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April 2019

Every month in Game & Fish, you'll discover the best hotspots throughout your region for hunting and fishing. We'll also bring you your state's latest outdoor news, plus plenty of how-to tactics and special strategies designed to make you a more successful hunter and angler.

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in the field

Spring Turkey Hunting Seasons Open By ZoneSPRING TURKEY hunting seasons begin with the statewide youth opportunity April 13 and 14 for those age 17 and younger accompanied by a non-hunting adult. That is followed by the South Zone turkey season opening April 22 through May 19 in 83 Ohio counties. The Northeast Zone turkey season opens April 29 through May 26 in Ashtabula, Lake, Trumbull, Geauga and Cuyahoga counties. Hunting hours are one-half hour before sunrise through noon daily until April 28 in the South Zone and through May 6 in the Northeast Zone, after which hunting times are extended until sunset. Only bearded birds may be taken, and turkeys must be checked in by 11:30 p.m. the day they are harvested.State Park Lakes Maintain Motor RestrictionsTHE WATERCRAFT motor…

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we want to hear from you

Game & Fish readers are hardcore sportsmen, and don’t all sportsmen have an opinion? You bet. We want to hear your thoughts on our fishing and hunting stories, our gear coverage and how the magazine is laid out. Is there something we’re missing? Can we do a better job? We know you have an opinion. Let’s hear it... CONTACT USEMAIL: todd.kuhn@outdoorsg.comINSTAGRAM: @gameandfishmag FACEBOOK.com/gameandfish MAIL: Todd Kuhn / GAME & FISH3330 Chastain Meadows Pkwy., Ste. 200, Kennesaw, GA 30144 ■…

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APRIL 1 NATIONAL SHOOTING MATCHES REGISTRATION OPENS Registration opens April 1 for the popular National Trophy Pistol and Rifle Matches at Camp Perry in Ottawa County in July and August. thecmp.orgAPRIL 10 WILDLIFE COUNCIL MEETS The annual spring meeting of the Ohio Wildlife Council is held at 6:30 p.m. at Wildlife District One office at 1500 Dublin Road in Columbus and open to the public. wildohio.govAPRIL 13-14 YOUTH TURKEY HUNTING SEASON OFFERED The statewide spring turkey hunting season for youths age 17 and younger is underway from one-half hour before sunrise to sunset statewide.APRIL 22-MAY 19 SOUTH ZONE SPRING TURKEY SEASON UNDERWAY Hunting is open in 83 counties for bearded wild turkeys.APRIL 29-MAY 6 NORTHEAST ZONE TURKEY SEASON BEGINS Spring turkey hunting season is underway in five northeast Ohio…

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the spin doctors

SPINNING GEAR lets anglers fish small baits on light lines to entice big bites when bulky offerings fail. Today’s spinning reels have evolved exponentially over their predecessors. An overabundance of bearings and a plethora of advanced materials render modern spinners lightweight while turning with an icy smoothness. Innovations in spool designs have alleviated many of the past line twist ills, while drags rival those of top-shelf baitcasters.Likewise, contemporary spinning rods benefit from decades of material advancements Their blanks are engineered supramolecularly. Resins and carbon fibers are amalgamated on a nanotechnology level These spin rods flick baits with surgical precision and deliver shocking sensitivity.The Game & Fish gear test team brawled with the largest redfish in North America armed only with the latest bass gear. Heres what we discovered…

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“please, no more exposed threads!”

WHY IS IT that a few rod manufacturers insist on subjecting us bass fishermen to exposed reel seat threads? These threads seem to be the only thing you feel while working a bait.During the test, there were several great rods, whose only downfall was the exposed threads. Most rod manufacturers have solved this problem, with creative foregrips that cover the threads.For those manufacturers who haven’t, we implore you — “please, no more exposed threads!”Along those same lines, hook holders are great, however, manufacturers need to spend some time considering where to place them on the rod. An ill-placed hook keeper can be distracting when placed where your fingers or hand are in constant contact with it. Plus, sometimes when you cast, a poorly placed hook-keep can snag the…

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should i spin?

What advantage does a spinning reel have over a baitcaster? For one, spinning reels are ambi — you can swap the reel handle to either side on the fly. Also, backlashes happen on baitcasters because the lure slows but the spool doesn't. Spin-reel spools don't revolve — no backlashes, ever. SPINNING GEAR has become very popular recently with the advent of the bass “finesse game.” When the bite turns cold, these little baits are great for catching lock-jawed bass, however, they are a nightmare to throw on conventional baitcasting gear.Spinning gear on the other hand, with its large, open spool design and limber rods, allows the use of lighter line weights. These, in combination, allow long and accurate casting of small baits.Spinning gear also excels for managing finesse…