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June 24, 2019

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loser steve harvey weeps bitter tears!

HOLLYWOOD reject Steve Harvey blubbered like a baby on air while his career went down the tubes! The cigar-chomping chump broke down after his “Steve” talk show was yanked and his “Little Big Shots” hosting gig went to Melissa McCarthy. “When Steve and his wife Marjorie moved to L.A. in 2017, he felt he’d be beaming into homes day and night,” spilled a source. “But Steve never imagined how quickly he’d be dropped when networks lost interest!” Besides losing both gigs, Harvey invested a chunk of his $44 million fortune to relaunch his daytime show in L.A. He also supports six kids with Marjorie. The comic cried after a cancer survivor appearing on one of “Steve’s” final episodes said God kept her alive just to meet him. “I can go to heaven now!” singer Duranice Pace gushed. A…

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priscilla’s great fear adict lisa marie will die like daddy elvis!

PRISCILLA PRESLEY is worried sick her only daughter, Lisa Marie, faces the same terrifying fate as Elvis and will die an early, drug-ravaged death! Even Lisa Marie said she’s “grateful to be alive today” after opening up for the first time about her devastating addictions. Stories of Lisa Marie’s drug- and alcohol-fueled parties have left Priscilla fearing her 51-year-old daughter could relapse at any moment! “Elvis’ death still pierces her heart more than 40 years later — and she will do everything in her power to ensure history does not repeat itself,” said a source close to the family. Elvis was found slumped dead in a bathroom in August 1977 after years of gorging on junk food and abusing prescription drugs led to a heart attack. Lisa Marie said she knows people “wonder how, after…

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sex assault accuser: kenny rogers must apologize before he dies!

DYING country legend Kenny Rogers has been hospitalized in Georgia — and now the woman who accused him of sex assault is demanding an apology from the superstar! Lisa Applewhite Kimbell claimed Kenny ruined her life when he sexually attacked her during a supposed “movie audition” nearly 30 years ago. “I’m sad he’s sick and I don’t want anybody to die, but it’s time to cleanse his soul for his actions,” Kimbell exclusively told The National ENQUIRER. “He needs to say, ‘I’m sorry’ for what he did to me — before it’s too late!” Lisa, now 53, was a nursing student and part-time actress when she met the star in 1990 through a family friend. The hitmaker started calling her and begging her to come to New York City to read for a role.…

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george & amal dating other people!

THE thrill is gone for once-golden couple George and Amal Clooney — sources said the embattled lovebirds are looking to spread their wings and date other people! George, 58, opened the door when he shockingly invited other men to enjoy the company of his leggy 41-year-old wife! “The word is that George is pressuring Amal into this so they can spend more time with other people,” divulged an insider. “They haven’t been doing much socializing recently, which is a sore point for George because he hates being all work and no play.” The eyebrow-raising offer is part of a fundraising effort at their lavish estate in Italy, where folks will get the chance to wine and dine on a double date with George and Amal! But insiders claimed the Hollywood hunk’s move is not so…

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the brits she chased before catching her prince!

MAN-EATER Meghan Markle targeted a string of British celebs before she snagged Prince Harry! Former model and TV presenter Lizzie Cundy revealed Meghan spilled her plan to land a famous guy when the two were introduced at a showbiz event in London in 2013. “She said that she could only be in ‘Suits’ for so long and would feel at home in London,” recalled Lizzie, 49. “She wanted to find a British boyfriend. I asked if she wanted someone famous, she said: ‘Yeah, why not!’” And The National ENQUIRER can reveal the hunks who topped Meghan’s “to do” list were the cream of the British crop! Soccer stud Ashley Cole caught Meghan’s eye when she saw his picture on Lizzie’s phone — and started flirting with him on Twitter! The sports star, who was banking $130,000…

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starstruck meghan star infuriates the queen!

QUEEN ELIZABETH exploded in a rage after learning Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan, is confessing her most intimate secrets to a psychic! “Her Majesty was stunned to hear that this loose cannon American, who has invaded the royal family, is opening up about their lives to someone she considers a charlatan!” a senior palace aide exclusively revealed to The National ENQUIRER. “The queen demands complete loyalty and discretion from every member of her family. Now she’s terrified that Meghan is spilling state secrets to some crystal ball–reading quack!” As ENQUIRER readers know, the Duchess of Sussex has repeatedly thumbed her nose at royal rules and protocol — infuriating her royal grandmother-in-law since well before tying the knot with Harry in May 2018. “Meghan’s free-wheeling Hollywood ways have stunned and angered Her Majesty — but talking…