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Nature & Health October/November 2018

Nature & Health is an extensive and integrated natural health and lifestyle media brand dedicated to helping its readers to improve their health and inspiring them to live a balanced and fulfilling life. The magazine is jam-packed with health news and reviews, information and advice on herbs and supplements, natural beauty products, eating well, natural household products, and up-to-date research in the fields of complementary medicine and alternative therapies.

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do-able detox

UPDATES from environmental activism groups such as the UN’s Safe Planet and Body Burden projects and the Environmental Working Group make for sobering reading: high levels of hormone-altering chemicals in teenage girls, links between BPA in plastics to hyperactivity in children, and toxins in food that affect unborn babies. Mind you, there is also encouraging news, with the toy giant LEGO now making its previously-plastic bricks out of plant-based materials, and Toyota moving away from diesel cars, focusing on hybrid vehicles instead. However, it still begs the question: how do we keep our bodies clean in a polluted world? We talked to some of our favourite top holistic health experts about how to ward off sickness by working detox rituals into your routine. These were some of my favourites: “Take artichoke…

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We were delighted with the response to our fourth annual Industry Awards for 2018. Meet our shortlist of 12 finalists for Practitioner of the Year, Clinic of the Year, and Student of the Year! These wonderful nominees have all demonstrated excellence in their field, and have made significant contributions to the Australian wellness community, profession, and industry. The winners will be announced November 17 at the ATMS Annual Awards Presentation Dinner, and they will be profiled in our December issue. You can also read their inspirational stories at www.natureandhealth.com.au Practitioner of the Year Fiona Gordon, Alice Springs Massage & Yoga, NT Leonie Hick, All About Health, Aldinga SA Gabi Giacomin, The Conscious Pod, Ballina NSW Anthia Koullouros, OVVIO Organics, Paddington NSW Student of the Year Georgia Hartmann, Endeavour College, Sydney NSW Kylie Barr, NCIM Health Research Institute, Western…

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finding sanctuary

THESE days, there is an entire industry built on de-cluttering If you are to believe all the hype, if we simply got more organised in our lives, everything would be better. If only it were that simple. According to Sanctuary Creator and Elemental Space Clearer Helen Joy Butler, simply following along with a D-I-Y organisational plan won’t work. Why? Because we have to understand ourselves first. Each of us has a unique organisational style, and once we understand what that is, we can finally start to make real changes. After years of working with clients on their clutter and chaotic lives, Butler realised that what she was really helping people with was finding their own sense of ‘sanctuary’ - something that we all crave in this busy world. So what…

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your home, body, and life

Step 1. Sanctuary in your home Start by closing your eyes, then take a few deep breaths and visualise what sanctuary means to you. Use those renovation shows or other external sanctuary-creating images that appeal to you to help form the concept for you. Now - go beyond that. See the treasured items from your childhood, from the time you first left home, that are in your life now, that bring you sanctuary. Imagine the little details, the little ‘vignettes’ placed around your home. While you’re visualising what sanctuary looks like to you on a practical and external basis, also take time to connect with the feelings that rise up for you. Do you feel happy? Do tears prick your eyes because of the emotions attached to an item? Are…

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access all areas

LISA Murray was suffering from severe burnout when she visited a Mind Body Spirit festival in Brisbane a decade ago. She hadn’t worked in a year and was desperate to regain her energy, focus, and love of life. When she saw a poster promoting Access Bars, Murray was intrigued. “My body ached night and day and I was desperately seeking a new way forward. I saw a picture of the Bars points on the poster and my body flung itself onto the massage table for a taster session,” she recalls. The impact was profound and immediate. “I felt great afterwards and so I booked for a full session. Afterwards, I felt better than I had for years, and within a week I’d done my first Bars (training) class and became…

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“it changed my life completely”

Life coach and author Cory Michelle, from Noosa, was so impressed by the impact of Access Bars in her own life, she became a certified facilitator. “The first time I had my bars run, I totally passed out - it was like I’d finally had a full night’s rest in just one hour! I’ve been having my bars run for eight years now and it’s changed my life completely. Bars has gifted me hundreds of miracles. I had an issue with my mother that I had spent 12 years, 25 modalities, and over $20,000 trying to resolve. Three days after my first session that issue was just gone. I felt free from it and I wasn’t resentful any longer. “With Access Bars, you can get into a meditative state really quickly. I’ve…