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angie has brad over a barrel in winery feud!

HOPPING mad Brad Pitt is crying sour grapes — after ex Angelina Jolie tried to pull a fast one and sell her share of their $164 million French estate and winery without his OK! “Brad is livid!” tattled a source close to the “Fury” star. “He’s convinced this was another underhanded tactic by Angie to make his life more miserable!” In court documents filed in Luxembourg on Sept. 21, Brad charged the “vindictive” actress aimed to cut him out of a deal to sell her shares in Chateau Miraval without gaining his right of first refusal. The 57-year-old Oscar winner also alleged Angie, 46, intended to profit from the “incredible amount of time and money” he invested in the property! But the following day a judge granted an emergency request made by Angie’s lawyers that…

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amal loony over jen’s yen for clooney!

FLIRTY Jennifer Aniston can’t quit gushing over George Clooney and sources claimed it’s pushed his longsuffering wife, Amal, to the brink! According to insiders, the randy rom-com queen, 52, has nursed a secret crush on the Oscar-winning hunk, 60, for years and it’s prompted an antsy Amal, 43, to ban any socializing between them! “Amal went out of her way to avoid spending time with Jen this past summer because, quite frankly, she finds her over-friendly towards her husband!” blabbed a snitch. “She trusts there’s zero chance of Jen and George actually hooking up, but they have a real cliquey vibe when they hang out. Amal often finds herself on the outside of their Hollywood conversations. “Now Jen’s going all out to get George on her new show and making quips about wanting to…

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news flashes!

+ KELLY RIPA revealed hubby Mark Consuelos smooths out their problems with “sexy time.” On her show, the daytime diva dished: “Everything for Mark is settled with—” before he butted in, saying, “Love.” She added: “Love and sexy time.” + SAD news for “Sex and the City” fans. Actor Willie Garson — who played Stanford Blatch, the gay pal of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie Bradshaw — passed away at age 57. The actor, who was straight, had some 170 acting credits. + DONNY OSMOND revealed anxiety tore him “to pieces” while working on “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” in the ’90s. “Anytime I would make a mistake onstage, I would berate myself,” he said.…

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heigl hails black cloud over ‘grey’s’

GLEEFUL “Grey’s Anatomy” alum Katherine Heigl is secretly savoring the drama as former co-stars — including fan favorites Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo — reel from the damaging claims in a new book, The National ENQUIRER has learned! Sources snitched the actress holds a grudge for how she was treated by actors, producers and even show creator Shonda Rhimes before she left in 2010, and is relishing seeing others hit by these surgical strikes! Patrick was described in Lynette Rice’s “How to Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy” as “a nightmare” who — far from being as McDreamy as his character — “terrorized the set,” while Ellen despised “that he wasn’t working as much.” “What Katherine suffered on the show still haunts her, so it’s sweet justice to see…

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unhinged wendy gets booby hatch checkup

WEIRDO Wendy Williams was taken to a New York hospital for a psychiatric evaluation just one day after admitting she would miss even MORE time from her talk show because of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis! Insiders snitched the daytime diva is facing weeks — if not months — of mental and physical evaluation before she returns to TV. A source close to Wendy said the death of her mom, Shirley, last year — combined with a woeful love life since her 2019 divorce from cheating horndog hubby Kevin Hunter — has left her shattered and alone. “She’s a single woman with very few friends,” the source said. “She lost her marriage and her mom. There’s a lot on her plate!” The news comes on the heels of a National ENQUIRER report that her…

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loser caitlyn’s nightly sobfest

CRUSHED Caitlyn Jenner has been crying herself to sleep after her humiliating — and costly — failure in the California governor’s race, and friends are begging the sobbing sex-swapper to get professional help, insiders dished. Craggy-faced Cait, 71, poured her heart and soul — and her own cash — into her doomed campaign for the state’s gubernatorial recall election, sources claimed. Fed-up Republicans had aimed to oust Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. But the voting majority agreed to keep him in office on Sept. 14 — resulting in a resounding defeat for the onetime Kardashian patriarch. The mortifying loss — which saw unpopular Cait claw a measly 1 percent of votes — punctuated the end of a bid that was relentlessly mocked by pundits as an illfated vanity project. An insider spilled, “Losing by this…