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March/April 2021
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National Geographic Little Kids magazine - perfect for children ages 3 to 6. Irresistible photos and simple text to enhance early reading experiences, along with games, puzzles, and activities, that turn playtime into learning time.

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United States
National Geographic Society
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flash of feathers

The Indian peacock lifts up his feathers. He fans them out and shakes them to show off their length and color. He struts and turns.The dazzling feathers show he’s healthy. That is what the female is looking for.Cheep! Healthy peachicks hatch about a month later. Someday the male babies will grow long, flashy feathers, too.…

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strong scales

Scales cover the pangolin from head to tail. They protect it like a suit of armor.Say PAN-gah-linA pangolin eats ants. The scales protect its skin if ants bite while it eats.A pangolin rolls up when it is scared — it is now a hard ball of scales. That makes it hard for hungry animals to eat it!When it is safe, the pangolin unrolls and looks for more ants. THEN CHIH WEY / XINHUA / ALAMY LIVE NEWS (MOM AND BABY)…

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fix it!

Some of the pictures show something that is wrong. This is called a problem. Other pictures show a way to fix the problem. This is called a solution. Draw a line with your finger from the problem to the solution.…

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find the footprints

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wild cards

caracal FUN FACTS A caracal has very strong legs. This wild cat can run fast to catch hares and other small animals. It can even leap high to catch birds. pleasing fungus beetle FUN FACTS This kind of beetle eats fungus such as mushrooms. There are about 400,000 kinds of beetles—more than any other kind of insect. grizzly bears FUN FACTS Grizzly bear cubs are born during the winter. Mother grizzlies spend the winter inside a den and give birth to their babies there. raccoon FUN FACTS Male raccoons are called boars, females are sows, and babies are kits. Raccoons have toes that they use like fingers to pick up things. mute swan FUN FACTS Swans are big birds. If one stood on your bed, its wings could reach from one end to the other. These swans hiss, bark, whistle, or snort. yellow-footed rock wallaby FUN…

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