform the moves marked with the same number as a superset, doing move A and then move B before resting for a minute. SHOULDERS LEGS…

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ode to terminator

MY FIRST VIEWING OF Terminator was on a VHS. My mom wouldn’t let me see it in theaters because it looked too scary. My friends all saw it, talked about it, and said, “Oh, my God, you have to see it, man! It’s Arnold!” When I finally did, it was everything they promised it would be. The opening sequence of Arnold popping here through time naked is very striking. The Terminator beats up and kills poor Bill Paxton. He rips his eye out in a bathroom at some point in the movie. All of this burns itself in the imagination of a young teenager. It is our ’80s sci-fi classic. Stands shoulder to shoulder with Alien and Predator. It introduced Arnold as a massive movie star. As much as we loved Terminator, T2…