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OBJEKT International June 2017

OBJEKT©International, the leading interior design magazine in the world, is proud to present you with our latest publication. OBJEKT©International is the authoritative and bespoke title for the upscale urban modernist with a passion for interiors, art/antiques, modern design and outstanding architecture. An unique fusion of classic and modern styles.

Hans Fonk Publications B.V.
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Italy is a country of ongoing inspiration: fashion, interior design, super cars, yachts – alongside Italian cuisine – are veritable magnets for hordes of aficionados. Take the 2017 Venice Biennale, where modern art and ancient architecture make for a unique symbiosis. Not to mention the great design event that is held every spring in Milan. The Salone del Mobile and the Milan Design Week offer an avalanche of interior design that is unsurpassed in the world. If you can manage to see the wood for the trees, you can promote yourself to a true authority. However, you may also wonder to what extent design can touch the human soul, and what characterizes good and effective design. OBJEKT©International asked the celebrated designer Marcel Wanders for his views. “Great design has a…

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modern living in treviso, italy

According to architect Andrea Rossetti, the volumes of the house reflect the surrounding nature. Thanks to its innovative material surface, the building changes color and appearance with the effect of sunlight and glare from its setting. This is a ‘zero energy’ building, meaning that the total amount of energy it consumes on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on site. Energy autonomy is guaranteed by solar and photovoltaic panels, through a powerful domotic system, innovative materials and cutting-edge construction techniques. The residential building has a ventilated façade system that makes it energy efficient and low maintenance. The façade system produces a chimney effect, drawing air through the cavity, and is effective for the removal of heat and moisture. The façade also blocks solar radiation. The continuous…

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arqueología emocional 2 by miguel ybáñez

It was the third solo exhibition by the Spanish-Dutch artist Miguel Ybáñez with GRIMM gallery in Amsterdam. Arqueología emocional 2, is a new series of sculptures, painted books, wall reliefs, oil paintings, and ‘ash drawings’. In the tradition of Art Brut and Arte Povera, Ybáñez created its reliefs and sculptures from cardboard, metal and plaster and various found materials. United in white paint, these objects obtained a timeless and ethereal look. Just like the art movements from the 1950s, Ybáñez aims to transcend the dichotomies between nature and culture, past and present and ‘high’ and ‘low’ art. Throughout the exhibition space, suspended objects were reminiscent of abstracted and enlarged kitchen utensils; a table is ‘set’ with sculptures that resemble plates, cutlery and plate warmers. They are meant by the artist as a tongue-in-cheek…

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wally 93 yachting in the fast lane

Wally, the famous Monegasque brand recently presented the new cruiser-racer Wally 93. The yacht features the latest hull lines with the distinctive large stern and big interior volumes, resulting into the new generation cruiser-racer, superfast and very comfortable. The new custom super yacht boasts the proven Wally hallmarks and the Judel Vrolijk naval architecture. “The Wally 93 fully combines exceptional cruising capabilities and outstanding performance. Additionally, the deck is ultra-clean with huge living areas. She is so beautiful to fall in love at first sight,” according to Luca Bassani, Wally founder and president. He continued “The design of the Wally 93 benefits from the experience of ‘Open Season’, the leader of the Wally Class, and of the Maxi72 winners, all designed by Judel Vrolijk. The yacht is very light and powerful with…

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17th century amsterdam bottles in beijing

Hans Fonk, the Amsterdam-based photographer, founder and editor in chief of OBJEKT International recently presented his series of art photos under the title Bottles from Amsterdam - Casa Rosa in the Tru-M gallery in the heart of Beijing. The show, curated by Feng Hui, editor in chief of OBJEKT ASIA-CHINA, showed 14 large photos printed on watercolor paper against a red background. The opening was the talk of town and attracted an enormous crowd of art lovers and fashionistas. The bottles photographed for the exhibition dated from the end of the 17th century. They were found during the excavation of the Amsterdam canals and have mysterious colors. Buried for centuries in the Amsterdam peat, the glass has taken on the most splendid hues. It is a phenomenon called iridescence. The bottles and…

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objekt©’s private party the national arts club, new york.

Master photographer Mr. Hans Fonk and his talented daughters Alaïa and Izabel Fonk alongside with honorary editor- in- chief Sasha Josipovicz and Studio Pyramid Inc. M.Arch. Milosh Pavlovicz hosted an elegant banquet in the premises of fabled National Arts Club at Gramercy park, New York City. Just in time for unveiling their recently renovated brownstone çade, National Arts Club granted OBJEKT©USA-CANADA unprecedented access to its premises and creative opportunity for Mr. Fonk and his camera to a bring fresh perspective to its grand interiors featuring Donald Mac Donald stained glass dome. Full OBJEKT© production on The National Art Club, New York, in our previous issue of OBJEKT©International nr. 76. Top to bottom: Raymond Dowd, Linda Zagaria, Toni Chi, Hans Fonk, Robert Kloos, Izabel Fonk, Melissa Klein, Isabelle Vincent, Lonti Ebers, Sasha Josipovicz, Milos…