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Nature & Health February/March 2018

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love yourself

WELCOME to the February issue of Nature & Health! The inspiration for our special self-care and happiness theme came from a study by the University of Pennsylvania, which found that even though our lives have improved in material and social terms in the last 40 years, our happiness levels have declined. That got us thinking: What is happiness anyway? Philosophers have long debated the meaning of happiness - Aristotle suggested it was a self-sufficient state of wellbeing, while Plato described it as a matter of how one performs tasks and solves problems every day. Today, there is some consensus amongst researchers and psychologists that we have a set point of happiness that’s part genetic (about 50 percent) and part circumstantial (about 10 percent), which leaves about 40 percent for us…

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Bugs for beauty Great article on your skin's microbiome (December)! Much has been written about how restoring your gut's microbiome prevents disease. It makes sense that probiotics would also play a role in keeping skin, our largest organ, healthy. Ann Byfeld, via e-mail Family insights Your website is like Alice going down the rabbithole! I had a look one lunchtime while I was eating at my desk, and next thing I knew, I had read four articles! The one on family constellations was particularly interesting and pertinent to my family. More of these sort of 'relationship' stories, please. rubymarieABC, via Facebook Change your thinking Thank you for a great piece on neuroplasticity. So much research now proves that the brain can change and evolve, depending on what you pay attention to. The Buddha knew this of…

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what’s worked for you?

This (yogic) life Yoga has changed my life – quite apart from physical benefits, it's helped me heal a chronic condition (fibromyalgia), and yoga nidra meditations have brought me deep peace. PureHeartYoga, via Facebook Growing our own We took a 'tree change' and moved to the beautiful Byron hinterland five years ago. Since then, we've planted native fruit and nut trees and a veggie garden, plus we have chooks – between the daily offerings from 'the girls', our own fresh greens, and the bounty of local producers – vinegar, fermented foods, sauces – we eat incredibly well. Food is powerful, and it can be so simple, and yet so delicious and nourishing. Tina Louise, via e-mail…

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meet the moon woman

TANISHKA'S journey to this wisdom has been rocky. Starting life feeling like an outsider, she spent her early career as a stand-up comedian, until she got on her knees one night 20 years ago and asked for female role models - and so her journey with the goddess began. Her book ‘Goddess Wisdom’ has recently been published by Hay House, and here she shares her insights with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz into what’s happening around the world and how we can all embrace the feminine in our lives. How did your early understanding of what it meant to be female shape you? It wasn’t until I began to write this book that it really struck me how I had observed, from as young as three years old, that I didn’t fit the mould of…

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of computers and chakras

The belief that we should be and feel the same every single day of the year, no matter the season or the month, is one of the biggest lies we’ve been told. No wonder we have such high levels of burnout, and adrenal fatigue, and depression. It’s as if we’re meant to be a computer. Our culture presently only operates out of the bottom three chakras – the physical, emotional, and mental. So at most, we are ruled by the 10 percent rational mind, and the mind is linear: it only values what it can see has been productive in the past, because it can detect physical proof of this through the earthly senses; it’s measurable. But the rational mind cannot measure inner growth. For example, if you have a 'mental…

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weight loss woes

MANY clients come to me, adamant that they cannot lose weight. However, as a practitioner I can honestly say I’ve never had a patient who – once we get down to the nittygritty and uncover the reason why they’re having difficulty – cannot achieve weight loss. 1. Portion size Weigh your food, as it’s way too easy to overeat when you don’t. Meat and fish should be about the size of your palm, or around 100 grams, says Barbara J. Rolls PhD, Professor of Nutritional Sciences at Pennsylvania State University. Fill the rest of your plate with vegetables and salad – and ideally downsize to a smaller plate. Or, to put it another way: your plate should be one-third protein and two-thirds vegetables. Vegetables are very satisfying because they contain fibre,…