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OBJEKT South Africa July 2018

Objekt is the world's leading home, décor, design, architecture as well as luxury cars and watches magazine. Featuring only the best from Cape Town to Las Angeles and Paris to Beijing as well as everything in-between. With industry changing photographers and in-depth reviews Objekt truly is in a class of its own.

South Africa
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Heritage is a deceptively simple idea. It can be considered to be made up of the practices and traditions that are passed on from parents to children, but it also has to do with what has been passed on from the family, community and place where people have been raised. For example, heritage can include a family’s professional history; religious affiliation; or cultural traditions. Yet heritage also includes that which is part of the national consciousness. A person who was born in South Africa, for instance, has both a national South African heritage, as well as a more personal and private one. The same principle applies to designers and brands. From interior decorators to architects and kitchen builders, some have a heritage spanning decades and it’s generally up to the…

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sophistication at the beach

“THE SURROUNDING BEAUTY of the environment inspired much of the design. As designers we are passionate about creating spaces that reflect both the location and our clients – that is how life-enhancing spaces are crafted”, according to Mark Rielly, ARRCC Director. “With its uncomplicated spaces, and bronze aluminium sliding screens cocooning the house, it offers protection from the elements as well as providing a unique signature look for the building. The owners wanted the project to epitomise the spirit of a contemporary beach house with a sense of sophistication. The design was kept relaxed yet carefully considered to maximise the environment it forms part of.” A sense of arrival is created by two milkwood trees flanking the entrance. A floating timber step platform and pergola lead towards the front door…

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noma opens to doors new nordic cuisine

THE NAME Noma is synonymous with international fame. The restaurant opened in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2003 and was ranked as the Best Restaurant in the World in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014. The word Noma comes from the Danish words “nordisk” (Nordic) and “mad” (food). The original restaurant was located in an old warehouse on the waterfront in the Christianshavn neighbourhood of central Copenhagen. The building was situated by the Greenlandic Trading Square which for 200 years was a centre for trade to and from the Faroe Islands, Finland, Iceland, and in particular, Greenland. Dry fish, salted herring, whale oil and skins are among the goods that were stored in and around the warehouse. In 2003, the warehouse was turned into North Atlantic House, a centre for arts and culture.…

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a horse on the roof

SURROUNDED by the world’s most high-tech fruit packing warehouses, the 1500m2 Washington Fruit & Produce Co headquarters is conceived as an open structure amidst a sea of concrete and low-lying brush landscape. Tucked behind landforms and site walls, the courtyard-inspired office complex provides a refuge from the noise and activity of the industrial processing yards nearby. The architects took their design inspiration from an ageing barn that the client had identified as a favourite. It captured the essence of utilitarian agricultural aesthetic. The simple exposed structure employed a limited material palette and natural patina. The design merged this rural and their contemporary aesthetics. The L-shaped building is blended into the landscape using board-formed concrete site walls and earthen berms. They wrap the perimeter to form a central, landscaped courtyard. Soil…

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inspiring talent

THE TEST KITCHEN. Woodstock, Cape Town. This is where the magic happened. Where five sommelier finalists handpicked by Gaggenau took part in a competition that tested their skills and challenged their expertise. These five finalists - Juliet Urquhart, Wikus Human, James Mukosi, Marine Point and Joakim Hansi Blackadder – had been looking forward to this moment from the day that Gaggenau South Africa had revealed it would be hosting its first local Sommelier Awards. They were about to have their skills and talents seriously tested by an impressive panel of judges and a complex series of tests and challenges. The judging panel was made up of Higgo Jacobs, Neil Grant, Michael Crossley and Jean-Pierre Rossouw and they were hard-pressed to pick the final winner out of the exceptionally talented five,…

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tucked away in castle creek valley

THE CONUNDRUM HOUSE endeavoured to create a home of human scale that speaks to comfort and everyday livability, eschewing a grandiosity pervasive in the region. A relaxing mountain retreat with a separate work studio commissioned by a very active couple and their championship hunting dogs. The home is meant to be a private retreat, and a family legacy house mandating the use of timeless materials and beautiful workmanship. The Conundrum home is on full display along one of Colorado’s most significant view corridors the Castle Creek Valley, thus Madderlake felt the responsibility to diminish the mass of the house as seen from afar by physically and visually integrating the house into its setting, making the intersection of architecture and landscape indistinguishable. According to Madderlake’s principals Jody Rhone and Tom Pritchard,…