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PLAY December 2020

PLAY is a new PlayStation magazine created by the team behind the Official PlayStation Magazine. The same editorial people, access, and passion for PlayStation as ever before, now under a new banner. If you love PlayStation – from PS1 to PS5 – then we’re the magazine for you. If you still enjoy your video game news, previews, reviews, and features curated once a month into a beautifully designed package made with care and flair, then PLAY Magazine is unmissable.

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GAME OF THE MONTH Star Wars: Squadrons BEST LAUNCH LINEUP PlayStation Having survived every PlayStation launch, I can honestly say PS5’s launch-day lineup looks like being one of the most interesting. The mix of new, classic, and original games coming day one from Sony studios and indies is shaping into a selection of must-play games. PS5-exclusive Godfall (p56) is looking like a blend of our favourite hack’n’slashers. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (p48) is taking Insomniac’s web-verse in a new and exciting direction. And who’d have thought an 11-year-old game would challenge for our time on a new console? But Bluepoint Games’ Demon’s Souls (p64) remake is just that game; it’s a remarkable achievement. Graphics improvements can only take us so far. PS5 represents a shift in approach. A focus on how we play and not simply…

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this month’s web-heads

Oscar Taylor-Kent GAMES EDITOR A PS5 edition of DMC5 (p68) at launch has Oscar twitching. The devil will be in the details: the 4K, 60fps details. GAME OF THE MONTH Spelunky 2 BEST LAUNCH LINEUP PS Vita Jess Kinghorn STAFF WRITER Final Fantasy XVI (p6) coming exclusively to PS5 has Jess fangirling like a trooper. This will be a legend reborn. GAME OF THE MONTH Going Under BEST LAUNCH LINEUP PlayStation 2 Miriam McDonald OPERATIONS EDITOR Sackboy (p63) is back, and he’s bringing his woolly pal to PS5. Craft-loving Mim can’t wait to play through this yarn with a friend. GAME OF THE MONTH Mafia: Definitive Edition BEST LAUNCH LINEUP PlayStation 2 Milford Coppock MANAGING ART EDITOR Milf’s already sharpening his Spider-Man puns for the arrival of Miles Morales (p48). He’s totally spun-out with excitement. GAME OF THE MONTH Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 BEST LAUNCH LINEUP PlayStation 2…

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01 square enix reveals its next-gen fantasy

“A WEALTH OF MAGICAL ABILITIES IN FLUID, SWORD-BASED, REAL-TIME COMBAT.” Talk about a power move! Despite weeks of rumblings from the Final Fantasy rumour mill, we didn’t expect to hear much news about the series – let alone that Sony would open its PS5 stream with a tempting extended trailer for the next mainline game. A departure from FFXV before it, which was something of a Boys’ Own Road Trip, Final Fantasy XVI will be leaning full tilt into the sort of classic, pseudo-medieval, capital ‘F’ Fantasy the series initially cut its teeth on, with swords and knights in shining armour aplenty. However, bloody battles, aggressive politicking, and a mostly British voice cast give it a darker, Game-Of-Thrones-like edge. It looks as though the combat will be closer to FFXV’s action-focussed system than…

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02 hogwarts opens its doors on ps5

Set in the Wizarding World of the 1800s, Warner Bros and developer Avalanche’s open world RPG, Hogwarts Legacy, manages to distance itself from the trappings of Harry Potter’s saga (and to an extent author JK Rowling). You can now develop a wizard or witch of your own, and explore this historical depiction of the famous fantasy world on your own terms. “GO BEYOND THE WALLS OF HOGWARTS TO NEW PLACES.” “Hogwarts Legacy gives players control over their own experience with RPG gameplay unlike anything else in the Wizarding World,” says David Haddad, president of Warner Bros Games. “Avalanche [Software; not to be confused with Avalanche Studios, which made Just Cause] has brought to life this rich and deep world, full of action-packed magic, as well as a detailed, mysterious story to engage…

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03 ps4 gets horizon forbidden west

Sneaking out after Sony’s latest bombastic PS5 gameplay reveal was news that some of the next-gen console’s biggest exclusive games will also be released on PS4. As unbelievable as it may sound, games such as Horizon Forbidden West, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure will be available on current-gen consoles. This is fantastic news for anyone who looked on as PS5 preorders vanished from retailers faster than Mark Cerny’s commitment to Knack 3. It ensures we can all look forward to playing sequels to two of the defining games of the PS4 generation. “ DIGITAL VERSIONS OF THESE GAMES INCLUDE A FREE UPGRADE.” SWING LOW (EXPECTATION) Naturally, the revelation that we can all head west with Aloy, hopefully in 2021, comes with a caveat. Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony…

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04 shifting gear for a new remaster

“THE DRIFT FEELS AS EXHILARATING AS EVER, AND EACH ROUTE IS FILLED WITH TEMPTING CORNERS.” Of all the Need For Speed games, why remaster this one? Though for those who remember, the question is more “why would you pick anything else?” Not only is Criterion Games’ award-winning first stab at the series the highest-rated on Metacritic, its Autolog online system won it a BAFTA. Checking your performance against your friends’ and using that to recommend you challenges, it was a game-changer. Now, when connectedness in games is championed more than ever, is the perfect time for it to return. The new version of Hot Pursuit has been developed with respect for what made the original great, especially the tense switching between evading police cruisers and then taking on the role of the…