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New Zealand Listener Issue 44 2020

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electrifying time

It’s salutary to remember that as 2020 began, our major preoccupation was the horrifying extent of Australia’s seasonal bush fires and the strange apocalyptic red they turned our skies. New Zealanders stood and stared skywards, witnesses to climate change’s acceleration. The world has had many such harrowing reminders this year: record temperatures, ice-cap shrinkage, lethal floods and more unprecedented wildfires and drought. Yet When Covid-19 rapidly became the more pressing emergency, climate change seemed somehow to be on hold. It’s not. It’s true the pandemic lockdowns resulted in an almost 9% decrease in CO2 emissions in the first half of 2020 compared with the first six months of 2019, a fall bigger than in any past economic hit, including the 2008 global financial crisis and World War II. Yet despite some nations showing…

1 min.
caption competition

WINNING CAPTION Sheila Bowen, Thames FINALISTS Ian Foster: “As neither of us can decide who to play at first-five – let’s ask Siri!” – Peter Robertson Grant Fox: “You found your inner pumpkin and turned into a coach.” – Paul Kelly, Palmerston North Fox: “Did you just drop one?” – Stuart Duncan Foster: “When I said I wanted a tie, I didn’t mean in the Bledisloe Cup game.” – Robert Morey, Dunedin Fox: “Hey, Fozzie, give us a hand with a job Sunday.” Foster: “Maaaate, ya dreaming!” – Graham Skates, Gore Foster: “I’ll foster the game plan, so we can outfox the opposition.” – Edith Macklin, Hastings Caption Competition {listenercaption@aremedia.co.nz} TO ENTER Send your captions for the photo below to listenercaption@aremedia.co.nz, with “Caption Competition No 382” in the subject line. Alternatively, entries can be posted to “Caption Competition No 382”, NZ Listener, Are Media, 317 New North…

5 min.
climate of change

Just as one small person courageously sailed across the world highlighting what needs to be done to save our planet, surely the time is now ripe for this small country to show how it can be done. Wouldn’t those of us who have decried oppositional, divisive government welcome a combined effort of all parties to deliver New Zealand a healthier, more prosperous and sustainable future? By using our energy to co-operate on inspirational, creative and brave new answers to our problems, we would save the effort wasted on petty political point-scoring. Surely we are big enough to place egos and personal aspirations aside to take advantage of the opportunity of a new government to work as one towards the good of the country and the world. Nathalie Marshall (Whangārei) Is this the same MMP system…

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quips & quotes

“You live and learn. Then, of course, you die and forget it all.”–Noël Coward, quoted in the Daily Telegraph“It’s disappointing to hear criticism of the Russian involvement in the US electoral process. This is, after all, the only chance Russians have to take part in a democratic election.”–comic Olga Koch on the BBC’s Radio 4“My drink needs a drink!”–reported from National Party HQ on election night“Joe Biden needs to heed the advice given to Tony Blair before the 1997 election, when Roy Jenkins compared him to a man carrying a priceless Ming vase across a highly polished floor. Do not trip up!”–CNN“You’ve had three hairstyles – what’s next for your career?”–Zach Galifianakis to Justin Bieber on YouTube“America is the only nation in history that, miraculously, has gone directly from barbarism…

1 min.
10 quick questions

1. In which area was the takah? rediscovered in 1948? □ Stewart Island□ Mount Aspiring National Park□ Te Urewera□ Murchison Mountains 2. In March, who described Covid-19 as “the great equaliser” while relaxing in a bath sprinkled with rose petals? □ Madonna□ Sting□ Angelina Jolie□ Johnny Depp 3. Varosha was once a world-famous seaside tourist destination but has been a ghost town since 1974. Where is it? □ Russia□ Czech Republic□ Romania□ Cyprus 4. Which of these words has a similar meaning to impecunious? □ Circumspect□ Penniless□ Opinionated□ Treacherous 5. Which of these terms was invented for an English marketing campaign in the 1950s? □ Bangers and mash□ Full English breakfast□ Beef Wellington□ Ploughman’s lunch 6. Which of these people is depicted on some pedestrian “cross now” lights in Wellington? □ Katherine Mansfield□ Nancy Wake□ Kate Sheppard□ Jean Batten 7. Which of…

4 min.
green with envy

It’s something else being a New Zealander these days. I am writing from the UK, a place I lived in for some years long ago – the icy Thatcher years in the main In those days, when you mentioned whence you came, a glazed look of bland disinterest would wash over whomever you were talking to and the subject would rapidly change. With the greatest respect to PM Ardern, it’s not difficult to look like the best leader around right now. The feeling one was being patronised as a colonial was palpable. Nowadays, the same information is greeted by unabashed expressions of naked green envy. Not only have they actually heard of us, but they know about us. They want to be us. They want our prime minister. They admire every little thing about us.…