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model citizen

A decade ago, Muscle & Fitness launched its first-ever Male Model Search. Hundreds of men graced the Olympia Expo stage, vying for a lucrative photo shoot in the magazine and a chance to appear on a future cover. The physique that emerged victorious that night belonged to a then-unknown aspiring fitness model from Boise, ID, named Steve Cook. Cook went on to land endorsement deals, travel the world, and become one of the most popular fitness influencers on social media, with millions of followers. Cook now boasts an even more impressive physique than he did when he graced our cover seven years ago. This spring you’ll be able to catch him as the newest trainer on USA Network’s The Biggest Loser (page 20). Cook credits M&F for changing his life—now let him,…

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just stay the course

To date, celebrity trainer/coach Don Saladino and I have banked more than 60 episodes of our weekly podcast, M&F Reps. So far, I’d give our efforts a solid B. (Had our early shows been even remotely tolerable, I may have bumped it to a B+.) It took equal parts brainstorming and bickering—both off mic and on—for us to figure out a formula that works for us. And as we build a loyal listenership, we remain confident in our premise: Invite guests and experts to dissect misconceptions that confuse or mislead people who strive to achieve their health or fitness goals. We gave ourselves one simple rule: Always be honest with the audience. This has allowed many of our guests to be honest as well. From doctors and WWE stars to pro sports…

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2020 to begin a new era for olympia expo

For 55 years, Olympia Weekend has been a signature event on the fitness industry’s calendar. Spearheaded by attendance and sponsorship increases at the 2019 event, plans are already under way for 2020, and we’ve begun laying the groundwork for a series of upgrades, including a new look and strategy for our popular convention center trade show. The Olympia Fitness & Performance Expo, a gathering of fitness-focused brands and enthusiasts, is making a significant investment as we transition to a more diverse fitness-and entertainment-themed experience. In 2019, we focused on growth in several key areas, including audience development, upgrades to our arena staging, more celebrity participation, and the expansion of our global licensing program. As we begin preparations for next year, our trade show experience is a top priority. We’ve listened closely to…

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the biggest winner

STEVE COOK IS TERRIBLE AT KEEPING SECRETS. He shares just about every aspect of his life with his 2.5 million Instagram followers. His boulder-shoulder workouts. Challenges and Q&As with his girlfriend, fellow fitfluencer Morgan Rose Moroney. What he eats in a day. His globe-trotting adventures. His adorable French bulldog, Hobbes (who himself boasts 38K IG followers). Which is why Cook was so relieved when, last September, he was finally able to reveal his biggest secret—that he was the new trainer of USA Network’s The Biggest Loser reboot. “I felt really weird not sharing things [for weeks],” he told his 1.26 million YouTube subscribers. “I had to be in total silence.” The popular reality competition series—which awarded $250K to the contestant who lost the highest percentage of weight—ran for 17 seasons on…

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cook it with steve

COOK’S PLAN ROUND 1 DIRECTIONS: Complete all moves as a circuit, performing each move for a minute with no rest in between moves. At the end, rest 2 minutes and complete 2 more rounds. COOK’S PLAN ROUND 2 DIRECTIONS: Complete all reps for each move as quickly as possible before moving on to the next one. Rest as needed. COOK’S PLAN ROUND 3 THE BIGGEST LOSER Premieres Jan. 28 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Catch it every Tuesday on USA Network.…

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sonic the hedgehog

When Sony originally unveiled the trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog, fans were horrified at the creepy Sonic-like creature with human teeth and calf muscles. It looked liked a large toddler wearing a poorly made Sonic costume. But Sony listened and relaunched a brandnew version that was lauded by all. As for the movie itself, the iconic video game character must team up with human Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) to defeat the evil Dr. Robotnik, aka Dr. Eggman, played by Jim Carrey. In theaters in February TRAIN BOWFLEX SELECTTECH840 KETTLEBELL The ultimate adjustable kettlebell replaces six kettlebells and can be adjusted from eight to 40 pounds. It’s perfect for an at-home workout and is covered by a two-year warranty. $150; bowflex.com TUNE I N 92ND ACADEMY AWARDS The film industry’s best will be honored during the prestigious…