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OBJEKT South Africa January 2019

Objekt is the world's leading home, décor, design, architecture as well as luxury cars and watches magazine. Featuring only the best from Cape Town to Las Angeles and Paris to Beijing as well as everything in-between. With industry changing photographers and in-depth reviews Objekt truly is in a class of its own.

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We find ourselves at the beginning of a brand new year and in 2019 we find ourselves in an election year, nogal. We have a lot to look forward to, no doubt those political party adverts will start clogging the airways of your favourite radio station soon. Luckily you can always find an escape in the pages of this magazine. We start the year off with a jam-packed issue that’ll take you to corners of the world near and far. First up of course has to be our cover story. The incredibly designed, two-storey residential property overlooking the San Francisco Bay area. From the minute you enter the house you are greeted with modern functional luxury and that continues throughout the property, room-by-room you get the sense that attention to detail…

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luxury high in the beijing skies

The Damei Art Centre is one of the latest high-end luxury developments in the city of Beijing. The famous German architectural design firm GMP designed the building. It consists of four towers interconnected on the lowers levels with art exhibitions rooms, spaces for a ballet studio, an art school and a large gym. It is topped of with a Chinese rooftop garden. One of the crown jewels of the Damei Art Centre, is the multi-functional space on the 36th floor in one of the towers. It was designed by Zhao Shu and revealed her real beauty in 2018 after three years of anxious waiting. Work and life high above the city is quite and tranquil. Perhaps that is why the Chinese name ‘Yun An’ of the space bears the meaning of cloud…

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the singing crickets of the chinese emperors

For 800 years in the capital of China, singing crickets have not been strangers to the locals even until today. Singing and fighting crickets were the favorite pets of the Emperors of China. ‘Crickets in the Forbidden City’ were well documented in the book ‘Qianlong Imperial Poetry’ from the Qing Dynasty. According to Emperor Qianlong “Everyone knew that it was autumn, when crickets sing (without dying), vitality infusing the air,” As the Poetry learns that his grandfather, Emperor Kangxi, would keep the palace warm so that it would be suitable for keeping crickets, grasshoppers and other singing bugs, adding pleasant atmosphere to the court life. He even had special compartments in his clothes to keep the crickets warm. But long before that crickets were kept for their ‘songs’. Ancient scripts mentioned that…

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moon watch

OMEGA Speedmaster ST 105.003. This timepiece is worn by Ryan Gosling during his character’s Apollo training at NASA. In real life, it would also have been the model that Project Gemini astronaut Ed White wore during the first American spacewalk on the 3rd of June 1965. OMEGA Speedmaster ST 105.012. This famous Moonwatch is worn by the actors portraying Apollo 11 astronauts during their historic mission and lunar landing. OMEGA Stopwatch A 1960s stopwatch used on-screen by the NASA engineers during training. Through the brand’s role as Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games, OMEGA has an established and renowned history in sports and precision timekeeping devices. OMEGA wristwatch CK 2605 A timepiece from 1954, this is the wristwatch worn on-screen by Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong during the global hero’s daily life. Following their six-time Academy Award®- winning…

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the plantation house

The plantation home in Brentwood, Los Angeles, had already has been remodelled a couple times since it was built in 1949. The new owners, founders of Quest Nutrition, asked Janice Barta, Principal Designer and founder of Barta Interiors from LA, to transform the house once again to match their dreams. The house is located in Brentwood, on the Westside of Los Angeles, between Westwood and Santa Monica. It was a Mexican land grant ranch sold off by the Sepulveda family. The development of the area started in the 1880s and became a desirable place to live with one of the lowest population densities in the city, lush green pastures and coral trees along its central avenue, San Vicente Boulevard. Here, in this green environment, the founders of Quest Nutrition found a traditional plantation…

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the relentless achille castiglioni

To celebrate the centenary of Achille Castiglioni, one of the most important Masters of Italian design, Flos, in collaboration with Studio Urquiola, had created an ironic and at the same time poetic site-specific installation entitled ‘Traparentesi’. A party of 100 Parentesi lamps which, like 100 candles, were activated by the presence of visitors, recreating the innate joy that Achille brought to every environment and transferred to every object. Lights and sounds: a noisy, Jacques Tati-style Achille was always designing with the noise of the objects in mind. One could find the call of an owl, the noise of a switch being turned on, the bounces of a ping-pong ball and many other entertaining sounds bringing a voice to the lighting effect produced by the 100 Parentesi lamps. Some of the light objects…