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Nature & Health June/July 2018

Nature & Health is an extensive and integrated natural health and lifestyle media brand dedicated to helping its readers to improve their health and inspiring them to live a balanced and fulfilling life. The magazine is jam-packed with health news and reviews, information and advice on herbs and supplements, natural beauty products, eating well, natural household products, and up-to-date research in the fields of complementary medicine and alternative therapies.

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soup for the soul

IT'S not often that I get to feel like Nigella in the kitchen. But when I'm standing over a pot of French onion or pea and ham soup that I've crafted from scratch, I feel closer to being the great cook I've always wanted to be. With a little bit of time spent chopping and sauteeing, a few hours of simmering, accompanied by the mouthwatering aromas of garlic and all sorts of veggie goodness wafting around my home, and, just before serving, a splash of olive oil, a swirl of pesto and a sprinkle of grated Parmesan, or some snipped fresh herbs, buttery croutons, and caramelised onion curls, well, my soup makes me look like a pro. But soup does more than make you look like a pro. It also helps…

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Cold sore cure My husband would get cold sores every spring, without fail. This year, he had three in one spot and it looked like it would scar – nothing worked, not even prescription drugs. Then he used pure lemon balm oil. He applied it twice daily and it worked like a charm. He hasn't had one since. Lynne Carter, via e-mail Self-nurturing time I enjoy your magazine very much, but felt I must congratulate you on your ‘self-care’ issue (February). My daughter has just left home, and while I am working through the sadness of 'empty nest syndrome', I am also relishing the space and time to myself, so this issue was particularly relevant. Heather Thomas, via e-mail. Safer shower curtains I found an article on your website about 'Detoxing your bathroom', but the link to…

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what’s worked for you?

Antibiotic alternative I use echinacea and golden seal tinctures, plus fresh garlic, roasted garlic, and a tea I brew from fresh ginger, lemon and honey. I haven’t needed antibiotics for years. Hunter Ryden, via Facebook Pumped! I’m religious about my daily walks, but never realised how important strength training is until I went to a gym. Ever since I’ve added weights to my routine, I’ve had more energy and even noticed my pants loosening! Caren Cheng, via e-mail D-I-Y beauty I make brown sugar scrubs for friends. I love to add lemongrass and sweet orange oils plus almond or coconut oil and finely milled oats to switch things up. Julie Farrell, via Facebook…

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earth healer

WHEN so much of the planet is in need of our attention, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start: “How can I, as one little person out of billions, make a difference?”, we wonder. Dr Mahdi Mason believes you can. After years of not fully connecting to the environment and animals around her, she found that, like so many others, she was getting sucked into a corporate cycle of work and burnout: she had lost her connection with the earth. Through reconnecting to her roots, she discovered a way we can all heal ourselves, and heal our planet in the process. She shares her thoughts on how we can all start this journey with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz. How did your new book, Earth Healing, come to be? It…

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healing the earth

The first thing to understand is that the sort of things that we ‘eco warriors’ are presently doing to help the earth are all focused on reducing our impact on the environment. Yes, we’re using reusable coffee cups and reusable shopping bags, and investigating sources of renewable energy, and buying Fairtrade clothing, and recycling our paper and plastic. And yes, all those actions and habits that reduce our eco-footprints are very important, but we need to realise that they are only slowing down our rate of destruction of the earth – we are still destroying the earth, but just doing it at a slower rate. Instead, what we need to do is to continue do those eco-supportive actions – but then to take things a step further to actually reverse our…

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oh, my goddess!

“The world will change when every woman gets it - that we are all beautiful, powerful, and strong; that each one of us is a portion of a great and mighty Goddess self.”–Marianne Williamson HOW good would you feel plugging into your power and purpose? To be proud of yourself and your place on this planet? To have the courage to dance to your own soul song? Oprah Winfrey says, “I was once afraid of people saying, ‘Who does she think she is?’ Now I have the courage to stand and say, 'This is who I am'." You don’t serve anyone by playing small. Tap into your inner treasure to be abundant and blessed. All will benefit from your blossoming being! Awaken your goddess We catch glimpses of our goddess qualities when we’re…