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Newsweek Europe 05/24/2019

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newsweek europe

GLOBAL EDITOR-IN-CHIEF _ Nancy Cooper CREATIVE DIRECTOR _ Michael Goesele EDITORIAL DIRECTOR _ Hank Gilman DEPUTY EDITOR (EUROPE + OPINION) _ Laura Davis MANAGING EDITOR _ Melissa Jewsbury SPECIAL PROJECTS EDITOR _ Fred Guterl EDITORIAL Managing Editor, U.S. Operations _ David Magee New York Bureau Chief _ Jason Le Miere London Bureau Chief _ Robert Galster Managing Editor, Trending News _ Maria Vultaggio Managing Editor, Newsweek NEXT _ Juliana Pignataro Senior Editors _ Mo Mozuch, Peter Carbonara, Meredith Wolf Schizer, Karin Roberts Deputy Editors _ Jen Glennon (Trending), Tara Chan (Politics) Associate Editors _ James Etherington-Smith, Hannah Osborne (Science), Dom Passantino, Harriet Sinclair (Politics) London Sub-Editor _ Hannah Partos Copy Chief _ Elizabeth Rhodes Ernst Senior Copy Editors _ Bruce Janicke, Joe Westerfield Copy Editors _ Marlaine Glicksman, Karin Halperin, Catherine Lowe Contributing Editor, Opinion _ Lee Habeeb Editorial Assistant _ Jason Pollack CREATIVE Director of Photography _ Diane Rice Contributing Art Director _ Michael…

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the road ahead

We are partnering with Georgia Tech to celebrate the people and cities propelling the world toward an environmentally sustainable, socially equitable and economically viable future. DRONES, DRIVERLESS CARS, PILOTLESS PLANES AND TRAINS. AN AUTOMATION revolution is about to sweep transportation—one that will transform societies around the world, the global economy and the environment. This disruption has already begun. And while there’s no debate the change will be dramatic, it is not clear how this revolution will reshape the world. Will there be better jobs for people or simply fewer jobs? Will cities be hollowed out or become more livable than the suburbs? Will automated transportation increase congestion and pollution? Or will new fuels, regulations and energy storage technologies reduce the carbon footprint of transportation? Will social, racial and economic disparities created by…

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the archives

1970 “We are definitely in a recession or a depression,” the owner of a Los Angeles TV sales and repair shop told Newsweek. “Whatever it is, it’s here.” In the wake of years of heavy spending on social programs at home and the war in Vietnam abroad, U.S. stock prices were down, interest rates were up, and a growing number of Americans were out of work. Newsweek profiled several people struggling to adjust. “I guess I don’t want a depression,” one college student said. “I wouldn’t have time to be active against the war if I had to worry about eating.” 1986 As Wall Street dealmakers prospered while focusing on “financial asset shuffling,” Newsweek asked, “Is America dealing itself into another decline?” Perhaps even more troubling was another trend: “Where fortunes…

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how savory pancakes became an enduring symbol of japanese hope and happiness

“We consider Okonomiyaki to be a dietary culture which contributes to society, and we label our mission to spread this dish to the world the ‘Okono-mission’”Naoyoshi Sasaki, President, Otafuku Sauce Co., Ltd. In 1922, a young entrepreneur named Seiichi Sasaki began selling Japanese sake and soy sauce at a small store in the Yokogawa district of Hiroshima City. Having built a modest success with his local shop, Sasaki began to experiment with brewing vinegar in 1938. He started developing his own koji (a kind of rice malt), that would be used for a special new vinegar. His initial expectations were modest: the taste, he hoped, would simply bring a smile to people’s faces. This was the genesis of one of modern-day Japan’s favorite and best-selling sauces, Otafuku Okonomi Sauce. “Not long after that…

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what is “hiroshima-style okomiyaki”?

Can you predict what will be the next food trend after ramen? The culinary world is seeing the rise of a new favorite from Japan called Okonomiyaki. The dish, first eaten to ward off hunger after WWII, is now a symbolic food of Hiroshima and its reconstruction. Okonomiyaki is a savory street-style pancake that is renowned for its delicious flavor and high nutritional content. You can add any ingredient you like to the dish that literally translates to “whatever you like, grilled.” The one ingredient that should not be skipped is Otafuku Okonomi Sauce, Japan’s top-selling condiment. Otafuku Okonomi Sauce became popular after WWII when Okonomiyaki became a staple food in Hiroshima. The sauce is mild and sweet with about 50 selected ingredients, and the unmistakable flavor of dates distinguishes this sauce…

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how conservatives mastered social media

ABOUT A FIVE-MINUTE DRIVE FROM DOWNTOWN Morehead City, North Carolina, three retirees sat down for lunch at their favorite spot, Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ’n Biscuits. While visitors to More-head City, on the southeast coast of the state, might feel they had tumbled into a world far removed from the rest of the state, one of the men, a retired nuclear chemist, said he knew of a place that was much more out of touch. “One of the most isolated places in the world, and I’ve been there, is a university,” said Ken. “All you do is talk to your friends, and your friends are the same ones who think the same way you do…. They only talk to people who make themselves feel comfortable.” Ken was sitting with Verne and Bob. The…