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hair intervention makes demi snippy

DEMI MOORE’S three daughters are fed up with their aging mom’s awkward attempts to slurp from the fountain of youth, according to insiders, who said the gals staged an intervention to stop the “Ghost” beauty from further embarrassing herself with her limp, raggedy hairstyle! The actress, 57, has worn her hair in the same ’70s-hippie style for years — but recently she’s let her jet-black–dyed tresses grow well past her waist, and sources said her daughters fear their mom is making a spectacle of herself! Demi and Scout Willis, 30, recently visited Paris for the Chloe Fashion Show — where Demi’s locks were on display. Worse, Demi posted a photo of herself with hair so long that it seemed to sit on the table beside her! “Demi’s daughters adore her, but these past few…

2 min
kelly’s big manhunt!

LOVE-STARVED Kelly Clarkson is hungry to make a splash in the dating pool since being declared legally single by the courts — but the doughy daytime diva is only interested in sizable suitors, sources dished. Since cutting ties with bony Brandon Blackstock, 44, the 39-year-old “Miss Independent” singer has decided she wants to sink her teeth into more substantial sweeties, tipsters told The National ENQUIRER. “She’s content with the way she looks and given up on diets and fasting, and the man she has in mind should have some meat on his bones, too,” spilled an insider. “She wants to find a real person and looks to people like Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood as inspiration. Even Chrissy Metz impresses the hell out of her. Kelly’s done apologizing for not being a size…

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news flashes!

+ SINGER Gloria Estefan has revealed she was molested at nine by a “family member” — who threatened to kill her mom if she blabbed! “I knew the man was insane and that’s why I thought he might actually hurt my mother,” said Gloria, now 64. + MONEYBAGS musicians Elton John, Shakira and Ringo Starr are among those listed in the Pandora Papers, implicating them in hiding their wealth in tax havens. “It’s not a great look for them,” a source said — though they haven’t been accused of violating any laws. + “BAD Habits” singer Ed Sheeran, 30, will be teaching good habits as a mega mentor on season 21 of “The Voice!” He joins coaches Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, John Legend and Blake Shelton.…

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britney planning $1m freedom bash!

TRIUMPHANT Britney Spears is so thrilled her controlling dad has been booted from the conservatorship that kept her muzzled for 13 years that she’s planning to continue her celebration tour by throwing herself a freedom party — to the tune of a million bucks! The pop star, 39, began her victory parade with a trip to Tahiti earlier this month and sources said the plans for the bash after her return have already begun! Money is no object when it comes to funding the celebration, and Britney is even tasking Paris Hilton with helping her roll it out, sources told The National ENQUIRER. “She’s already been in touch with her old pal Paris and asked her to help plan it — so you KNOW it’s going to be one heck of a party!”…

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ellen & leah’s slap schtick!

DISGRACED daytime host Ellen DeGeneres and slaphappy pal Leah Remini had a testy televised moment that actually got physical! The bizarre incident occurred during an episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” as Leah, 51, shared an anecdote about frightening her own children on Halloween and accused Ellen, 63, of only feigning interest in her tale. The “King of Queens” star then got up and slapped Ellen’s right arm twice before the host jerked away and barked, “Ow! It’s my last season.” As The National ENQUIRER previously reported, sources snitched Ellen is scrambling to book A-list guests for her show’s swan song season, but major celebs are turning her down flat following accusations she lorded over a toxic work environment! “Leah felt she was doing Ellen a favor by even appearing on the show,” dished…

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prenup bump in rex & reba road!

ALTAR-BOUND Reba McEntire and Rex Linn are squabbling over a prenup, sources said, and it’s holding up their plans to elope! Insiders snitched the country queen — who went through a difficult divorce from second husband Narvel Blackstock in 2015 — is determined to protect her $100 million fortune and keep things separate for her sanity and Rex’s. “Problem is they can’t agree on some things, like what’s hers, his and theirs,” spilled a source. “The wording in the prenup isn’t even close to what they want, and neither will sign until it’s perfect! “Reba won’t get married without one, not even in a spiritual ceremony. She’s learned from past mistakes. “Her ex Narvel took more than his fair share of change, in her view, and she doesn’t want that to happen again! “It’s a headache…