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Art & Architecture
OBJEKT International

OBJEKT International June 2019

OBJEKT©International, the leading interior design magazine in the world, is proud to present you with our latest publication. OBJEKT©International is the authoritative and bespoke title for the upscale urban modernist with a passion for interiors, art/antiques, modern design and outstanding architecture. An unique fusion of classic and modern styles.

Hans Fonk Publications B.V.
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$24.33(Incl. tax)
4 Issues

In this issue

1 min.
objekt international 85

Rumble in the Jungle, referring to the location for the heroic fight between boxing champions George Foreman and Muhammed Ali in Kinshasa, Congo, can, in terms of vegetation, be substituted to the concept of the presentations of major players in the world of interior design. At the Salone del Mobile, where they gathered in April 2019, a complete forest of trees and cactus fields had been transported to the Italian city to give their concepts the green status or at least feeling. Blurring the boundaries between interior and nature or let nature come into the interior: that is the decree. True is, that the direction is subordinate to the fact that the beauty of nature in the end always wins. Another parallel can be drawn with the epic Rumble the Jungle and that…

1 min.
objekt international

Founder and editor in chief: Hans Fonk Editor-in-chief: Izabel Fonk Contributing writers: James Bligh,Cora Feng, Izabel Fonk, Nicole Henriquez, Elaine Tan, Susan Grant Lewin, Milosh Pavlovic, Ruud van der Neut, Esther O’Toole,Lorenza Dalla Pozza, Robyn Prince, Raphaëlle de Stanislas, Isabel Vincent, Dirk Wilms, Rene Wilms, Mercedez Zampoli. Contributing photographers: Krishna Aditaya,Giulio Dallatorre, Alaia Fonk, Hans Fonk, Gianni Franchellucci, Alex Jeffries, Zhang Jing, Fernando Laszlo, Matthew Millman, Sui Sicong. Graphics: Hans Fonk Studio Art directors: Hans Fonk, Alaïa Fonk Video productions: Alaïa Fonk…

1 min.
harbors of the world

The romance of old harbors with their swarm of giant ships, tugboats, bumboats and small freight vessels set against a background of seaman s taverns and carousing, is something that still exists in paintings and books. However, that romance is pretty much history in modern ports. Efficiency, far from the harbor town itself, is what it s all about. Hans Fonk has always been fascinated by the romance and activity of the harbors of bygone days. In his new series Harbors of the World he brings the atmosphere of old back to life, in contrast to the decor of today. Harbors of the World is a series of photos that literally covers the world. New York Shanghai, Rotterdam, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Nice and Monaco are immortalized: many more to come.…

1 min.
quintes sential rimowa aluminum

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2019, contemporary art magazine and creative studio Kaleidoscope teamed up with the iconic luggage company Rimowa featuring Spanish designer Guillermo Santoma (1984), Inspired by the idea of a conceptual gas station, the Spanish artist created an installation that centers on a fully functioning car customized with Rimowa aluminum. In Spazio Maiocchi in Milan he transferred the car into a light and sound sculpture. Guillermo Santoma was invited to share his progressive outlook on the Rimowa luxury travel gear. The collaboration unfolded through three separate but intertwined activations: a short film, an installation, and a printed publication. Entitled ‘GAS’ after Ed Ruscha’s iconic series Twentysix Gasoline Stations and overtly indebted to custom car culture and the Light and Space movement, the installation furthered the artist’s fascination…

3 min.
the belle époque revived

The house lies in Landsmeer, a village a little to the north of the city of Amsterdam. It is a place where, at the start of the last century, a joiner’s still stood. It had first been noted in a history book written in 1326, which was mainly concerned with the never-ending Dutch battle against water. These water-rich, areas of natural beauty have since evolved to give the village its important, characteristic charm. The house was built between 2003 and 2005, and includes three stories and a cellar. On the ground floor it has a traditional layout: A long hallway with rooms on both sides and an open stairwell. In the basement there is a wine cellar, sauna, wellness and fitness spaces, together with a film and lounge room. There is…

3 min.
one oak 3&4 b2

Nisrine Nasr, co-founder and interior designer at Askdeco: “One Oak 3&4 B2 is a 700m² modern family duplex owned by a young couple with a baby. When we first met with the client, their vision was of an industrial style of home but, over the course of the project, that idea collaboratively evolved into a vision of a more refined and livable space.” The design process began with Askdeco presenting the client with plans for an industrial feel with a luxurious twist. In making their case they were able to create two parallel 3D models of the space, presenting both the client’s original vision and the firm’s altered vision. The earth colors, concrete textured walls, gunmetal finishes, Mediterranean grey marble flooring and brown wood brought the industrial design elements into play. While…