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OBJEKT South Africa April 2018

Objekt is the world's leading home, décor, design, architecture as well as luxury cars and watches magazine. Featuring only the best from Cape Town to Las Angeles and Paris to Beijing as well as everything in-between. With industry changing photographers and in-depth reviews Objekt truly is in a class of its own.

South Africa
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Charles Eames said; “design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” It sounds quite simple in theory, like anyone can do it and in truth, anyone can but the desired effect of my 18-month-old arranging elements and that of a world-class arranger quite often don’t have the same outcome. We spent some time in New York as well as Las Vegas recently and their take on arranging elements are also vastly different, two of the most recognisable places on earth for different reasons. The Barclay Intercontinental in Midtown Manhattan has recently had a major revival and the end result is stunning modernism with their traditional heritage firmly intact, turn to page 52 for the full feature. For those of you…

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the difference is gaggenau

THE GAGGENAU VALUES, which have remained constant since 1683, are an ongoing quest for authenticity and uncompromising quality. Synonymous with exclusive culinary culture, Gaggenau is not simply an appliance it is an experience recognised for its sophisticated lifestyle. Gaggenau has been a subsidiary of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH in Munich since 1995 and is currently represented in more than 50 countries with flagship showrooms in major cities around the world such as Munich, Prague, Vienna, Milan, California, France, Istanbul, London, Chicago, China, Beijing, Cape Town and Johannesburg. This is the leading brand for domestic appliances and has taken a pioneering role in innovation and design “Made in Germany”. Its success is based on technological advances and a clear design language, paired with perfect function. “We immerse ourselves in the culinary world.…

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the barn in the woods

LOCATED on Lopez Island on the bluff above the San Juan Channel, visitors of The Barn Gallery have a magnificent views of the Cattle Point lighthouse, across the Strait of San Juan de Fuca, the international boundary between Canada and the United States to the snowcapped Olympic mountains. The project is a partner-ownership with the company ‘Original Evergreen Experience’, Oex Club and the designers James Ferris & Caroline Di Diego. The Barn Gallery is a waterfront guesthouse showcasing sustainable design and a gallery displaying and teaching sustainable design. The designers: “It is an art gallery you can live in. We do not sell the art, we just display it. One of our hobbies is helping local artists show their work to a broader audience.” “It started with the deconstruction of…

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starry nights at harbin’s wetlands

EMBEDDED within Harbin’s wetlands, the Harbin Opera House was designed to be the focal point of the Cultural Island, in response to the force and spirit of the northern city’s untamed wilderness and frigid climate. Appearing as if sculpted by wind and water, the building seamlessly blends in with nature and the topography — a transfusion of local identity, art, and culture. “We envision Harbin Opera House as a cultural centre of the future – a tremendous performance venue, as well as a dramatic public space that embodies the integration of human, art and the city identity, while synergistically blending with the surrounding nature”, said Ma Yansong, founding principal of MAD Architects. Up in the northern China, winter is long and hard. In the darkness, the lighting design of the…

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a mexican river through casa vg

GARDUÑO ARQUITECTOS was approached by the clients to search for a specific site that could accommodate an exciting project: Casa VG. The location was inside a gated community in San Luis Potosí, México. Architect Juan Garduño: “When talking with our clients about the objectives, we realised that the land they had was insufficient to develop the project we were planning. Beforehand we asked the clients to fill out a detailed questionnaire in order to understand their needs. We wanted the project to have very constricted areas and few green areas, so first of all we suggested the client look for a big lot, which we did together with them.” They found two lots, both facing south, with a lovely view and a natural stream of water running towards them. The…

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conrad hotel

FROM the moment you enter the Conrad hotel you are impressed by its trove of artwork. Before you even discover the hotel’s 2000 artworks on display, you are encapsulated by the Loopy Doopy dramatic blue and purple Sol LeWitt painting, that rises 13 stories high - The late artist’s largest and most revered work. The piece, which took 380 litres of paint and 3000 hours to complete, is simply breath-taking in the sunlit 15-story atrium entrance. Then, as you walk to the top of the hotel’s grand staircase you’re greeted by another expansive wall painting this time by Pat Steir, entitled Topsy Turvey for its display of gem-toned painted ribbons, flowing over a subtle grid on a yellow background. And in the east entry of the atrium lobby, sits Imi…