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September 30, 2019

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fears for unleashed britney!

BONKERS Britney Spears is running wild, according to pals who fear she may spin out of control! Since the 37-year-old star reportedly lost 20 percent of her time with her two kids — Sean, 14, and Jayden, 13 — to ex-hubby Kevin Federline, insiders said she’s been flaunting her assets in sexy photos and spending like a teenager! “She’s behaving like a crazed kid!” dished a source close to the singer. Insiders said she’s changed dramatically since her dad, Jamie, was replaced as her conservator — at his request. Britney, who didn’t respond to a request for comment, was also rocked by the sudden August death of her trusted psychiatrist Dr. Timothy Benson. Insiders said he was one of the few people helping her hold it together! A source added: “People close to her fear…

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hayden gets handsy with – boyfriend’s brother!

IN A plot twist worthy of her country music soap “Nashville,” Hayden Panettiere is hanging out with the preacher brother of her bad-news boyfriend Brian Hickerson! After a string of boozy arguments and a felony charge of domestic violence against Brian, Hayden is keeping company with his look-alike brother, Zach. Leaving her troubles behind in Los Angeles, the pint-sized actress was spotted holding hands with Zach in New York on Sept. 4! “It’s a very strange set of circumstances!” dished a source close to 30-year-old Hayden. “The one positive thing is Zach certainly does not have the violent temper of Brian. “Those close to Hayden are not going to pretend to understand or condone it.” The former “Heroes” cutie’s behavior began ringing alarm bells last year when she was spotted boozing it up with Brian,…

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renée’s got it bad for brad!

RENÉE ZELLWEGER’S Hollywood comeback hit a high note with her smash performance in the Judy Garland biopic and insiders claimed she’s now set her sights on a new man — Brad Pitt! “Renée is done licking her wounds over her busted relationship with Doyle Bramhall, and she’s turned her focus on sinking her hooks into Brad!” an insider snitched. “She’s desperate for a way to get to know him properly and is praying they’re both on the awards nominees list this season. She’s expecting to draw a slew of awards for ‘Judy’ and there’s little doubt Brad will be on the red carpet for ‘Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood.’” Renée has asked all their mutual acquaintances to set up introductions, according to insiders. The actress, 50, has had a rocky romantic life.…

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joan collins sex-sational at 86!

SENIOR sex kitten Joan Collins is still steaming up the sheets at age 86! According to her hubby, Percy Gibson, the lusty leading lady demands that he make love to her at least twice a week. “Joan is still in great shape with great gams,” Percy, 54, told The National ENQUIRER. “She loves to dress sexy and when Joan walks into a room, all eyes are on her. She loves her jewelry and makeup, and she’s a lot like the sexy characters she’s spent a lifetime portraying on screen.” Percy revealed the “Dynasty” diva is still so full of energy she often beats him to the bedroom! Before marrying Percy in 2002, Joan — who’s had a recurring gig on TV’s “The Royals” — dated some of Hollywood’s hottest hunks. And she’s dished…

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tubby tom jones puts down bottle after death scare!

SINGER Tom Jones has had to cut back on booze and calories after contracting a deadly bacterial infection! Doctors told the 79-year-old Welsh womanizer he was lucky to have survived but must change his ways after piling on the pounds in the wake of the 2016 death of his long-suffering wife, Linda. “He used to be a boozehound, fingers snapping and a drink in the hand, but when his health hit crisis point he changed his wild and wicked ways,” spilled an insider. “He thought he was dying back there and it forced him to take a serious look at his life. It killed him when he had to cancel shows and disappoint the fans.” The “What’s New Pussycat?” singer, who has boasted of bedding 250 women while married to Linda, has been telling…

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jamie galpal’s a minor!

TWO-TIMING love rat Jamie Foxx has just gotten even sleazier! The man Katie Holmes kicked to the curb reportedly for constantly cheating behind her back is living with an underage girl. The National ENQUIRER can exclusively reveal that the 51-year-old’s latest muse, Sela Vave, is only 19 — not old enough to buy a beer. The budding singer reportedly moved into Jamie’s home when he and Katie called it quits in August, and the “Ray” star claimed he was helping her with her career — just as he had done for Ed Sheeran and Nick Cannon, who both stayed with him when they were breaking into the business. “When I met Ed Sheeran I didn’t know him from Adam. He slept on my couch for six weeks,” Jamie bragged. “When Nick Cannon was…