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Olive Magazine April 2021

At olive we believe you can eat imaginatively and well without spending a fortune. Every month we aim to inspire food lovers to cook new dishes, but it's not all about cooking at home. The magazine has three main sections, eat in, eat out, eat away so you'll also find great value restaurants, top recommendations and tips from around the world. In every issue: 100+ easy, stylish recipes all triple tested, 7 meals for under £35, great value restaurants, bargain travel ideas

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Olive is first and foremost about recipes and, as usual, we have plenty of inspiration to take you through the month when asparagus is back in season. We’re eating ours with anchovies (controversial?) and, thanks to Easter, chocolate is positively mandatory. If you haven’t visited your spice collection recently, now’s the time to give it a quick once over and replenish stocks. From shawarma to make-at-home honey-masala chicken, mutton keema and chef David Carter’s Bajan chicken, your kitchen will smell divinely aromatic as you cook. Knock up a couple of Vesper martinis (p67) at the same time and your holiday weekend is good to go. Before you head for the kitchen, skip past all those luscious recipes to page 72. Kindness and solidarity, 21 ways restaurants changed for good, is a heart-warming…

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your brand-new olive – our promise to you

Olive is brought to you by the same team as BBC Good Food, Britain’s leading food media brand. As you’ll see from Our Commitment on page 104, we’re committed to improving diversity and inclusivity, and work with a wide range of contributors to drive authentic change. There’s so much more to explore beyond the pages of your magazine, including imaginative recipes, award-winning podcasts and lively videos showcasing cooking skills and techniques on Olive magazine.com. Here’s what you can expect from us. our recipes work All our recipes are developed and thoroughly tested by experts, so you know they’ll work every time. sustainability It’s at the heart of everything we do. We try to help you cut down on food waste by suggesting ideas for using up any leftovers, and by celebrating and keeping you…

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Fiasconaro pistachio cream This velvety smooth paste is made with Sicilian pistachios and cocoa butter, and makes a luxurious topping for ice cream or toast – try it on toasted brioche for a special breakfast. Made by Italian brand Fiasconaro and stocked in the UK by souschef.co.uk , it’s the only chocolate-nut spread you need in your life. Puff pastry pistachio cream swirls Inspired by my favourite Jewish pastry, rugelach, these easy bakes are a sexy swirl of a thing that look a little like chocolate-filled croissants. They’re bursting with pistachio cream and dark chocolate, and finished with a sugar glaze. 45 MINUTES | MAKES 12 | EASY butter 10gpistachio cream 90g70% dark chocolate 30g, finely choppedpuff pastry 320gplain flour for dustingegg 1, beatencaster sugar 50g 1 Heat the oven to 220C/fan 200C/gas 7. Melt the…

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the self-taught chef making a difference through iraqi cuisine

Inspired by his father, who moved from Mosul to London in the seventies, Philip Juma turned away from a career in finance in his twenties and launched an Iraqi food business. KUBBA, a stall in London’s Borough Market, was his first permanent site. “Most people don’t know what Iraqi cuisine is,” he says. “It’s often confused with other Middle Eastern dishes. I started JUMA Kitchen [a catering company] to change the way people perceive the cuisine and highlight its richness. I recommend trying kubba, hand-made dumplings that come in a variety of textures and fillings, and Iraqi dolma – stuffed onion shells, peppers and vine leaves.” Through the pandemic, Philip found a new purpose. “I was suffering, mentally, from the closure of my site at Borough Market, so I needed to keep…

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meat boxes

Eating less meat is, of course, good for sustainability, but choosing carefully which products to buy is also key. The Ethical Butcher, founded by Farshad Kazemian and Glen Burrows, does all that research for you. Glen explains: “Our goal is to set a gold standard for the production of food that is not only sustainable, but regenerative. Regenerative farming is a conservation and rehabilitation approach to food and farming systems. It focusses on topsoil regeneration, increasing biodiversity, improving the water cycle, enhancing ecosystem services, supporting biosequestration, increasing resilience to climate change and strengthening the health and vitality of farm soil.” Product to try: Slow-grown soy-free chicken. Roasted, it delivers rich-tasting flesh and crisp skin. We tried it pressure-cooked, too, and it gave us an intense broth. Pick from three sizes – the…

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goila butter chicken

Goila’s light (and lovelier for it) version of the popular restaurant curry is now available in a meal kit that you can cook in just 15 minutes. Developed by Mumbai chef Saransh Goila, it features 15 spices and, while he’s keeping the full recipe secret, we can tell you that he uses a 80:20 ratio of tomato to dairy. Many butter chicken recipes veer towards 60:40 but this one is still delightfully rich and smoky. Slow-grown Yorkshire chicken is grilled over eco-friendly charcoal, and all the packaging is compostable. The kit also comes with dal makhani, sourdough naan, game-changing pickled shallots, coriander chutney and jeera rice. £19.50 for one; goilabutterchicken.co.uk…